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Years critic 

Years gro 

Years anima 



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3f AGE 

/^ Portrayal of College Life at 

through the Medium of the 


the Year Book of the Senior Class. 


)r. J, E„ MIcGJlvery 
President Emeritus of 
Kent State University 

He commuted 1000 miles weekly from college to college- 


owes this man a debt of gratitude. Twenty-one years 
ago while president of the Western Illinois State 
Teachers' College, he commuted weekly the 600 miles 
between McComb, Illinois and Kent. He was president 
of two colleges. He supervised the clearing of "the 
hill." With a small group of faculty and students he 
leveled off the athletic field. He laid the corner stone 
of Kent State Teachers College. He pleaded with the 
legislature — he soothed the college creditors — he 
fought corrupt politicians — he conceived of the 
idea of making Kent State the registration point 
of American students going to Oxford Univer- 
sity. He went to England with his plan — par- 
liament approved. Victorious, he returned to 
Kent. The trustees had appointed his successor. 
Kent has come of Age. Today, this man is 
President Emeritus of Kent State College. 
His dream has been fulfilled. Kent has 
become a University. To this man and 
all he represents we respectfully dedi- 
cate this volume of the Chestnut Burr. 



Scholars Students Steges 

Faculty- Upper Classmen -Freshmen 

Comments Chatty^Not Catty 

Fraternities and Sororities 

Finn Fundamentals Fumbles 

Organizations Athletics Features 





Faculty . U p pr 

Classmen , Freshmen 

R I 


Faculty . U p p 


Faculty . U p p e #• Classmen . Fresh 


3)r. Jaraies O, Emglemae 
President of Kent State 


Left to right: 

Top: B. F. Renkert, Businers 
Manager; Oscar H. Williams, Dean 
of Liberal Arts College; J. L. Blair. 
Dean of Education College. 

Bottom: Blanche A. Verder, Dean 
of Women; E. C. Stopher, Regis- 
trar; R. E. Manchester, Dean of 


Once upon a time, 

Kent was very very young the President 

was Dean of the College, Dean of Men, 
Dean of Women and Registrar. When 
summer school started, tents were erected. 
Twenty-one years later, six executives as- 
sisted by a staff of twelve, administer the 
scholastic, executive, and financial a Tairs of 
a great state University. The original two 
buildings and the carnival tents have grown 
to eight modern and beautiful structures. 


1st row, 'eft re right: 

Miss Margaret Dunbar, Mr E. C. Stopher, Dean J. L. Blair, Dr. J. O. Fugleman, Dean R. II. Man- 
chester, Dean O. H. Williams, Dean Blanche A. Verder. 

2nd row, left to right: 

Mr. C. E. Satterfield, Mr. E. T. Griebling, Mr. Edward Pake, Mr. Edgar Packard, Miss M. K. Boswell, 
Miss Nina S. Humphrey. 

Ird row, left to right: 

Miss G. H. Swan, Miss Florence Sublette, Miss Nona Jordan, Mi.s Gwendolyn Drew, Mrs. Marie Apple, 
Mr. G. T. Altmann, Mr. Clarence Cook, Dr. C. F. Rumold. 

•)th row, left to right: 

Mr. R. D. Metcalf. Mr. F. Denker, Dr. A. \V. Stewart, Mr. F. Musselman, Mr. 1). W. Pearce, 
Dr. R. M. Clark, Mr. Allen W. Coven. 


Thee and Now! 




# »V$>"ff 

fe ^f 

1st row. left to right: 

Mr. Harold T. Rogers, Mr. B. F. Renkert. Dr. J. E. McGilvrey, Dr. A. O. DeWeese, Mr. S. A. 
Harbourt, Mr H. A. Cunningham. 

2nd row, left to right: 

Dr. A. Schafheitlin, Dr. K. R. Pringle, Mr. B. F. Engleman, Mr. William A. Ashbrook, Mr. C. S. 
VanDeusen, Miss E. Gowans. 

3rd row, left to right: 

Miss B. Rowlen, Miss Ruth Bass, Dr. M. Baum, Mr. J. T. Johnson, Dr. H. E. Stelson, Dr. P.uth 
Shaw Kelley. 

4th row. left to right: 

Miss Amanda Thrasher. Mr. A. L. Allyn, Mr. J. R. Beck, Dr. D. Olsen, Miss Mona Fletcher. Dr. W. 
J. Burner. 

Twenty-one years ago the Kent State Normal School had twenty- 
two faculty members. Today there are one hundred and three men and 
women on Kent State University's faculty. 

The following are those people to whom so much is due since they 
have worked here "on the hill" from the time classes were held in Kent 
ind Kent was struggling for existence: Dr. J. E. McGilvery, Mr. J. T. 
Johnson, Mr. C. S. VanDeusen, Miss Margaret Dunbar, Miss Isabelle 
Dunbar, Dr. David Olsen, Miss Bertha Nixon, Miss Nina Humphrey. 


€€ Aed These Are the Doetors- 


Mr. E. L. Bowsher - President and Treasurer 

Superintendent of Ashland Schools. 

Mr. J. R. Williams - Vice-President 

County Superintendent of Schools in Lake County. 

Miss Alma Zinninger ----- Secretary 

Teacher in McKinley High School, Canton, Ohio. 

Mr. George H. Gessener 

Judge of Common Pleas Court in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Judge Carl D. Friebolin 

U. S. Referee in Bankruptcy, Cleveland District. 




Left to right: 

1st Row: Miss Laura Hill, Pearl Phillips, 
Miss Dorothy Scott, Miss Susanne Koehler. 

2nd: Marjorie Kelly, Myrtle Shepard, 
Ruth Parrish, Nelle Richards. 

3rd: Miss Doris Kenneman, Miss Adah 
Broadbent, Miss Norma D. Wood, Miss 
Amy Herriff. 

4th: Michel Herchek, Gerald Chapman, 
F. N. Harsh (Prin.), Dr. A. L. Heer. 

Once upon a time the Kent State training school had four primary 
grades and was located in four rooms in Merrill Hall, and there were five 
members on the faculty. Kent State has been on the march of progress 
and the training school is now one of the largest buildings on the 
campus with a complete grammar and high school course and twenty- 
six faculty members. 

Training School Faculty 



Oh for the life of a college freshman — from the farms, from the 
villages — from the city, they trek to Kent. New faces, new clothes, 
new books, no worries, no cares — perhaps a date or two — . 

Trying times? The uncertainty of having chosen the right pro- 
fessors — snappy courses — the ordeal of lines, lines, lines — now a shift 
from one foot to another — only 87 ahead — giving the new room-mate the 
once over — sight unseen — white uniforms — ether — the physical exam in 
the dispensary. Then capped and labeled (not blue ribboned — green 
ribboned) — a sly glance at a keen blond — a half glimpse at a husky 
athlete — Kent's not such a bad place! 


Freshman Degree Class 

Left to right: Charles Terry, president; 
Mary Elizabeth Elgin, vice-president; Jane 
Buck, treasurer; Dexter Kennedy, secre- 
tary — absent. 

Freshman Diploma Class 

Left to right: Phyllis Baker, vice-presi- 
dent; Clara Peters, secretary; Maud Fann, 
treasurer. Absent: Ernie Williams, presi- 


And Mind the Goldfish — Freshman! 



E N T 


Freshman D 



U N 

E R S I T Y 

In our glimpse into the past we find the freshman class in a curiously 
jumbled predicament — there are students called freshmen who are in 
different stages of finishing their high school work and then those who 
are real college people. These last are the ones with whom the Degree 
freshmen most closely correspond. In those days they were the envied 
few and today they are considered luckier. Fraternities and sororities 
are interested in four year people — they are the ones who have more 
sxtra-curricular activity. 

I iv ] 



Freshman Diploma Class 


U N 

I V E R S I T Y 

The "Tessies" we've been hearing about are contributions from the 
diploma class but those writers and tellers of "Tessie" tales forget that it 
has been the two year people who have been the backbone of Kent. 
It is true the freshman diploma student is unable to enter into the 
activities that degree students do but without that large group constantly 
appearing year after year Kent State would not come of age in 1935 as 
a University. 



You were a sophomore once — remember giving those freshmen line- 
ups the once over. Groups of new fraternity men and sorority women 
intent on being "real rushers" eyeing a prospect. Sophomore men 
preparing to take a fall. 

The Brady — a commotion at the front door and several nervier 
sophomores rush in after some freshman "pet peeve" who is nonchalantly 
sipping a coke — tussle — few yells and the freshman is escorted across the 
street with the Brady customers and employees following, to see him 
"take the plunge." Remember? .... 


Sophomore Degree Class 

Left to right: John Zupan, president; 
Mildred Bowers, vice-president; Mary Jane 
Stewart, secretary; Winifred Palmer, 

Sop/jomorc D/pIotna Class 

Left to right: Doyle Maxwell, president; 
Kathryn Leggett, vice-president; Jane 
Ungashick, secretary; F.thel Jones, 

€6 Give a Sophomore 




E N T 



Left to right: 

1st Row: R. Moran, R. Griffin, J. Page, 
D. Griffin. 

2nd: J. Kerka, N. Carter, P. Boyle, N. 
Benson, K. Damann. 

3rd: R. Miller, W. Smith, G. Dike, F. 
Fouser, A. Allen, P. Bambaci. 

4th: D. Weir, J. Wright, E. Myers, A. 
Hamrock, H. Gifford, C. Sokoloski. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: L. Stein, J. DeEulis, E. Kegler, 
B. Graven, W. McAlister. 

2nd: A. Cox, G. Holmes, R. Neal, L. 
Vagnozzi, R. Horton. 

3rd: W. Wilenius, W. Helmboldt, W. 
Mitten, P. Critz, C. Howard. 

4th: H. Briola, W. Wardell. 

The Degree Sophomore class has more men students than the upper 
classes and in this second year we see striking evidence of prominent 
men appearing as leaders of classes and in the student council. The 
crowning social affair of recent years "The Sophomore Hop" has been 
managed by a Sophomore Degree man. 

Sophomore Degree Men 


U N I V E R 

I T Y 

Left to right: 

1st Row: M. Stopher, P. M. Weyer, D. 
Fitzgerald, M. Bowers, L. Moore, H. Dan- 
forth, Z. Rueth. 

2nd: R. Oviatt, M. Pain, M. Catlin, M. 
Thompson, A. St. John, M. Houser. 

3rd: W. Palmer, J. Moyer, J. Horn, I. 
DeSimio, A. Spitz, M. Snyder. 

4th: B. Kunert, J. Hastings, D. Teas, E. 
Malpass, R. Wolfe, M. Colby, L. Capel. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: L. Eddy, E. Swan, J. Olds, 
V. Cipra, J. Woods. 

2nd: E. Faloon, B. Hawkins, J. McSor- 
ley, B. Elliott, E. Jones. 

3rd: M. Smith., R. Merrick, E. Bader, 
M. J. Stewart, J. Peet, M. J. McLaughlin. 

4th: S. Hum, W. VanOster, A. Biasella, 
V. Rogers, M. J. Woods. 

The Sophomore degree girls have shown themselves to be an 
aggressive group both scholastically and socially. The Dean of Women 
finds many sophomore degree girls on her list for outstanding scholarship 
and as the feature section shows they take no back seat in beauty or 
social life. 

Sophomore Degree Girls 





Left to right: 

1st Row: H. Novasad, K. Leggett, L. 
Sells, M. Brown, H. Patterson, V. Kauff- 

2nd: J. Johnson, R. Kellogg, M. Coggins, 
H. Kennedy. 

3rd: L. Messersmith, 
C. Palmer. 

4th: R. Mersy, L. Greeniesin, L. Gott- 
schalt, L. Fiedler. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: M. Hollander, E. Saker, M. 
Foley, M. Toth, V. DeFasio. 

2nd: A. Jacolenne, B. Hubley, T. Wat- 
kins, A. McConnell, D. Casper, N. Duck- 
worth, D. McConnell. 

3rd: B. Ebie, M. Stallsmith, W. Kasper, 
G. Dykins, B. Powell. 

4th: B. Luke, G. Amstutz, E. Jones. 

5th: G. Carver, C. Fontanna, W. Brobst, 
C. Thompson, M. Ternasky. 

6th: C. Thomas, L. Force, W. Harrison, 
C. Furney. 

Who is it that you see hurrying down from class to the training 
school and always burdened with teacher's meetings and lesson plans but 
lacking that sureness of a senior? Of course it is one of the many girls in 
the sophomore diploma class. This group is one of the oldest on the 
campus, in fact since Kent was first known as the home of a Normal 

The Sophomore Diploma Class 




Left to right: 

1st Row: E. Mosley, B. Richardson, M. 
Dowalter, H. Blazek, B. Cooper, R. Liclui. 

2nd: P. Chesrown, A. Zelle, N. Diday, 
B. Bovard, F. Conrath, A. Sherer. 

3rd: E. Schott, A. Geletka, E. Browder, 
I. Gosche, T. Cochran. 

4th: M. Herley, M. Dubetz, E. Room, 
B. Brogan, E. Zimmerman, R. White- 

5th: M. Hoffman, L. Zehner, A. Harri- 
son, G. Morris, M. Whiteleathcr. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: J. Lilie, ._.., D. Arthur, 

J. Zorger, B. Streine. 

2nd: E. Horst, Mildred Grosjean, E. 
Harlan, T. Markley. 

3rd: M. Starkey, J. Geer, I. Rowe, E. 
Mross, A. Weible. 

4th: O. Votaw, I. Endlick, R. Kalafus, 
S. Wenger. 

5th: H. Sixt, M. Haines B. Bostwick, 
B. Kramer. 

college there have been large numbers receiving their diplomas each year. 
And although this group rarely have the time for outside activities we 
must give them a hand for without their support many of us would not 
be here receiving degrees. 

The Sophomore Diploma Class 


For two years they worked. Now they coast. The impression has 
been made. Grinds, grades and grumbles have blended into dates, dances 
and de-merits. A well-thumbed book of etiquette is consulted more than 
text books or note books. Surely, a Junior is the "joiner" of the campus 
. . . keys, pins, letters. 

Twenty-one years ago there was no Junior's Prom. There were no 
Juniors and there were few men. Hikes, heart interests in high collars, 
skating parties at Brady Lake — such Jubilant Juniors. 


Left to right: 

Leroy Widowski, president 
Flora Jean Sprague, vice-president 
Janet Knott, secretary 
Harold Wendelken, treasurer 

66 Get That Freshman, and Tell Her I'm All Tied Upf 



— let's have a new slant on Tri-Sig smiles" — and 
Alta and Frances flash their best. 


about her fall "was I embarrassed — but it doesn't 
hurt now" — Ginny and Marge laugh with her. 


— "you're multiplying" — but Dean laughs and 
laughs because he knows all the time Mac Mc- 
Dermott can use figures. 


— why doesn't that cameraman let us in on it?" 


and the old maestro folks, Gill Crest, are holding 
out with smiles but Irwin (Clark Gable) Duff 
has changed to the "follow thru" method. 


laughs Leo as he feels snow trickle down his back 
— "and give it too" — Dick claims. "What's the 
matter with Cuyahoga Falls?" and Wayne "lays it 

Top right 


but Tooting Bob, and Paul (lam) Wise have no 
fears — Yes, it's the librray but Maggie is out today. 


and Ziegler the honor student are going socialistic. 
Ruth isn't fooled — it's only 1:30 and Prexy doesn't 
arrive until 2:00. 


how to do this in Stow but Nell says — "I planted 
the idea in Hudson but it took Kent to make it 


are looking at something — oh so that's it (this 
time the camerman let us in on it) — that glis- 
tening air flow belongs to President J. O. and the 
boys are beginning to wonder when he is going to 
appear and spoil their act. 


on the beauties of a Spring morning backed in his 
poetical verbosity by "Chubby" Wallow and 
"Romeo" Robenstine. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Alta Bancroft, Frances Day. 

Margaret Stoner, Helen Lundeen, Mar- 
jorie Breymaier. 

Janet Knott, Dean Kisseberth. 

Helen Hastings. 

George McCusky, Harry Gilcrest. 

Richard Tuttle, Leo Lutz, Wayne Wal- 

Right, top to bottom: 

Otto Hack, Robert Katzenmeyer, Paul 

Ruth Benedict, Harry Lohr, Harold 

Marion Maddock, Vernell Dawson. 

Kenneth Robenstine, Albert Walls, Edgar 



Marion and Dohrman — thirsty enough to wait for 
the fountains to be installed. 


and Myrtle enjoy a rest between classes. 


what is engaging their attention — possibly "Diz" 
is deep in concentration preparatory to answering 
one of his many letters and John, all attention, 
wonders what it is he has. 


— yes it is Read and the post has replaced the 
crutches — the other man? — quiet Fischer from 


the old school — he stands while Bernice sits for 
the pose — we say there's plenty of room for two. 

Right top to bottom 


a copy of the Akron Beacon Journal, and a big 
laugh — not an account of any Kent affair by 



say they don't belong to a fraternity that dictates 
where members walk so they have the right of 
choosing their own resting places too. 


have just climbed "that hill at Kent" but they can 
add "and reach the top with a smile". 


and Mary Agnes? Winifred is willing to smile for 
the photographer. 


with the cameraman for a close-up — Martha Smith 
— students. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Marion Gardner, Dohrman Maffet. 

Myrtle Heard, Margaret Broad, Dorothy 

Glen Andrews, John Kalkas. 

Gerald Read, Herman Fischer. 

Bernice Miller, Wendell Stribley. 

Right, top to bottom: 
Betty Parrish. 

Harvey Hanna, George Porosky. 
Naudine Waters, Doris Faulkner. 
Reita Frederick, Mary Agnes Whitely. 
Martha L. Smith. 

r 33 1 


not steeped in snow, but ready for it — each in his 
own way. 


— in the print shop too — my guess is that he is 
looking for any old Chestnut Burr story to fill the 
remainder of that column — or perhaps writing him- 
self another letter. 


have joined the brief-case group — but anyhow it's 


the debating damzel, who pulls votes without any 


she is usually at the end of the line or in the rear — 
here she is, mittens and all, right in front. 


from arranging class schedules for the faculty to 
chat with her Tennessee friend, Justa. 


in serious poses. 


must have just heard a new one for his column — or 
maybe they don't look that happy. 


are the type of coeds who can smile like this on 
their way into the library — it must be great. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Howard Andreas, Raymond Arnett. 
Robert Baumgardner. 
Paxton Whitmire. 
Lucille Arnold. 
Mabel Zurcher. 

Right, top to bottom: 

Justa Witherspoon, Anne Bianchi. 

Edward Salathe. 

Edward Garrison. 

Elsie Johnson, Grace Titterington, Dor- 
othy Knox. 

r 35 1 


for a fourth at bridge. Leota and Carlotta expect 
to be the winners but our diplomatic debater, Flora 
Jean, who upsets faction plans asures her partner, 
Mildred, that they will upset their plans. 


tackle is welcomed home by jubilant John with 
Tab the second assisting. 


Jeanne and Helen gave our beloved K. S. U. the 
go by this year and instead are specializing in piano 
duets. Jane, occasionally leaves her viola to super- 


caught in the act of cutting assembly — you would 
never guess by appearances. 


over their (Chi Delt's) plans for a brilliant future. 

Right top to bottom. 


has ceased for a time because "Jo" is flashing one 
of her best. 


by a corner but partners in the dorm and on the 
gym floor" say Dottie and Marion. 


violating rules claim James (who wants a boy- 
friend?) Jones and "Kelley" (I won't take it) 
Bamberger — "can't you see we are studying?" 


and thesbians are we, 

Claude (three worder) and Jay E. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Leota Butler, Flora Jane Sprague, Mil- 
dred Heineman, Carlotta Case. 

Herman Fischer, John Simpson, Frank 

Jeanne Hollander, Helen McGuigan, Jane 

Oscar Dobkin, Dick Bolich. 

Anamary Siemon, Ethel Maddock. 

Right, top to bottom: 
Josephine Cotman. 
Dorothy Williamson, Marion Hess. 
James Jones, Alvin Bamberger. 
Claud Smith, Jay Miller. 

r 37 1 


— be like your sorority sisters Betty and Esther 
and smile sweetly. 


— or hoping that he brings home the "crowns". 


of the O. C. W. C. — no need to ask if the Pop 
entertainment was a success. 


Margaret, but a picture first and then you can tell 
Herman and Carl the rest of the story. 


"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" but Dorothy Jane, 
Roxanne, and Hazel agree that at Kent one should 
sing "Sun Stay Away From These Orbs". 

Right top to bottom 


— Members of the faculty, students, and readers of 
the Kent Stater (apologizes, Mr. Baumgardner) 
this is Mr. James Craig, alias Professor Succotash, 
dictating to another loyal Stater puncher, Alice 


— a cosmopolitan group — ball tosser and catcher 
Roy W., manager and fancy dancer Glen J., biolo- 
gist and non-cimmittal Mike S., and wrestler and 
waiter Eddie M. 


lives to the creed "If not a throw at least a pin". 


to catch Royal R. taking time. For what? Time 
out, of course. 


down below, but all set to start up. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Betty Forner, Elizabeth James, Esther 

Julia Begala. 

Mary Meier, Ruth Ewald. 

Herman Jones, Margaret Whittlesey, 
Carl Hageman. 

Dorothy Jane Young, Roxane Tullsen, 
Hazel Starr. 

Right, top to bottom: 

James Craig, Alice Wilcox. 

Le Roy Widowski, Glen Jordan, Michael 
Serene, Edward Merrell. 

John McCort. 

Royal Reynolds. 

Miriam Gruen, Elizabeth Daskovitch. 

r 39 1 


— Mary as she always is — but Gullie a bit pensive 
— just think of Sweden and gala times. 


on Riley R. who seems to be thinking things over. 


the impartial sports writer and rhythm man — Bill 


but neither Margaret, "Smoothie" nor Don would 
tell us what it's all about. 


the diplomatic associate, pauses for a moment. 

Right top to bottom. 


a real one since she found two hours in a quiet 


whether he should send that announcement or just 
tell a few. 


as she is about to "step out". 


what is it they say about these Notre Dame people 
being winners? 


— right outside the library but Swany nad Chuck 
don't seem to worry at all. 


Left, top to bottom: 

Mary Muir, Gullan Melin. 

Riley Runk. 

William Anderson. 

Clarence Eckert, Margaret Smetz, Donald 

Caleb Brown. 

Right, top to bottom: 
Madeline Juszli. 
John Page. 
Frances Wiggs. 
Helen Gallagher. 
Charles La Rocca, James Matthews 



Ask him, "Little man, what now?" and the graduating senior will 
reply, "The world owes me a living." 

Not that he intends to embark on a "grasshopper-and-the-ant" career 
of waiting for the world to present him with his big chance on a gold 
platter. He is merely asserting his confidence in his ability to secure 
alone the opportunity and success which he has been told are rightfully 
his. And it's an increasingly difficult task — he needs that self-confidence. 

The graduate of today has no illusions about the future. He 
doesn't expect to follow his descent from the college Hill by a steady 
rise to fame and fortune. Mention it to him and he'll smile in a 
worldly-wise way. "That," he asserts firmly, "is the old idea that 
doesn't go today. Every man of us realizes it's up to him to plug along 
faithfully till the big break comes. But the break's sure to come!" 

It's optimism. It's faith. It's cocksureness. But it's mixed with a 
good portion of common sense and clear vision. Sure, he'll get there — 
and he has a good idea how he'll do it. 

So donning a business suit in exchange for his cap and gown, the 
Senior waves farewell to the college and his underclass associates. 

"We're leaving this school to you. For four years we've helped 
run it, and have done a good job, we think. Now it's up to you. And 
don't forget in your efforts to educate the college, that your primary 
reason for being here is to let it educate you." 

Good advice, too! 


Left to right: 

Marion DeWeese, president 
Gertrude Quirk, vice-president 
Dorothy Bowers, secretary 
June Harrison, treasurer. 


And the World Owes Me a Living*! 


[43 1 




B.S. in Ed. Rootstown 

Women's Glee Club 1-2-3-4 
College Choir 3-4 
Madrigal Club 3 

B.S. in Ed. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Cuyahoga Falls 


B.S. in Ed. Warren 

Alpha Xi Delta (Mt. Union) Pledge 
Secretary Moulton Hall 3 — Summer 
W. A. A. 1 
Commerce Club 

B.S. in Ed. 



A.B. Hudson 

Kappa Mu Kappa, Secretary 3 
College, Social Committee 4 

B.S. in Ed. 

Sigma Tau Gamma 
Varsity Wrestling 


B.S. in Ed. 

Alpha Sigma Tau 
K. P. Club 4 




A.B. Gates Mill 

Kappa Mu Kappa, Treasurer 4 
Blue Key, Corres. Secretary 3 
Junior Class Vice-President 
Varsity Wrestling 3-4 
Tntra-mural Wrestling 


A.B. Ken 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer 3 ; 

Secretary 4 
Home Economics Club, President 4 
Cardinal Key 4 
Chestnut Burr Staff 2-3 
Stater Staff 2-3 
Student Council 4 
Student-Faculty Committee 4 

B.S. in Ed. 

Alpha Phi Beta 
Mathematics Club 
Manual Arts Club 





Cuyahoga Falls 

B.S. in Ed. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Madrigal Club President 

Music Club, President 3 

College Choir 3-4 

Phi Mu 

Glee Club 1-2-3-4 



Mixed Chorus 2-3 


B.S. in Ed. Wadsworth 

Delta Phi Sigma, President 4 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Blue Key 


B.S. in Ed. Kinsman 

Intramural Field and Track Champ. 1 
Physical Education Club, President 4 
Baseball 2-3-4 
Gym Team 3-4 

B.S. in Ed. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 
Alpha Psi Omega 


B.S. in Ed., A.B. Kent 

Delta Phi Sigma 
Student Council, President 4 
Pi Kappa Delta, President 4 
Kappa Gamma, Vice-President 
College Social Committee Executive 

Council 3-4 
Men's Debate 2-3-4; Captain 3-4 
Blue Key, National Councilman 4 
College Theater 
Velvet Curtain Players 
College Choir 3-4 
Mixed Chorus 2-3 
Men's Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Business 

Manager 4 
College Quartette 1-2-3-4 
Kent Stater Staff 


W. C. C. Wittenberg 



Mamaroneck, N. Y. 


B.S. in Ed. Leetonia 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Cardinal Key Secretary 3-4 

French Club Secretary 3 ; President 4 

Chestnut Burr Staff Secretary 3-4 

German Club 

College Theater 

Off Campus Women's Club 

Chi Pi 4 

B.S. in Ed. 

Kappa Mu Kappa 


[45 1 


A.B. Kent 


A.B. Kent 

Sigma Tau Gamma 

Class President 4; Vice-President 1-2-3 

Student Council 2-3 

Blue Key 3-4; Vice-President 4 

College Theater 

Velvet Curtain Players 

Varsity Football 3-4 

Varsity Basketball 3-4 

Freshman Football 

Freshman Basketball 

Varsity Tennis 3-4 



A.B. Stow 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer 4 
Off Campus Club 


Kappa Mu Kappa 
College Social Committee 

B.S. in Ed. 

Phi Alpha Alpha 



B.S. in Ed. 

Y. M. C. A. 



A.B. Ravenna 

Delta Phi Sigma 

Freshman Football and Wrestling Coach 

Varsity Wrestling 2-3-4 

155 lb. Tri-State Champion 3-4 
155 lb. A. A. U. Champion 4 

H. P. E. Club 

Manual Arts Club 


Delta Phi Sigma 






B.S. in Ed. 

Sigma Tau Gamma 
Varsity Baseball 
Freshman Baseball 
Freshman Players 




B.S. in Ed. 

Phi Alpha Alpha 
Panhellenic, President 3 
Cardinal Key 
Lambda Chi 
Kappa Gamma 
Alpha Psi Omega 
Off Campus Club 
Y. W. C. A. 
College Theater 




Kappa Mu Kappa 




B.S. in Ed. Ravenna 

Kappa Sigma Chi, President 4 


B.S. in Ed. New Castle, Pa. 

Phi Alpha Alpha, Vice-President 3 
Cardinal Key, President 4 
Student Council 4 
Delegate to N. S. F. A. 4 
Home Economics Club 
Freshman Players 
College Theater 

Wardrobe Mistress 4 


B.S. in Ed. Valley City 

Lambda Chi 
W. A. A. 


Alpha Sigma Alpha 
Off Campus Club 



B.S. in Ed. Campbell 

Transfer from Youngstown 3 


B.S. in Ed. Elyria 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, President 4 

Cardinal Key, Treasurer 4 

Lambda Chi, President 4 

Senior Class, Treasurer 4 

Student Council 4 

Panhellenic 3, 4 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-President 3 

Cardinal Key, Treasurer 4 

Off-Campus Club 3 

Student Faculty Relationships 

Committee 4 
Moulton Hall Social Chairman 2 

B.S. in Ed. 

Diploma Class, President 1928 
Biology Club 4 
College Theater 4 





B.S. in Ed. Cleveland 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, President 4; Vice- 
President 3 
Panhellenic, President 4 
Alpha Psi Omega, President 4 
Velvet Curtain Players, Secy.-Treas. 3 
Executive Council Women's League 
Executive Council Social Committee 
Student Council 
H. P. E. Club 
W. A. A. 
Home Economics Club 


B.S. in Ed. 

Biology Club 
Y. W. C. A. 


Alpha Phi Beta 
College Theater 
Biology Club 


Kappa Mu Kappa 
Varsity Wrestling 
Varsity Gym Team 
Varsity "K" Club 
Glider Club 

B.S. in Ed. 

Pi Kappa Sigma 






B.S. in Ed. Atwater 

Phi Alpha Alpha, Secretary 3 ; 

President 4 
Women's League Executive Council, 

Secretary 3 
Panhellenic 4 
Glee Club 
College Theater 
Home Economics Club 

B.S. in Ed. 



A.B. Mogadore 

Phi Alpha Alpha, Secretary 4 

Women's League, President 4 

Cardinal Key 

Y. W. C A. 

Home Economics Club 

Lambda Chi 

B.S. in Ed. 

Chestnut Burr Staff 
Commerce Club 



Varsity Football 

Cuyahoga Falls 




B.S. in Ed. 

Baseball 2-3-4 
H. P. E. Club 
Biology Club 

B.S. in Ed. 

Phi Alpha Alpha 
Glee Club 
French Club 


Commerce Club 
Varsity Baseball 3-4 




B.S. in Ed. 

H. P. E. Club 

Cuyahoga Falls 


B.S. in Ed. Kent 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, President 3 
Cardinal Key 


B.S. in Ed. Fort Worth, Texas 

Kappa Mu Kappa 
Varsity Football 
Varsity Track 
Varsity Wrestling 


B.S. in Ed. Cleveland 

W. A. A., Treasurer 3; Vice- Pres. 4 
H. P. E. Club 
College Theater 


B.S. in Ed. Stratton 

W. A. A., President 4 

H. P. E. Club, Secretary-Treasurer 3-4 

Omega Phi Delta 2-3-4; Vice-President 3; 

Treasurer 4 
Biology Club 
College Theater 


B.S. in Ed. Ravenna 







B.S. in Ed. 

W. A. A. 
Commerce Club 
Biology Club 
Off Campus Club 

B. S. in Ed. 

Alpha Phi Beta 
Glee Club 

Madrigal Club 
College Choir 





Y. M. C. A. 

Gym Club 

Lambda Chi, Secretary 2-3 : 

Chestnut Burr 3; Art Editor 3 

Kent Stater 3 

College Theater 2-4; Art Director 4 

Creative Arts Club 3-4 


B.S. in Ed. Cuyahoga Falls 

Omega Phi Delta 3-4 
H. P. E. Club 
W. A. A., Board 3 

B.S. in Ed. 

Lambda Chi 



B.S. in Ed. Cuyahoga Falls 

Omega Phi Dalta 
W. A. A. 


A.B. Cleveland 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Editor 3 
Chi Pi, Vice-President 3 ; President 4 
Cardinal Key, Vice-President 4 
Chestnut Burr Staff, Society Editor 2; 

Asst. Editor 3; Editor 4 
Kent Stater Staff, Society Editor 2 
Women's League Executive Board, Vice- 
President 1 
College Social Committee 2-3 
College Theater 1-2-3; Publicity Man- 
ager 3 
Velvet Curtain Players 
Cleveland Club, President 3-4 
Class Treasurer 2 


A.B. Cle 

Phi Alpha Alpha 
Commerce Club 
Home Economics Club 
Off Campus Women's Club 


B.S. in Ed. Uhrichs' 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-President 

Orchestra 1 

Band 1-2-3 

College Choir 3-4 

Glee Club 2-3-4 

Madrigal Club 2-3 

Music Club 

Cardinal Key 

College Theater 

Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 


B.S. in Ed. N. Madisor 

Phi Alpha Alpha, Corr. Secretary 4 
Y. W. C. A. 2-3-4; Treasurer 3 
Women's League Executive Council 3 
Social Committee 
College Theater 
Velvet Curtain Players 




A.B. Kent 

Kappa Mu Kappa, President 4 
Men's Union, President 4 
Student Council 3 


B.S. in Ed. Dover 

Freshman Class Vice-President 

Sophomore Class President 

Blue Key 

College Theater 2-3-4 

Stage Manager 3 

Velvet Curtain Players 

Kent Stater Staff 1-2-3-4 


B.S. in Ed. Dover 

Freshman Basketball 

Baseball Manager 3 

Baseball Assistant Manager 2 


Varsity "K" 4 


B.S. in Ed. Canton 

Kappa Sigma Chi, Secretary 2; Vice- 
President 4 
Alpha Psi Omega 
College Theater 
Freshman Players, President 
Velvet Curtain Players 
Canton Club, President 3 
Manual Arts Club, President 
Swimming Club 
Interfraternity Council 
College Social Committee 

B.S. in Ed. 

Biology Club 
Tennis 3 

B.S. in Ed. 

Phi Alpha Alpha 

Glee Club 

Home Economics Club 



Newton Falls 

B.S. in Ed. 



B.S. in Ed. 

Phi Alpha Alpha 

Home Economics Club 

College Orchestra 

Off Campus Women's Club 


Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Lambda Chi 

Women's League Executive Council 4 

Panhellenic 4 



Alpha Sigma Alpha 
Registrar 2 
Vice-President 3 
President 4 

Lambda Chi Treasurer 3 
Cardinal Key 
College 1 2 3 
Women's League 3 




B.S. in Ed. 


B.S. in Ed. 



Delta Phi Sigma 



B.S. in Ed. Cleveland 

Phi Alpha Alpha, Treasurer 4 
French Club 2-3-4; Vice-President 
German Club 3-4; Vice-President 3 
Cardinal Key 

B.S. in Ed. 

Theta Sigma Upsilon 



Beta Zeta 3 
Biology Club 


B.S. in Ed. 





B.S. in Ed. 

Blue Key 

Varsity Football 2-3-4 

Varsity Wrestling 2-3-4 

Tri-State Champion 

State Champion 


Sigma Tau Gamma 

B.S. in Ed. 

Biology Club 






Freedom Station 

B.S. in Ed. 

Kappa Mu Kappa, President 
Varsity Football 1-2-3-4 
Varsity Baseball 2-3-4 
Interfraternity Council 3 
Varsity "K" Club 
H. P. E. Club 

B.S. in Ed. 

Band 1 

Off Campus Club 2-3-4 
Biology Club 4 
Girl's Band 4 




A.B. Kent 

Delta Phi Sigma, Chaplain 3 

Blue Key, President 4 

Varsity Basketball 3-4 

Varsity Golf 3-4 

Biology Club 

Varsity "K" Club 

Glee Club 3 


College Theater 


A.B. Kent 

Alpha Phi Beta, President 4 
Band 1-2-3-4 
Orchestra 1-2-3-4 

Concert Orchestra 3 
College Theater, Electrician 3 
Mathematics Club 

B.S. in Ed. 

College Choir 3-4 
College Band 3-4 
College Orchestra 3-4 
Men's Glee Club 3-4 
Music Club 3 




B.S. in Ed. 

Theta Sigma Upsilon 
Y. W. C. A. 



A.B. Kent 


B.S. in Ed. Kent 

Lambda Chi 

Men's Glee Club 1-2-3-4 

Cheer Leader 1 

Glider Club 2-3-4; President 2-3 

Social Committee 





A.B. Canfield 

Sigma Tau Gamma, Secretary 4 

B.S. in Ed. 

Band 1 

Off Campus Women's Club 2-3-4 

Biology Club 4 

Girls' Band 4 



B.S. in Ed. Washingtonville 



Sigma Tau Gamma 
College Quartette 
Glee Club 


B.S. in Ed. 

Kappa Mu Kappa 


B.S. in Ed. 



Baseball 3 
Manual Arts Club 

Campbell 1 

M *Pj 


A.B. Cuyahoga Falls 

B.S. in Ed. 


B.S. in Ed. 





A.B., B.S. in Ed. 


B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 


B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

Cuyahoga Falls 

Meinhall, Pa. 

Cuyahoga Falls 



Cuyahoga Falls 



Cuyahoga Falls 

North Canton 

Cuyahoga Falls 




South Euclid 


Seniors Not Pictured 






• • • « • 



V- it 

e s 

and Sororities 







Fraternises and Sororities 

In celebration of Kent State's year of maturity and of our reminisc- 
ing we note that honorary fraternities played no part in the lives of 
those pioneer students. Today along with our progress we have on the 
campus nine organizations in separate fields which serve as foals of achieve- 
ment for aspiring students. Alpha Psi Omega is the oldest group on the 
campus and one of the four national. 

[57 1 



1st row: J. Miller, Prof. Satterfield, D. 
Ulrich, Dean Manchester, M. DeWeese. 

2nd row: F. Taborsky, R. Nesbit, L. 
Widowski, K. Scott, F. Bundy, H. Daily, 
C. Borlet. 

a <* °Hi 

Donald Ulrich 
Marion DeWeese 
Jay Miller 
Robert Peebles 
Ray Nesbit 


------ President 

- - - - Vice-President 


- - - Corresponding Secretary 

- - - - Alumni Secretary 

Twenty-one years ago there were very few men students on the 
campus but those who were here more than served their college in their 
many novice undertakings. Then in 1932 Blue Key National Honor 
Fraternity modeled on the principle "Serving I Live" like the Rotarians 
and Kiwanis Clubs. The Kent Chapter is one of 71 throughout the 
country and since its establishment has had 8 5 members. Membership 
requirements are based on scholarship, leadership, character and activity. 

The organization was given commendation at the national con- 
vention for their activity last year in sponsoring interest among high 
school boys in college education. They have continued that work this 
year but more recently have undertaken the project of an investigation 
among Kent business men to provide work for worthy students. 

Blue Key 

[58 1 

U N I V E 

S I T Y 

Left to right: 

1st Row: Alphoretta Kirk, Victoria 
Smolen, June Harrison, Miss Drew, Vera 

2nd: Rosemary Price, Winifrede Schram, 
Dorothy Bowers, Alice Wilcox, Flora Jean 
Sprague, Lucille Arnold, Josephine Cotman. 


Mary Holbrook 
Rosemary Price 
Vera Chamberlain 
June Harrison 
Flora Jean Sprague 





Sergeant at Anns 

"Way back when" outstanding women at Kent worked and pro- 
gressed without any reward. But since the appearance in 1933 of a 
chapter of Cardinal Key, national honor activity society, those women 
students who have been especially proficient in one or more fields and 
whose point average meets the requirements are permitted the honor of 

Dean Blanche A. Verder was the person responsible for bringing a 
chapter to Kent State. The charter members comprise the presidents 
of the fourteen woman organizations on the campus. Since then, how- 
ever, there are two initiations each year in the Spring for the Seniors 
and in the Fall for the Juniors. 

Cardinal Key's activities are varied and numerous, the club arranges 
and supervises all the activities concerning campus night. Last year they 
started the custom of crowning a May Queen. This year they worked 
with Blue Key on fostering the Student-Faculty Relations Committee. 

Their biggest achievement this year was their engagement of Miss 
Amelia Earhart to speak at the auditorium. Previous to the speech the 
girls entertained her at a banquet. 

Cardinal Key 

[59 1 

E N 


S T 

T E 

-O -f% 


Left to right: 

1st Row: Glen Jordan, Howard Dailey, 
John McKay, Edward Fuller. 

2nd: Mr. Altman, Harry Gilcrest, Dr. 
A. O. DeWeese, Mr. Peterka. 

'.•-. ••>; 

^^ Jl # ^F ^ 


Howard Dailey 
Edouard Fuller 
Glen Jordan 


Twenty-two years ago, a group of young men, in the midst of the 
intricacies of a Chaldean pyramid formation, conceived the idea that was 
to be the birth of an organization to stand for the fine things in athletics. 
Phi Epsilon Kappa was the result. 

A year later the World War started. Fortunately for the life of this 
infant organization its formation was not listed among the causes. Its 
principles spread and found their way to the campus of Kent where 
the chapter was formed. Its activities and products go to make it one 
of the outstanding honoraries at Kent. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 


U N 

I V E R S I T 


Standing left to right: Helen Danforth, 
Ruth Morrell, Dorothy Williamson, Mrs. 
Apple, Elizabud Mason, Bernita Elliott, 
Betty Forner. 

Seated left to right: Helen Miklus, Eliza- 
beth James, Elizabeth Porter, Marjorie 


Elizabeth James 
Marjorie Peebles 
Elizabeth Porter 
Helen Miklus 





Ever since the "Campfire Girls" rushed off the press in their many 
fictitious adventures there has been a bond between women athletically 

The early days saw the women having tendencies away from the 
adage of "weaker sex" gathered on the beaches audaciously clad in ankle 
revealing bathing, or better, wading gowns. Already a feeling of sister- 
hood arose from the common ground trod by these groups. They all faced 
the censure of those versed in the ethics of the old school. They were 
labled "tomboys" by sassy little girls in pink ribbons, and gawking boys 
blushed furiously as they mentioned leg instead of limb. 

Then there came a renaissance that swept even the most elderly of 
the matrons from their snug fireside seats and knitting to horseback rid- 
ing, swimming, without the detriment of several petticoats, and the whole 
gamut of sports. Needless to say many organizations were formed for 
this newly recognized movement which had turned women's athletics 
from an obscene capering to a necessity of good health. 

The most outstanding of these organizations is Omega Phi Delta, 
physical education sorority. This honorary sorority is emblematic of all 
that is fine in women's athletics and is well represented at Kent State. 
It is one of the furthest outposts in the advance from fireside parchesi to 
healthful organized sport. 

Omega Phi Delta 




Left to right: 

1st Row: Lucille Arnold, Flora Jean 
Sprague, Hilda Austin, Sally Hum, Jose- 
phine Cotman. 

2nd: Dr. Pringle, Frederic Bundy, Prof. 
B. F. Engleman, Bill Smith. 

3 V^L 


4 ^^f j, *J^M ^B ,H 


^ s^bBsHbkH; ".. ~ >; ';?fS iWR 


Frederick Bundy 
Flora Jean Sprague 
Lucille Arnold 
Josephine Cotman 





Pi Kappa Delta the most recent of Kent's honoraries is the national 
honorary speech fraternity at Kent. In the first year it has been on 
the campus it has been more outstanding than any other Ohio chapter. 

The debaters on the campus who are members won the championship 
of the province of the lake which includes two colleges from Maine, 
one from West Virginia, one from Pennsylvania, seven colleges from 
Michigan and eight other Ohio conferences. 

Two men were sent to New Orleans where they held an exhibition 
debate before a national association of speech professors. The speeches 
were so excellent that they are to be published in the "Intercollegiate 
Debates" the yearbook of college debate which is used as a source book 
for college and high school debaters. 


U N 


V E 





Rosemary C. Price 
Jane Seager 
Alice Wilcox 

- «' President 



Shortly after Kent State saw its first Kent Stater a group of new 
students formed an honorary journalistic fraternity to be the goal of 
which those proficient in writing could be members. 

Today the fraternity has only twelve members because the require- 
ments demand a higher than average scholastic rating for membership. 

The group does not function socially but are at present working on 
plans to become a national organization and also to establish at Kent a 
third publication which is to be devoted to literary pursuits not included 
in the weekly or annual publication. 

It is also their aim to increase student opinion and expression in the 
college publications. 

Although it is not compulsory the president of the organization has 
always been Editor of either the Kent Stater or the Chestnut Burr. 

CM Pi 


E N 



Left to right: 

1st Row: Dorothy Brown, Jessie Hinds, 
Janet Holt. 

2nd: Prof. E. T. Stump, Mrs. Mozena, 
Dale Gibson. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: Ruth Klein, Jean Moyer, Wini- 
fred Palmer, Virginia Cipra, Margaret 

2nd: Harold Wendelken, Prof. E. T. 
Stump, Mary Jane Stewart, Maxwell Wil- 
liams, Carl Hageman. 

[64 J 


Alpha Psi Omega 


Janet Holt _._ President 

Jessie Hinds -__ Secretary 

E. Turner Stump _______ Adviser 

Beta Psi chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is one of one hundred and 
twenty chapters throughout the country and was established at Kent 
in 1929. 

The organization functions merely as an incentive for your dra- 
matists and achieves its purpose when in working toward it as their 
goal those people develop a real interest and love for damatics. 

Before becoming a member of Alpha Psi Omega a student must be a 
member of the Freshman players and Velvet Curtain. 

Beta Psi Chapter has the distinction of having as their adviser 
Mr. E. Turner Stump who has been Grand Director for nine years. 


Maxwell Williams ------- President 

John Page -------- Vice-President 

Janet Holt __--__-_ Secretary 
Harold Wendelken ------- Treasurer 

Velvet Curtain is a purely honorary society which chooses its 
members from the Freshmen players and serves as a marking place for 
consideration for Alpha Psi Omega. 


Left to right: 

E. Pfeil, M. J. Stewart, M. Gettrust, M. 
Grabenstter, N. Waters, J. Wood, J. Har- 
rison, Miss Boswell, M. Zurcher, E. Monte- 
calvo, W. Schram, L. Schram, R. Wolcott. 


June Harrison 
Mabel Grabenstetter 
Naudine Waters 
Edward Pfeil 
Mary Kathryn Boswell 
Nina S. Humphrey 
Harriet Adams 






Honorary Member 

Honorary Member 

In response to our repeated questioning, we learn that when Kent 
State started growing there were artists and art lovers, but although the 
young college had a progressive art department, aspiring young artists 
who wanted to do something different had to pursue their interests alone. 

It wasn't until the Spring of 1932 that the honorary art fraternity 
was organized to provide a group who were interested in doing special 
extra-curricular art activities. 

Today the fraternity supplies the college theatre with their unusual 
art scenes for the plays and each month the organization presents a print 
exhibition in their department. Several exhibits by them have been dis- 
played to visitors in the atrium. Each spring the group travels to Cleve- 
land for the annual Art Museum Exhibition. In addition they assist and 
take the place of the faculty during any vacancy. 

Membership is based upon exceptional ability in art. 

Lambda Chi 

r 66 

Who is it that swings campus elections — gives degrees in tong and 
bridge — endorses sororities — produces athletes, scholars, playboys, friend- 
ships and scandal? Who is it that puts life into a college? Fraternities. 

They are the organizations that constitute the basis of social and 
intellectual college life. Local in interest and organization (except Iota 
Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma) "frats" offer to the college man an 
education exclusive of text books and professors. A priceless experience 
that is cherished throughout one's lifetime — ask any fraternity man. 



Kappa Mm Kappa 


John Page 
Paxton Whitmire 
John Simpson 
Chester Borlet 

Faculty Adviser 

Prof. T. E. Davey, Jr. 

Faculty Members 

Dr. J. E. McGilvrey 



Alvin Bamberger 
Franklin Barlow 
Chester Borlet 
Kenerd Clapp 

Clarence Eckert 
Lincoln Hedeman 
Kenneth Loomis 

Ralph Dyke 
Buell Graven 
Myron Harrington 


George Barkalow 
Donald Barlow 
John Benfer 
William Bradley 
Hugh Brown 
Robert Diller 
Wayne Evans 
Sam Fogg 
Robert Galehouse 



Recording Secretary 


Dr. K. R. Pringle 

Edward Fuller 
James Ghent 
Dale Gibson 
Clarence Hinkle 

Leo Lutz 
Gerald Reed 
Donald Ripley 

Chester Sokoloski 
Harry Knapp 
James McKinley 

William Harrington 
George Hausmann 
Delmar Homer 
Robert Johnson 
William Jones 
Edward Kegler 
Ralph Killian 
Clyde Knipe 

Dr. A. S. Roberts Prof. E. W. Tischenforf 

George Kling 
Jay Littlepage 
John Page 

Bruce Simpson 
John Simpson 
Donald Terrill 

Douglas Rogers 
Raymond Moran 

Richard Mansfield 
Edward Markley 
John McCort 
Max Renncr 
George Robenstien 
Nolan Sanner 
Robert Scheck 
Lincoln Schofrman 

Robert Peebles 
Fred Scott 
Alexander Young 

Paxton Whitmire 
Leroy Widowski 
Walter Wolfe 

John Scharf 
Fulton Scott 

Horton Searl 
Carl Sheehe 
Roscoe Snyder 
Charles Terry 
Louis Thompson 
Adrian Van Wyen 
Owen Watson 
William Young 

Left to right: 

Seated: Alvin S. Bamberger, John S. Page, 
Dale W. Gibson, Clarence Hinkle. 

Standing: Robert Peebles, Chester Borlet, 
Edouard Fuller, William Celestino, Alex- 
ander Young. 


Left to right: 

Seated: R. Widowski, W. Wolfe, P. 
Whitmire, C. Eckert, L. Lutz. 

Standing: G. Read, D. Ripley, B. Simp- 

Left to right: 

Seated: D. Rogers, J. Scharf, F. Scott. 

Standing: J. McKinley, H. Knapp, R. 

Left to right: 

Seated: Max Renner, Robert Scheck, 
Charles Terry, Owen Watson, William 
Jones, Sam Fogg. 

Standing: Hugh Brown, Clyde Knipe, 
Louis Thompson, William Harrington, John 

Kappa Mu Kappa, the oldest fraternity on the Kent State campus, 
was founded in 1922, the outgrowth of an older non-secret organization. 

Under the direction of Alex Whyte, honorary member, the big white 
"K" which is so conspicuous on our campus today was erected as a last- 
ing memorial to the Kent Men's Club and to Kappa Mu Kappa. 


Delta Phi Sigma 


Howard Dailey ______ President 

Jay Miller - - Vice-President 

Glenn Jordan ________ Secretary 

Dick Bolich -------- Treasurer 

Harold Briola -------- Historian 

Albert Godfrey ------- Chaplain 

John Kalkas - _____ Sergeant-at-Arms 


Honorary Members 


Frederic Bundy 
Howard Dailey 
Elmer Dunlavy 

Glenn Andrews 
Robert Burns 
Irvin Duff 
Edward Garrison 

Paul Boyle 
Harold Briola 
Dick Bolich 

Otto Cobb 
Al Cox 
Charles Doan 
Willard Foust 

Dr. Amos L. Heer 

Prof. James R. Beck 
Prof. C. E. Satterfield 
Prof. E. Turner Stump 
Dr. O. H. Williams 
Prof. G. Harry Wright 

William Edmiston 
Harry Lemmon 

Harry Gilcrest 
Albert Godfrey 
Herman Jones 

Norman Carter 
Lewis Gorham 
William Helmboldt 

Robert Gerig 
Joe Kerka 
Richard Mack 
Tom Manko 

Earl Skillicorn 
Paul Strahl 

Glenn Jordan 
John Kalkas 
Robert Katzenmeyer 

Gene Korb 
Don Ranney 

Donald McMahon 
Frank Taborsky 
Roy Pinyoun 
Bill Sutliff 

Albert Shambarger 
Don Ulrich 

Harry Lohr 
Jay Miller 
Riley Runk 

Frank Ritchie 
Joe Wright 

Paul Wherley 
Shirley Fink 
Bill Ault 
Karl Huge 

Seated left to right: W. Edmiston, D. 

Standing left to right: H. Daily, F. 


Left to right: 

Seated: B. Katzenmeyer, A. See, J. Kal- 
kas, J. Miller, G. Jordan, G. Andrews. 

Standing: R. Burns, I. Duff, E. Garrison, 
H. Jones, R. Runk, A. Godfrey. 

Left to right: 

Seated: N. Carter, D. Ranncy, P. Boyle, 
H. Briola, L. Gorham. 

Standing: W. Helmboldt, D. Bolich, J. 
Wright, G. Korb. 

Left to right: 

Seated: D. Mack, R. Gerig, J. Kerka, K. 
Huge, D. Hoskins. 

Standing: N. Benson, R. Pinyoun, C. 
Doan, B. Ault, B. Anderson, D. Grosvenor, 
F. Taborsky, D. Siddall. 

"Brothers are we" appropriately symbolizes the spirit and life 
f Delta Phi Sigma. An organization of character and prestige which 
i continually striving to raise the high standards of the group. 

Under the guidance of "Prexy" Daily the boys witnessed a most 
uccessful year — a year of outstanding achievement in all fields of en- 

Delta Phi Sigma 


Sigma Tan Gaointia 


James Craig - 
Dean Kisseberth 
Norris Bancroft 
Maxwell Williams 
Lester Furney 
wllmur munzenmayer 
Marion DeWeese 
Wayne Wallace 


Honorary Members 

Prof. Arden L. Allen 
Dr. J. L. Blair 



Wayne Baumberger 

Marion DeWeese 


Robert Baumgardner 
James Craig 
Lester Furney 
Norris Bancroft 
Julio DeEulis 
Carl Hageman 

Robert Blockinger 
Ned Chaddock 
Harry Cutting 
Peter Demkof 
George Dike 
Louis Eschenberg 

Prof. Fred 
Dr. A. O. 





Corresponding Secretary 



Sergeant -at -Arms 

E. C. Stopher 

H. Denker Prof. B. F. Engleman 
DeWeese Dr. A. B. Garrett 

Philip Engleman 
Russel Filson 

James Jones 
Dean Kisseberth 

Earl McGee 
Hugh Stewart 

Richard Eickleberry 
William Herr 
Kenneth Jacobson 
James Jamison 
Martin Kovalik 
Earl Mathews 

Seymour Fear 
Fred Houston 

Harold Schamp 
Wayne Wallace 

Earl Thomas 
Louis Troyer 

Edward Mellinger 
Ben McGinnis 
John Razel 
Oscar Reister 
Kenneth Robenstein 
Albert Ruble 

Dr. A. W. Stewart 

Maxwell Williams 

Harold Wendelken 
Wilbur Munzenmayer 

John Zupan 
Don Weir 

Louis Siegrist 
George Urban 
Ralph Weir 
Earnest Williams 
Fritz Winemiller 

Left to right: 

M. Williams, W. Baumberger, N. Ban- 
croft, M. DeWeese. 


Left to right: 

Seated: H. Wendelken, W. Wallace, W. 
Munzenmaycr, D. Kisseberth, J. Craig, R. 

Standing: E. Merrill, K. Robenstine, H. 

Left to right: 

Seated: M. Horlak, E. Thomas, H. 
Shearer, J. Zupan, B. Smith, J. De Eulis, 
G. Hollister. 

Standing: E. McGee. 

Seated: H. Stewart, B. Bates, L. Siegrist, 
A. Chambers, J. Razel, W. Herr, E. 

Standing: M. Kovalik, B. McGinnis, K. 
Jacobson, Matthews, R. Horning, Shad- 

Iota chapter of Kent State's only national fraternity was established 
in 1927 with the local organization known as Gamma Tau Delta as its 
foundation. Previous to the founding of the later organization, which 
occurred in 1926, a non-Greek letter fraternity existed called very 
brightly "The Midnight Suns." The "Midnight Sunners" organized in 
1925 and one year later decided to go Greek letter. 

The alumni chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, numbering among its 
members many men outstanding in several lines of endeavor, is very 
active in maintaining the contacts and friendships formulated at Kent 

Sigma Tau Gaeioia 


In Kent's infancy days the girls had cliques and clubs but sororities 
were banned from the campus. However, the girls felt the need of the 
groups so strongly and largely through the work of Dean Verder they 
appeared and forced the administration to recognize them. Today there 
are seven nationals and two local sororities at Kent State University. 



Sislmria Si^eia Sienna 


Janet Holt 
Margaret Palfi 
Alta Bancroft 
Margaret Stopher 
Jean Hastings 
Mona Fletcher 



Dorothy Brown 
Alta Bancroft 
Frances Day 
Margaret Beebout 
Marion Burchard 
Charlene Buell 
Isabelle Wood 
Deborah Teas 

Founded at Virginia State Teachers College, 189* 
Alpha Beta Chapter Founded 1925. 



Recording Secretary 


Corresponding Secretary 


Mr and Mrs. Emmett C. Stopher 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank Elgin 
Miss Carrie Hines 

Aldeen Cox 

Nancy Hollister 

Jean Hastings 
Jean Horn 
Betty Kunert 
Jane Lowry 

Mary Elizabeth Elgin 
Miriam Conn 

Janet Holt 

Evelyn Scott 

Jean Moyer 
Winifred Palmer 
Margaret Palfi 
Janet Pfiel 

Ruth Oviatt 

u 4 © ~ «- s 

Mabel Law 

Alice Wilcox 

Margaret Stopher 
Margaret Toth 
Jane Ungashick 
Phyllis Mae Weyer 

Jane Ebel 

! ' i How 

Seniors: M. Law, J. Holt, A. Cox. 


Left to right: 

Seated: A. Wilcox, F. Day, N. Hollister, 
A. Bancroft. 

Standing: E. Scott. 

Left to right: 

1st Row: C. Buell, M. Toth, M. Bur- 
chard, J. Horn. 

2nd: J. Lowry, J. Moyer, J. Pfeil, W. 
Palmer, M. Palfi, B. Kunert. 

3rd: M. Stopher, J. Ungashick, M. Bee- 
bout, J. Hastings. 

Seated: R. Oviatt, M. J. Ebel, M. E. 

Standing: M. Conn, D. Teas. 

Beta Beta Beta, local sorority, was organized on Kent campus April 
15 5 1908. The national sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, founded at West 
Virginia State Teachers' College in 1925, was installed at Kent, November, 
1925. Ten charter mmbers were in this first sorority on the Kent 

Si^ma Sigma SiMma 


Pi Kappa Sigma 


Edith Malpass - 
Catherine Palmer 
Susan Messerly - 
Irene Rowe 
Isabella DeSimio 
Miss Adah Broadbent 




Elizabeth Kelly 
Miriam Gruen 
Jeanette Dawson 
Isabelle DeSimio 
Inez Endlich 


Clarice Barber 
Dorothy Canfield 
Madeline Catlen 

Founded at Ypsilanti in 1894 
Kent Chapter founded in 1926 

- - - - President 

- - - - Vice-President 

- - - Recording Secretary 

Corresponding Secretary 

- - - Treasurer 

- - - Faculty Advisor 

Prof, and Mrs. T. E. Davey 

Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Munzenmayer 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wise 

Ella Roberts 

Lillian Gottschalt 
Stella Hosmer 
Edith Malpass 

Lena DeSimio 
Floreda Leitner 
Treva Markley 

Susan Messerly 
Eva Mross 

Doris Miller 
Ruth Nims 
Josephine Securio 

Catherine Palmer 
Irene Rowe 

Dorothy Stanley 
Elizabeth Thayer 
Alice Weible 

Left to right: E. Malpass, L. Gottschalt, 
B. Kelly, J. Dawson. 

r 78 j 

Left to right: 

1st row: I. Endlick, Miss Broadbent, S. 

2nd row: I. Rowe, S. Mcsserley, E. 

Sitting left to right: C. Palmer, M. 
Gruen, E. Roberts. 

Standing left to right: E. Agne, I. De 

M. Catlen, J. Securo, D. Stanley, L. 
De Sinio. 

Beta Tau Zeta local sorority was organized on Kent campus March 
0, 1925. The national sorority, Pi Kappa Sigma, founded at Ypsilanti, 
Michigan, in 1894, was installed on Kent campus November, 1926. 
eventeen girls and Miss Meyer, adviser, were charter members. 

Pi Kappa Sigoia 

[ 79 

Theta Sigma Upsilon 

'Founded at Kansas City Teachers' 1 College, 1907 
Eta Chapter Founded, 1926 

June Harrison _______ President 

Geraldine Quimby ___-_- Vice-President 
Christine Roberts ------- Secretary 

Josephine Cotman ______ Treasurer 

Anne Bianch --------- Editor 

Miss Mary Kathryn Boswell _____ Adviser 


Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Griebling 
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Teschendorf 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright 



June Harrison Geraldine Quimby 


Anne Bianchi Annretta DeVore Christine Roberts Justa Witherspoon 

Josephine Cotman 


Dorothy Heminger Mary Jane McLaughlin 


Betty Bovard Edith Hawk Betty Richardson Mae Jeanne Swan 

Florence Conrath Nell Jackson Helen Schaeffer Emily Nell Willett 

Betty Cooper Florence McConnell Anna Marie Sofranec Ruth Williams 

Avanelle Erb Edith Montecalvo Alice Spitz Anne Zelle 

Mabel Grabenstetter Eleanor Mosley 

G. Quimby, J. Harrison. 


Left to right: J. Cotman, J. Wither- 
spoon, A. Bianchi, C. Roberts, A. DeVore. 

Left to right: M. J. McLaughlin, D. 

1st row: B. Richardson, E. Mosley, E. 
Montecalvo A. Sofranec. 

2nd row: A. Erb, N. Jackson, M. Grab- 
benstetter, R. Williams, E. Hawk, N. Wil- 
lett, B. Cooper, H. Schaeffer, B. Bovard. 

Epsilon Theta, local sorority, was organized on Kent campus May 
4, 1924. The national sorority, Theta Sigma Upsilon, founded at Kansas 
State Teachers' College in 1907, was installed on the Kent campus Novem- 
ber, 1926, by Miss Kerry, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Miss Prickett, Huntington, 
West Virginia, and Miss Florence Eckert. There were three charter 
members and Miss Hazen, adviser. 



Alpha Sigma Alpha 



Jane Smith 
Dorothy Bowers 
Harriette Franriin 
Helen McGuigan 
Maryellen Hollander 
Leonore Shuman 
Miss Helen McClaflin 


Founded at Miami University, 1914. 
Omega Omega chapter founded, 1926. 











Dorothy Bowers 
Harriette Franklin 

Vernel Dawson 
Jeanne Hollander 

Hilda Austin 
Mildred Bowers 
Dorothy Fitzgerald 

Jane Ahl 
Jessadine Beckley 
Virginia Carpenter 

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Schram 
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Garrett 
Dr. and Mrs. A. Sellew Roberts 

Rosemary Price 

Marian Maddock 

Mary Gettrust 
Maryellen Hollander 
Ardis Jones 

Vera Chamberlain 
Priscilla Grieme 
Shirley Klein 



Helen McGuigan 

Velma Kauffman 
Ruth Klein 
Irene Shieber 

Jewel McGuigan 
Mary Jane Matelsky 
Jean Shotwell 

Winifrede Schram 

Jane Smith 

Lenore Shuman 
Rosalie Wolfe 

Louise Shuman 
Marian Spelman 
Ruth Taggart 

Left to right: 

Seniors: H. Franklin, W. Schram, D. 
Rowers, R. Price, L. Schram. 


Left to right: H. McGuigan, Miss Mc- 
Claflin, J. Hollander, V. Dawson, M. Mad- 
dock, J. Smith. 

Left to right: 

1st row: B. Kauffman, L. Shuman, D. 
Fitzgerald, I. Shieber. 

2nd row: M. Gettrust, M. Hollander, 
M. Bowers, H. Austin. 

3rd row: A. Jones, R. Klein, M. Stam- 
baugh, R. Wolf. 

Left to right: 

1st row: J. Beckley, S. Klein. 

2nd row: V. Carpenter, R. Taggert, J. 
McGuigan, M. Spelman, J. Shotwell. 

3rd row: J. Ahl, L. Shuman, M. J. 
Metalsky, P. Grieme, V. Chamberlain. 

Phi Lambda Tau local sorority was organized on Kent campus Febru- 
y 12, 1925. The national sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, founded at 
iami University in 1914, was installed April 9-10-11, 1926, by Miss 
race Fultz, national treasurer of Rushville, Ohio. The Kent Chapter 
eluded eight charter members with Mrs. Apple first adviser. 

a Sigma 

[83 1 

Delta Sigma Epsiloe 


Mary Jane Stewart 

Bernita Elliott 

Jayne Buckmaster 

gullan melin 

Betty Forner 

Jane McSorley 

Mary Muir 

Jane Peet 

Mrs. Ruth Shaw Kelley 

Founded at Miami University, 1914. 
Tan chapter founded, 1926. 

Preside tit 
- - - - - Vice-Pr esident 

Corresponding Secretary 

Recording Secretary 


Sergeant -at -Arms 

------ Chaplain 




Betty Forner 
Elizabeth James 

Dean and Mrs. John L. Blair 
Mr and Mrs. E. Turner Stump 
Mr. and Mrs. James Beck 

Esther Laird 

Gullan Melin 

Mary Muir 

Jayne Buckmaster 
Bernita Elliott 

Ethel Jones 
Jane McSorley 

Jane Peet 

Mary Jane Stewart 

Margaret Blue 
Mary Jane Elliott 

Doris Hahlan 
Ruth Morrell 

Jean Raupple 
Vivian Rogers 

Jean Seymour 
Marie Stallsmith 


Li;ft to right: 

Seated: B. Former, Dr. Kelley, M. Muir, 
E. James. 

Standing: G. Melin, E. Laird. 

Left to right: 

B. Elliott, E. Jones, M. J. Stewart, J. 
Peet, J. McSorley. 

Left to right: 

Seated: V. Rogers, M. Stallsmith, R. 
Morrell, M. J. Elliott. 

Standing: J. Seymour, J. Raupple, M. 

Alpha Kappa Phi, local sorority, was organized on Kent campus 
October 16, 1924. The national sorority, Delta Sigma Epsilon, founded 
at Miami University in 1914, was installed January 28-30, 1926. This 
was the second Kent sorority to become national with six charter members 
and Mrs. T. C. Bowne, adviser. 

Delta Sigma Epsilon 


Alpha Sigma Tan 

Founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1898 
Eta Chapter Founded, 1927 


Janet Knott - - - President 

Bernice Baumberger ------ Vice-President 

Elizabeth Streine - Corresponding Secretary 

Marian Hess - - Recording Secretary 

Ruth Merrick _______ Treasurer 

Ada Swan -------- Chaplain 

Bea Hawkins --____ _ Editor 

Eleanor Bador ------- Historian 

Miss Harriet Adams ______ Adviser 

Miss Laura E. Hill - - Adviser 


Dean and Mrs. R. E. Manchester 
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Donaghey 



Ruth Hoffman 


Marion Hess Helen Lundeen Margaret Whittlesey 

Janet Knott 


Eleanor Bader Bea Hawkins Ruth Merrick 

Bernice Baumberger Bernadette Kramer Helen Sixt 

Aurora Biasella 


Phyllis Baker Dorothy Jane Fynn Martha Kennedy 

Virginia Betteridge Ruth Goss Marjorie Keppler 

Barbara Bostwick Mae Haines Betty Manchester 

Adaline Budd Miriam Herley Jessie Lee Miller 

Mary Colby Betty Hoffman Anne Nedel 

Jean Evans Mildred Housel Betty Parrish 

Mary M. Finnicum Ruth Huber Hester Season 

Iris Follin Imogene Hughes Ernestine Shaffer 

Dorothy Williamson 

Ada Swan 
Jeannette Zorger 

Verna Siegfried 
Helen Strouse 
Randa Tozer 
Virginia Walker 
Marjorie Whitelaw 
Ruth Whittlesey 
Helen Zimmer 


Left to right: 

Seated: M. Whittlesey, Miss Adams, D. 
Williamson, R. Hoffman, H. Lundeen, M. 
Hess, Miss Hill. 

Standing: J. Knott. 

[ 86 

1st row: A. Swan, B. Strienc, B. Baum- 

2nd row: R. Merrick, H. Sixt, B. 
Kramer, B. Hawkins. 

3rd row: E. Bader, J. Zorger. 

1st row: B. Manchester, V. Siegfried, 
A. Nedel, M. Kennedy, M. Housel. 

2nd row: E. Shaffer, P. Baker, J. Miller, 
H. Strouse, P. Haines. 

Left to right: 

1st row: R. Tozer, V. Walker, M. 

2nd row: D. Fynn, A. Budd, R. Huber, 
J. Evans, M. A. Whitelaw. 

3rd row: M. M. Finnicum, I. Follin, 
I. Hughes. 

4th row: V. Betteridge, M. Colby, M. 
Keppler, B. Hoffman, R. Goss. 

Gamma Sigma Phi local sorority was organized on Kent campus 
November 10, 1926. The national sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, founded 
at Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1898, was installed at Kent in 1927. There 
were eight charter members. 

Alpha Sigma Tan 


Alpha Alpha 


Dorothy Kenty 
Helen Hastings 
Alphoretta Kirk 
Gertrude Quirk 
Margaret Romp 
Miss Dois Bobb Kinneman 
Miss Bertha L. Nixson 



Jessie Hinds 
Martha Holbrook 

Ruth Benedict 

Kathryn Leggett 
Blanche Luke 

Francis Baldwin 
Paulyne Chesrown 
Lucille Greeniesien 

Founded at Kent, 1930 



Recording Secretary 

Corresponding Secretary 

- - - - Treasurer 


Associate Adviser 

Mr. and Mrs. Fren Musselman 
Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Stewart 
Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Harsh 

Dorothy Kenty 
Alphoretta Kirk 

Helen Hastings 

Margaret Romp 
Leta Sells 

Marian Howard 
Esther Janson 
Janet Kaiser 

Gertrude Quirk 
Ina Richard 

Dorothy Sabin 

Jean Schnurrenberger 
Marie Smith 

Muriel Knouss 
Elizabeth Kurtz 
Grace Kyle 

Rosalia Schmalz 
Victoria Smolen 

Wilma Van Oster 

Marian Round 
Lois Van Buskirk 
Alyce Warner 

Left to right: 

Senior: G. Quirk, R. Schmalz, A. Kirk, 
D. Sabin, I. Richards, V. Smolen. 

Seated: D. Kenty, M. Holbrook. 


Left to right: 

R. Benedict, H. Hastings. 

Left to right: 

L. Sells, K. Leggett, B. Luke, M. Smith, 
W. VanOster, J. Schnurrenberger. 

Left to right: 

Standing: F. Baldwin. 

Seated: A. Warner, G. Kyle, M. Knouss, 
M. Round, J. Kaiser, E. Kurtz, E. Janson. 

Alpha Phi Alpha, local sorority, was organized at Kent, April 27, 
1927. After one inactive year the group reorganized as Phi Alpha Alpha 
local sorority in 193 0. There were nine charter members in the Kent 

Phi Alpha Alpha 


Pi Delta Theta 


Helen Coppersmith 
Claire Roeble 
Miss Ruth Bass 



Claire Roeble 

Helen Coppersmith 


Rose Mary Adavasio 

Founded at Miami University, 1922 
Epsilon Chapter Founded, 1926 




Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Coven 
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Turner 

Velma Summer 

Marian Heeley 

Grace Helm 

Adaline Morgan 

The national sorority Pi Delta Theta, formerly Psi Chi Nu local 
sorority, was organized on Kent campus December 12, 1926. Pi Delta 
Theta was founded at Miami University in 192 2. There were six charter 
members with Miss Lively, first adviser. 

Seated left to right: A. Morgan, R. Ad- 
vasio, H. Coppersmith, C. Roeble, G. Helm, 
Miss Bass. 

Sr 'eft to right: V. Summer. M. 

. -ek 



Dorothy Jane Young 
Betty Brogan 
Helen Patterson 
Ethel Maddock 
Anamary Siemon 
Helen Schmidt 
Miss Jeanne Parrish 



Ethel Maddock 

Betty Brogan 

Helen Schmidt 

Janet Young 

\Fouiided at Kent State College, 1925. 








Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Altmann 

LaVerne Moore 
Helen Patterson 

Anamary Siemon 
Asthore St. John 

Dorothy J. Youn^ 
Dorothy Zeller 

Left to right: 

1st row: B. Brogan, H. Schmidt. 

2nd row: A. Siemon, E. Maddock, Miss 
Parrish, H. Patterson, D. Zeller. 

Standing: D. J. Young, A ' John, 
L. Moore. 




Helen Danforth 
Adelina Jacolenne 


Nina Duckworth 
Miss Ruth Bass 


Dorothy Sweany 

LaVerda Capel 
Marjorie Coggins 
Helen Danforth 
Nellie Diday 
Nina Duckworth 
Marguerite Foley 
Anna Geletka 

Ruth Brown 
Marie Deetz 
Mildred Dubetz 
Rosalie Kalafus 
Eloise Koeppe 

Founded at Kent, 19} 4 






Dean Blanche A. Verder 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Clark 

Welcome Plough 

Rose Giannetto 
Adeline Harrison 
May Hinton 
Adelina Jacolenne 
Edith Jones 
Helen Kennedy 

Elsie Lave 
Lucy Marcellette 
Ann Maro 
Grace Montalto 
Florence Pulsford 

Jean Lilie 
Anna McConnell 
Dorothy McConnell 
Treva Markley 
Lois Miller 
Berdine Powell 

Clara Peters 
Miriam Reynolds 
Wilda Shephard 
Mildred Snyder 

Janet Russell 
Eleanor Schott 
Martha Seleski 
Olive Votaw 
Jeanette Woods 
Mary Jane Wood 

Ruth Thompson 
Martha Timmons 
Marjorie Wagner 
Ruby Weiss 

Left to right: 

Seated: A. Jacolenne, Miss Ruth Bass, 
H. Danforth. 

Standing: N. Duckworth, W. Shepherd. 


Left to right: 

Seated: L. Capel, D. Sweany, M. Hinton, 
M. Snyder. 

Standing: J. Woods, E. Koeppe, W. 
Plough, H. Danforth. 

Left to right: 

Seated: R. Weiss, F. Pulsford, M. Deetz, 
N. Duckworth, E. Schott, M. Dubetz, W. 

Standing: M. Simmons, M. Reynolds, E. 
Lave, A. Harrison, A. Geletka. 

Left to right: 

Seated: L. Miller, E. Jones, D. McCon- 
nell, A. Jacolenne, N. Diday, O. Votaw, 
M. Foley. 

Standing: J. Lilie, M. Coggins, T. Mark- 
ley, H. Kennedy, R. Kalifus. 

The La Fe Club was organized to give members an opportunity to 
participate in the general campus activities; political, social, and scholastic. 



Left to right: 

1st Row: R. Dowding, H. Vaughn, R. 
Slutz, R. Drage. 

2nd: W. Gamauf, M. Gardner, B. Heu- 
ser, W. McAlister, H. Andreas, R. Diller, 
H. Stull, R. Wolcott, C. Furney. 

3rd: W. Shipman, D. Maffett, M. Swine- 
hart, L. Force, K. Damann, E. McCor- 
mick, W. McBane, P. Horton. 

Howard Andreas 
Wilbur McAllister 
Ray Diller 





The Barbarians, a purely social group are composed of men students 
who are not affiliated with a secret organization. They are one of the 
largest societies on the campus. 


1st row: Clarence Hinkle, Lucille 
Tucker, Ray Nesbit, Clara Huff, Michael 
Serene, Elizabeth Dennis, George Jameson. 

2nd row: H. Stull, Elizabeth Porter, 
Robert Horton, Russell Slutz, Prof. Cun- 

3rd row: Williams, Roger Nickerson, 
Harold Williamson, Madeline Juszli, Dr. 
Kelley, Roxane Tullsen, Gerald Hollister. 

4th row: Ray Diller, Kenneth Damann, 
Prof. Harbourt, George Urban. 


Ray Nesbit 
Marion Gardner 
Clara Huff 
Michael Serene 





The Biology Club is open to those students doing outstanding work 
in the field and this year it has functioned in the place of Beta Zeta, the 
honorary which is inactive. 

The activities are so divided that one meeting is given to student 
discussion and the other to hearing prominent men in the field speak. 

In addition the group make several trips to places of especial interest 
to them and hold certain social events. 

The Biology Club 


Turning back the calendar we find several organizations on our 
campus but the number is eclipsed when we count over thirty organiza- 
tions today which offer to the Kent students an opportunity for social 
life and individual work along every type of collegiate activity. 

9 , A 

L 96 J 






s • Athletics • Features 









Organizati { 

n s . Athletics . F e a t u r 

e s 


Left to right: 

Men: Ben McGinnis, Don 
Ranney, Sam Fogg, Frederic 
Bundy, James Craig, Harold 
Wendelken, Robert Baum- 

Women: Jean Moyer, Betty 
Forner, Dorothy Bowers, 
Martha Holbrook. 

Missing: June Harrison. 

Kent has come of age and the Student Council which was once a name for a group 
of students who carried out the plans of the faculty has become the dictating force on 
the campus. 

It is this organization, at present composed of four members from each of the upper 
classes and two from the sophomore and freshman classes, who authorize and supervise 
all college elections. 

This past year they conducted the largest single election in the history of the college 
and unlike the elections in the past, efficiency and honesty characterized all elections. 

A new constitution was adopted with a system of carry-over of certain members to 
provide experience for the succeeding year's council. 

This year the Kent State Council became a member of the National Student Federa- 
tion of America! Martha Holbrook and Robert Baumgardner attended the convention 
in Boston. 

Another innovation on the campus this year which was sponsored by the Student 
Council were the student forums which gave all students an opportunity for free expres- 
sion on vital campus problems. 

The Student-Faculty Relations Committee was created through the efforts of this 
body and a new and enlarged "K" book was written for 193 5-36. 

Before concluding an unparalleled year the Student Council supported the greatest 
movement that has occurred in Kent's history — backing the bills which made Kent State 
Kent University. 

Student Council 





The Kent Stater 

Robert Baumgardner 
Jane Seager 
George Urban 
Helen Westcott 
Betty Parrish 
Jeanne Moyer 


Assistant Editor 

Sport Editor 

Society Editor 

Assistant Society Editor 

Feature Editor 

First it was the "Kentonian," a feature magazine which appeared 
weekly on the campus; then the "Searchlight" which was an independent 
student paper and which promised its readers that it "would continue for 
many years, since it was the true voice of student opinion." But sud- 
denly after six months the "Searchlight" mysteriously disappeared, and 
in its place the Kent Stater started in 1926. Since then it has increased 
in size and style and was recently accorded All American Honor Rating 
and First Class Honor Rating by the National Students Press Association. 

("98 1 

U N 


V E 

I T 


Warning llono 
W here's the M 

The Kent Stater I niwrsily Dr 

<; a in» tmpHm 

Left to right: 

1st Row: G. Urban, H. Westcott, B. 
Parrish, J. Craig, J. Moyer. 

2nd: G. Melin, L. Walsh, B. Anderson, 
B. Elliott, S. Fogg. 

3rd: R. Moran, W. Van Oster, E. Faloon. 

4th: B. Forner, L. Stein, J. DeEulis, G. 



S T 

T E 

The Chestnut Burr 

Editorial Staff 

Rosemary Price 
Edward Garrison 
Vera Chamberlain 
Helen Schaeffer 
Dorothy Jane Young 
Julia V. Begala 
Margaret Stopher 
Christine Roberts 
Wayne Wallace 
Harry Kirk - 
Donald Ulrich 
Louaine Schram 


Assistant Editor 


Feature Editor 








Art Editor 

Business Staff 

Maxwell Williams - - Business Manager 

Harold Wendelken - Assistant Business Manager 

Janice Green - Secretary 

Gene Korb - - Advertising Manager 

Harold Briola - - Circulation Manager 

Betty Forner - Sales Manager 

Kent State always had a year book and those first publications were 
photographic gems with large sections devoted to high collared and 
mustached faculty and women professors with hair piled high — the men 
students were among the few and those who were here were athletic 
wizards often holding varsity berths on the football, baseball, and bas- 
ketball teams. The scene changes somewhat and in place of the old 
fashioned posed group pictures, the Chestnut Burr tries to present stu- 
dents in familiar poses and have the year book be a true depiction of 
campus life. 





T Y 



BURR " —1 


SALE n*f| 

Left to right: 

1st Row: H. Wendelken, E. Gar- 
rison, H. Kirk, D. J. Young, J. 

2nd: H. Briola, B. Forner, J. 
Green, G. Korb, L. Schram. 

3rd: B. Anderson, D. Ulrich, 
M. Stopher, C. Roberts, H. Schaeffer, 
V. Chamberlain. 



Janet Holt - - President 
Louaine Schram - Cor. Sec'y 
Mary Muir - Recording Sec'y 
Justa Witherspoon - Treasurer 

Left to right: 

Janet Holt, Justa Witherspoon, Mary 
Muir, Louaine Schram. 

Women's League 

Alphoretta Kirk - President 
Helen Schmidt - Vice-President 
Mary Jane Stewart - Secretary 
Marian Williams - Treasurer 

Left to right: 

1st Row: D. J. Young, M. J. Stewart, 
H. Schmidt, Dean Verder, A. Kirk, M. 
Williams, L. Schram, J. Peet, 

2nd: E. Indoe, E. Mosley, M. McElfish, 
J. Buck, E. Koeppe, M. J. McLaughlin. 

Since there were no sororities twenty-one years ago there was no 
Pan-Hellenic. But when in 1926 two national educational sororities 
appeared on the campus a Pan-Hellenic was established at Kent. Sororities 
appeared rapidly and today there are nine on the campus. This group 
is a very influential factor in the life of most girls since it dictates the 
policy and activities of their sororities. 

Today Pan-Hellenics throughout the country are using the service 
which Dean Verder wrote for the local group at Kent. 

Women's League 

The largest organization on the campus is the Women's League 
organized in 1914. Every woman student is a member. The purpose 
of the league is to establish a firmer bond of friendship and the promotion 
of matters pertaining to the women of the college. The League sponsors 
the Big and Little Sister Teas and the New Year's Ball. 


Men's Union 

Left to right: 

Seated: Herbert Wands, John Page, 
Donald Ulrich, Alvin Bamberger. 

Standing: Maxwell Williams, Bill De- 
Weese, Hugh Kane, Dean R. E. Man- 
chester, Jay Miller. 

Inter-fraternity Council 

Left to right: 

Seated: Jay Miller, Dean R. E. Man- 

Standing: Maxwell Williams, Roy 
Widowski, Howard Andreas, Herbert 


In Kent's infancy stage there were only a handful of men of the 
campus hence there was little need for a Men's Union. Now every man 
in college is entitled to membership in the organization which holds an 
annual Father-Sons banquet, is in charge of promotion of all men's 
activities, conducts contests and presents awards. This group is also 
supervised by the Dean of Men and the Executive board is composed of 
representatives from every men's organization. 


Twenty-one years ago there were no fraternities at Kent but today 
the Inter-fraternity Council functions as a governing body for all Greek 
letter social fraternities in their relations with one another. The group 
is under the supervision of Dean Manchester and is comprised of one 
member from each fraternity. 

r 103 1 

French Club 


Vera Chamberlain - President 
Victoria Smolen - Vice-President 
\ Secretary 

Hazel Starr 

Left to right: 

Vera Chamberlain, Roxane Tullsen, 
Hazel G. Starr, Wilma Van Oster, Miriam 
Gruen, Alta Bancroft, Miss Rowlen. 

German Club 


Edgar McCormick 
Mary Pfingsgraf - 

Josephine Cotman 
George Urban 

Left to right: 

Standing: Edgar McCormick, George 

Seated: Josephine Cotman, Robert Hor- 
ton, Dr. Schafheitlin, Arthur Allen, Shir- 
ley Klin, Richard Tuttle, Bernard Heuser. 




) Treasurer 


French Club 

In those other year curriculums permitted only study for child 
development and education of another type. But Kent is still marching 
and with it keeping time is the French department with all its classical 
courses and — for those proficient enough — recreational activity in the 
French Club. This group of about twenty hold discussions and plays 
in French. 

German Club 

One of the newest departments in the University is the German 
department. Those who have completed their second year of German 
are entitled to membership in the German Club, and although they are 
not the largest group on the campus, they are one of the most active. 
Their meetings are carried on in German. They give short plays, discuss 
current German affairs and on several occasions have been host to Ger- 
man visitors. 

[104 1 

Women's Debate 

Left to right: 

Hilda Austin, Flora Jean Sprague, Sally 
Hum, Dr. Pringle, Dorothy Jane Young, 
Josephine Cotman, Lucille Arnold. 

Men's Debate 


Frederic Bundy, Maxwell 

Seated: Lester Furney, Robert Peebles, 
Don Weir, Bill Smith, Dr. Pringle, Edward 
Schneider, Franklin Williams, Frank Fouser. 

Women reasoned and spoke logically then and so today they debate 
and receive honors. The Women's Debate team at Kent has been one of 
the bright lights on the college's lists of achievements. For two years 
they won the State championship and although they were not victorious 
in winning this year, losing the championship to Wittenberg and Earl- 
ham they were the only team in the conference who defeated Wittenberg. 

They won the Pi Kappa Delta tournament of the lakes in succeeding 
in all six debates. 

Me3ti 9 s Debate 

The Men's Debate team won first place in the Northeastern Ohio 
conference and the same honor in the Provincial tournament of Pi Kappa 

Frederick Bundy and William Smith were selected from among the 
debaters of the country to give an exhibition debate at New Orleans 
where their speeches will be published in "Inter-collegiate Debate" the 
year book of college debate. 

r 105 1 



fiome Economics Club 

Left to right: 

Seated: Dorothy Sweany, Alta Bancroft, 
Naudine Waters, Miss Nixon, Dorothy 
Bowers, Miss Jordon, Martha Holbrook, 
Rosalia Schmalz, Harriet Zerbe. 

Standing: Edith Montecalvo, Justa 
Witherspoon, Mabel Zurcher, Jane Lowry, 
Jean Donald. 


Dorothy Bowers _______ President 

Ruth Benedict ------- Vice-President 

Naudine Waters - - - - - - - Secretary 

Jean Hastings _--_-__ Treasurer 

Bertha L. Nixon _-_---_ Adviser 

Nona Jordan, Dorothy Scott, Vera M. Chapman 

Honorary Members 

Girls have always been interested in home-making and so the Home 
Economics Club claims the distinction of being one of the oldest organiza- 
tions on the campus, and having as its adviser, one of the original members 
of the faculty. 

The club was organized in 1916, and in 1928 it became a member of 
a national Home Economic Association. Today it sends delegates to 
national conventions and forums. The mbers of the club, through 
their association and activities, are able to establish a more professional 
attitude toward both teaching and home-making and can keep in touch 
with the current topics of the Home Economics world. The girls are 
especially interested in having their organization mean more than the 
usual conception of home economics but also wish to have home economics 
represent anything having to do with home-making. 

Last Fall the Kent girls were hostesses to their particular regional 
conference and displayed a most interesting exhibition. 

Home Ecoeomics Club 


U N 


V E 

I T Y 

Kindergarten-Primary Club 

Left to right: 

Seated, left table: F. Bush, A. Spitz, R. 
Thompson, A. Beatty, J. Pfeil, I. Wood, R. 
Ewald, M. Bowers, M. Spelman. 

Seated, right table: B. Kelly, M. Gaylord, 
V. Betteridge, Miss Swan, E. Laird, M. 
Ratzenberger, M. Meier. 

Standing: D. Hommon, B. Scott, J. Ahl, 
E. McCartney, L. Myers, M. Stoner, 
S. Cannon. 


Virginia Betteridge 
Ruth Ewald 
Janet Pfeil 

Margaret Ratzenberger 
G. Hazel Swan 
Jeanne Parrish 






Assistant Adviser 

When Kent State was an infant, there were infants to be cared for 
but no time for a Kindergarten-Primary Club to manage and plan for 
them. Today one of the most active organizations on the campus is the 
one comprised of those girls whose primary purpose is to help increase 
the education and enjoyment of young children. In addition, they are 
always loyal supporters of any progressive collegiate undertaking. 

This year the high spot, in the projects undertaken of the club, was 
their success in bringing Rufus Rose and his Century of Progress Marion- 
ette Show to the college. The players who hold the distinction of being 
one of the four largest in the world gave two performances. Children 
from surrounding schools attended in addition to many college students 
and faculty. 

The club which is seven years old is a student branch of the national 
body "The Association for Childhood Education" and when possible sends 
delegates to the national conventions. 

Kiedergartee^Prlmary Club 


E N T 


Freshman Players 

Left to right: 

1st Row: A. Davy, L. Johns, R. Huber, 
L. Siegrist, E. Indoe, G. Middleton, J. 
Wolf, A. Rimer. 

2nd: J. Green, M. Heintzelman, E. 
Shaffer, P. Baker, M. Ruddy, B. Scott, E. 
Smathers, J. Kaiser, I. Scarnecchia, D. 
■"unit, J. Ebel, G. Ackeret. 

d: P. Horton, L. Eschenberg, C. Terry, 
ieme, J. Buck, E. Cole, B. Liebner, 
Knouss, B. Philius, E. Williams, R. 


Louis Siegrist 
Esther Indoe 
Miriam Herley 




The Freshmen Players is really the name given to the members of 
the College Theatre who are active in dramatics in the Freshman class. 

Each semester under the direction of Mrs. Mozena the group pre- 
sents a one-act play during an assembly period. 

This year "Sham" and "Crabbed Youth and Age" were given, and 
the cast of the latter play made a tour in the vicinity of Kent present- 
ing the play before numerous civic organizations. 

Freshinee Players 

r 108 1 


College Theatre 

Left to right: 

Harold Wendelken, Hilda Austin, 
E. T. Stump, Janet Knott, Jay Miller. 

Jay Miller ________ Manager 

Janet Knott ------- Assistant Manager 

Hilda Austin -------- Secretary 

Harold Wendelken - - - - - - - Treasurer 

What was once a small struggling group who produced the plays 
on the campus is now replaced by the largest organization on the campus. 

The casts for the collge plays are chosen from this group who 
produce four plays each year. This year "Mid-summer Night's Dream", 
"Death Takes a Holiday", "The Fool", "Ladies of the Jury", and "Smiling 
Through" were the plays presented. Besides presenting the plays and 
engaging in the actual dramatics members of the organization who are 
interested in make-up and stage craft gain valuable experience. The 
group holds a dance each semester. 


[109 1 

Y. M. C. A. 

Left to right: 

Hugh Kane, Ray Diller, Charles Furney, 
Elmer Dunlavy. 

Cleveland Club 

Left to right: 

Standing: R. Stotter, R. Beukeman, R. 
Voth, R. Pinyoun, M. Kovalik. 

Sitting: M. Boesger, A. M. Davis, A. 
Morgan, B. Banyc, V. Kauffman, A. Spitz. 


VELMA KAUFFMAN-„.-^..Pra/(/f»/ 

Roland Voth - Vice-President 
Ruth Morrell - - Secretary 
Jeanne Church - - Treasurer 
Gene Korb - Publicity Manager 
E. Sellew Roberts, 

Miss Harriet Adams - Advisers 

Y. M. C. A. 

The primary purpose of the Y. M. C. A. is to associate young men 
with Christian living and enable them to discover the full meaning of 
Christian discipleship. Varied programs are given throughout the year 
that may develop character and fellowship. 

Cleveland Club 

The Cleveland Club is one of the few active home town clubs that 
was organized on the campus last year. 

The club offers social life to students from the vicinity of Cleve- 
land and, in addition, organizes a campaign to bring more Cleveland 
students to Kent State University. 


Y. W. C. A. 

Left to right: Wilma Van Oster, Leta 
Sells, Lucille Greeneisen, Dorothy Jane 


Leta Sells - - President 
Dorothy Jane Young 

Lucille Greeniesen - Secretary 
Wtlma Van Oster - Treasurer 

Oft Campus Women's Club 

Left to right: Betty Grogan, Ruth Whit- 
tlesey, Floria Leitner, Mary Jane McLaugh- 


Ruth Whittlesey - President 
Mary Jane McLaughlin 

Flora Leitner - Secretary 
Betty Brogan - Treasurer 

Ruth Ewald - Social Chairman 

Y. W. C. A, 

The Y. W. C. A. was one of the first organizations on the campus, 
organized in 1913. The Y. W. C. A. has for its purpose the participation 
in the World's Christian Association and the advancement of the social, 
physical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual interest of youg women. 

Off Campus Woeiejri 9 s Club 

The Off Campus Women's Club was organized in 1922. The club 
is made up of students who do not live on the campus. The club has 
been active and very popular since the start and now has an alumnae 
file of over two thousand. 





Left to right: 

1st Row: Mr. Altman, Mrs. Apple, C. 
Braden, Dr. De Weese, Miss Bass, H. Gil- 

2nd: C. Case, B. Forner, B. Elliott, E. 
James, V. Petty, M. Heintzelman, H. Dan- 

3rd: B. Lacey, Miss Drew, E. Likens, 
J. Brooker, Miss Kelley, J. Holt. 

4th: J. Taborsky, B. Graven, H. Dailey, 
G. Holmes, R. Eisel. 

Clark Braden 
Harry Gilcrest 
Marge Hauser 



\ Secretary 
) Treasurer 

In those other days there wasn't any Physical Education department. 

Today the physical education department is one of the largest in 
the school and the club is organized to direct the talents of those in- 
terested along lines of special detail. In addition, membership in the 
club entitles students to engage in discussions pertaining to physical 

Physical Education Cliib 


U N 


V E 

S I T Y 

Left to right: 

Dale Bowman, Prof. E. W. Teschendorf, 
Glenn Jordan, Roger Wolcott, Karl Huge, 
Clark Braden, John McKay, Prof. C. S. 
Van Deusen, Edwin Pfeil. 


Edward Fuller 
Karl Huge 
Glen Jordan 
Edward Pfeil 


C. S. Van Deusen 






Honorary member 

They once called the Manual Arts department the "department on 
wheels" because at one time or another with the exception of Moulton 
Hall and the Library they were located in every building on the campus 
including the power house. The department was at one time in one 
room and it now covers all but two rooms of the foundation floor 
in Merrill Hall. It is from this department that those students who 
wish to do special work in manual art work form the club. Besides 
supervising the re-conditioning of all the college furniture and equip- 
ment the members work on special projects. They also issue a yearly 
magazine which keeps the alumni in touch with new phases of manual 
art work. 

Manual Arts Club 


Left to right: 

1st Row: Dr. Pringle, Miss Swan, Max- 
well Williams, Miss Hill, Mr. Pake, Janet 

2nd: Gertrude Quirk, Miss McClaflin, 
Miss Boswell, Jane Buck, Elizabeth Porter. 

Officers Executive Committee 
Maxwell Williams ------ Chairman 

Jane Buck ________ Secretary 

Officers General Social Committee 
Kenneth R. Pringle ______ Chairman 

Eleanor Bader _______ Secretary 

The college social committee is composed of representatives and 
advisers from all the social organizations on the campus. It is this group 
which regulates and determines the privileges of the various organizations 
and plans for the All-College functions. 

College Social 


The music department the foremost in celebrating "Kent's March 
of Progress" contributed two new groups to the campus this year, were 
more active in assembly programs than any other department on the 
campus, and after repeated radio broadcasts, Mr. Metcalf was successful in 
negotiating plans to install a broadcasting system in the college auditorium 
which, if completed, will be one of the greatest factors in Kent's progress. 

Music Department 


Symphonic Band 

Concert Orchestra 

Paul Brake 
Herbert Gifford 
William Savory 


Student Conductor 

Business Manager 


This year Kent produced its largest symphonic band. There are 
eighty pieces included and the group is composed of the girls' band and 
the marching band. This year the group presented a concert on 
February 26. 


Paul Brake 
William Savory 
Herbert Gifford 

Student Conductor 

Business Manager 


The concert orchestra has forty pieces and plays for various college 


)' ~'V>;« iv 

A fe 

i •■-'/, V"-' 

.. v / '. i )• • -•* is: 

The Marching Band 

Girls' Band 

The Marching Band 

The first marching band that Kent has ever had composed of men 
appeared on the campus this year. They appeared at all football games, 
traveled to Akron and Mount Union, and figured prominently at the 
Ohio Intercollegiate Band Festival. 

The high-light in their activity was their appearance at Columbus 
at the inauguration of Governor Davey. 

Girls' Band 

Second only to Oberlin College, which is one of the oldest and 
most oustanding music colleges in the country, Kent State University's 
music department this year organized a co-ed band. 

The group intended to take part in parades but lack of uniforms 
prevented them and instead they played for all the college plays. 


The College Choir 

Miss Helen McClaflin 


Miss Helen Gray - Accompanist 

The College Quartet 

Left to right: 

Adrian Van Wyen, William Cover, Wil- 
liam Savory, Werner Paul. 

The College Choir 

The college choir is the most active musical group on the campus 
appearing at the majority of the assembly programs. The group is made 
up of a select number of student singers and since their organization have 
each year presented a beautiful Easter program. 

The College Quartet 

These four men are considered the best men singers in the college 
and present programs for students' functions as well as for various out- 
side organizations. 



The Men's Glee Club 

# » a ■-) 4 * al a 

The Women's Glee Club 

The Men's Glee Club 

William Helmboldt ------- President 

Harold Briola ------- Vice-President 

William Cover, Jack O'Hara ----- Librarians 

Elsie Swan -------- Accompanist 

Mr. Fred Denker _______ Conductor 

There are thirty-five members in the Men's Glee Club and each 
year they present a Christmas program and a Spring Concert. 

The Women's Glee Club 

Mildred Heineman ------- President 

Geraldine Quimby _ _ _ _ Vice-President- Ac com panist 

Bernice Kemp _---_--_ Secretary 
Martha Fortier -------- Librarian 

Miss Elfleda Little john ------ Conductor 

Like the Men's organization the Girls' Glee Club holds two concerts 
each year, in the Winter and Spring. 


Change is hardly an adequate word to describe the transition in 
sports from the days when football uniforms resembled your grand- 
mother's horse hair sofa, to the present, when silk has taken the place 
of canvas in the well dressed grid hero's attire. 

Many were the hearts of fair coeds that beat wildly, in spite of 
five petticoats and a bustle, when the hero of the home team broke 
loose from the flying wedge and galloped down the field using his brass 
knuckles efficiently enough to discourage all opposition. The ability to 
grow a flowing mustachio and the skill required in retaining the same 
through a football season were the marks of a real man then. 

In sharp contrast to this organized bone breakers society going under 
the caption of early football, is the present day science of tactics per- 
taining to the offensive and defensive gridiron game. 

Uniforms have been made feather-weight. The ball, formerly a 
mere indication of who would be carried off the field next, has been re- 
designed for more open play and passing. The rules perhaps have changed 
the most and have been the impetus for our modern scientific, strategic 

Humanitarians also played a part in the transition that turned foot- 
ball from organized brute strength to the science that it is today. 

[120 1 



E N T 



Left CO right: 

1st Row: V. Gilly, S. Rufo, R. 
Nesbit, R. Landis, H. Fischer, G. 
Kling, H. Gilcrest, W. Wardell, C. 

2nd: Sokoloski, Taborsky, Ran- 
ney, Whitmire, Kegler, DeWeese, 
DeEulis, Scott, Eisel, Flanders, Duff. 

3rd: Begala, coach; Horlak, Rip- 
ley, Gruszecki, Carter, Widowski, 
Scharf, Boyle, Foust, Wolfe, Reed, 
manager; Peterka, assistant coach. 

M— — Q/rn urn W—p ^-«— „^j — — ■ 

^ IB 14„ 39 2H r 3B 
23^11 19 BB 1 


37 r 35 

v " ! *r.' 

Inconsistency was the keynote of the 1934 football season. The 
performance turned in by the Golden Flashes was marked by moments 
of brilliant breath-taking action interspersed throughout the general grey- 
ness that characterized the entire year, in which an average of .400 was 
turned in. Two victories, three ties and three defeats. 

Opening the season against a theoretically superior Muskingum eleven 
at New Concord, in a night game before a crowd of 4,000 rabid fans, 
the Begalamen battled their opponents to a deadlock. Though Muskingum 
had plenty of what it takes to produce a winning team, the Flashes played 
a waiting game, and when opportunity for the home team knocked, they 
made the 193 3 Conference runner-ups look like a distinctly second rate 

In the second game of the year, Akron University's team, powerful 
on offense, and extremely wide awake on defense, drubbed the Flashes 
thoroughly to the tune of 26-0. Though they held the Zippers scoreless 
in the first period, the Flashes were forced by sheer power to allow the 
Bucktleites to score once. The other three scores came as the result of 
erratic play on the part of Kent. 

Taking advantage of an Otterbein fumble in the first quarter, Kent's 
gridders converted the visitors miscue into a touchdown, added the all 





1st row: McAlister, Markley, Dil- 
ler, Haskins, Todd, Ault, Garner, 
Warren, Snyder, McGinnis, Bradley, 
McKinley, Jackson, Kennedy, Dean, 

2nd row: Littlepage, Assistant 
Coach; Cole, Jossefus, Miller, Wat- 
son, McMahon, Work, Corbett, 
Myer, Coach. 


important point after goal, and wound up with a victory of 7 to 6 over 
the Otters. For the first time in the season the offense really clicked, and 
the defense was up to its customary high standard. 

Displaying their wares on the College Athletic field before a large 
crowd on a chilly, sleety afternoon, the Flashes were held to a scoreless 
tie by Ashland's Purple Eagles. It was in this game that one of those 
rare thrills that glorify football came. Fulton Scott, sensational sopho- 
more back, broke through Ashland's left tackle on the Kent 2 5, eluded 
half a dozen tacklers and advanced the ball 49 yards before he was finally 
downed from behind. 

The most satisfying of all the season's games was played November 
third, Fall Homecoming day, when an inspired Flash eleven brought the 
large assembly of alumni, students and visitors to its feet time and again 
as they scored in each quarter to wallop the Hiram Terriers 26-6. 

Completely outclassed in a brilliant exhibition of passing, line plung- 
ing, and defensive football, Kent went down to defeat before a superior 
and highly favored Baldwin- Wallace eleven to the score of 39-0. 

Ending the season with a sour note, the Flashes fell before the Purple 
of Mount Union 7-6. The Kent team took the lead early in the contest 
but a failure to convert the extra point proved fatal. 




End Junior 

A fine defensive end. Bob Fisel, 
junior, was the bane of Kent op- 
ponents throughout the entire 
season, constantly breaking up passes 
and end plays. 


Guard Sophomore 

Second All-Ohio Team Mention 
Chet Sokoloski, playing his first 
year on the varsity, lived up to his 
reputation as a guard, making the 
All-Ohio honorable mention second 


Quarterback Senior 

Second Year All-Ohio Mention 
Joey Taborsky, 126 pound quar- 
terback, the mighty mite, ended his 
last year of varsity football in a 
blaze of glory, being cited for All- 
Ohio mention twice. 


Halfback Sophomore 

A hard hitting, aggressive half- 
back, Nory Carter, sophomore, 
shows promise of developing into an 
extremely capable ball carrier and 
blocker as well as punter. 


End Sophomore 

The fastest man on the squad, 
Bob Flanders scintillated at end 
throughout the entire season, re- 
sponsible for a large share of the 
gains by passes. 


Manager Senior 

Gerald Read, senior, held down, 
with a high degree of success, the 
least thankful position connected 
with athletics that of manager, in 
;pite of severe handicaps. 


Guard Sophomore 

One of the Flashes' most aggres- 
sive linemen, Willard Foust, sopho- 
more guard, accounted for a good 
deal of the really tight defensive 
work of the entire team. 


Tackle Senior 

Roy Landis, senior tackle, is one 
of the most versatile gridders ever 
produced at Kent. Played every line 
position except center with equal 
ease and ability. 


U N 


V E R S I T Y 


Halfback Sophomore 

Fulton Scott, sophomore halfback 
sensation who repeatedly thrilled 
Kent fans with his brilliant running 
and tackling. Scotty promises much 
for the years to come. 


Tackle Junior 

Herman Fischer, one of Kent's 
most dependable and alert linesmen. 
His fine playing saved Kent at sev- 
eral crucial moments during the 
past season. A junior. 


Center Junior 

All-Ohio Mention 
All musicians aren't softies. Harry 
Gilcrest combined rhythm of the 
ballroom with that of the gridiron, 
to waltz his way to an All-Ohio 


Halfback Sophomore 

One of the better newcomers to 
the backfield, Don Ranney, sopho- 
more, was considerably hampered by 
a severe brain concussion suffered 
early in the season. 


Tackle Junior 

Packy Whitmire, solid, substan- 
tial tackle, whose fine offensive line 
smashing enabled the backfield to 
make long gains on off-tackle spin- 
ners. A junior, meriting approba- 


Tackle Senior 

A fine tackle, Marion DeWeese 
deprives Kent of one more year of 
real service by completing his course 
in three years; strong on defense. 


Fullback Junior 

All-Ohio Mention 
Roy Widowski, the freshman 
prodigy, displayed a real brand of 
football all season, receiving an All- 
Ohio mention for his junior year. 
A triple threat gridder. 


Halfback Senior 

Heralded as the greatest line 
plunging halfback in Kent's history, 
Walter Wolfe, senior, has won the 
All-Ohio honor citation twice in 
the past two years. 


E N T 


Standing: Andrews, Mgr., Wright, Scott, 
Lohr, Peterka, Coach, Dailey, Ulrich, 
Jordan, Mgr. 

Seated: Keller, Hamrock, Scharf, De- 
Weese, Boyle. 

Absent: Widowski, Gardner, Gilly. 

What to do when a necessarily fast moving machine looses its spark 
plug was the problem that faced head basketball coach "Gus" Peterka 
at all too frequent intervals during the 193 5 basketball season. Highly 
powerful energyzing forces such as Bob Flanders, Victor Gilly, and, for 
a period of several games, Harry Lohr, were lost to the Golden Flash 
five. Meeting the situation, Peterka discovered and developed new driving 
forces from raw inexperienced material and pulled through a tough 14 
game schedule with the best team record since 1929 — 8 wins and six 

Kent's first game of the season took them to Bowling Green College. 
Here the untried Flashes played a ragged game and came out on the short 
end of a 41-36 score after two overtime periods. The following night, 
facing Toledo University, Kent staged a spectacular scoring spree climaxed 
by a thrilling last minute shot by Bob Flanders that connected to give 
Kent a 24-2 5 victory. 

It was at this stage of the basketball season that Bob Flanders, judged 
the best player to ever wear the Blue and Gold, and Russel Clark, prom- 
ising forward, were lost to the squad through infraction of training rules. 

Fenn College of Cleveland invaded the Kent hardwoods next and 
fell victims to the Kent attack to the score of 2 5-27. 

It was not an unexpected defeat that the Flashes took from the 
highly rated Mount Union team. Classed as possible conference title win- 
ners the Purple Raiders bottled up the Kent players efficiently and scored 
with ease. The final score was 46-19. 



U N I V E 

S I T Y 

(*$ O £ 


Standing: Meyers, Coach, Minarcliick, 
Knipe, Magic, Cobb, Markley, Reisster, 

Seated: Kavalik, Garner, Reiley, Miller, 
Pinyoun, McGinnis, Sheehe. 


Toledo University found revenge for the defeat suffered at the hands 
of the Peterka-men when they came to Kent and squirmed through forty 
minutes of hectic basketball to win by a score of 2 5-22. Facing the 
traditional rivals of Kent, the Hiram Terriers, the Golden Flash five dis- 
covered a scoring punch that had been missed in the earlier games. Victor 
Gilly, diminutive forward, was the driving point of the attack as the 
Terriers fell 32-42. 

The defending conference champions, Akron University, came to 
Wills gym highly classed as probable repeaters in winning conference 
honors. It was only in the last few minutes of play that the Zippers 
were able to gain a lead on the fighting Kent team and the final gun 
found Akron ahead 29-24. 

Kenyon fell among the victims of the Kent attack smothered by a 
24-51 score, but Mount Union again downed Kent 34-24. It was only a 
last minute barrage of the basket that put Mount in the lead. 

The next three games were won by the Flashes with ease. Hiram 
fell for the second time 44-23. This game was marked by the loss of 
Victor Gilly and Earl Harris, two reliable players. However Don Ulrich 
fitted nicely into the line up and the combination proved successful. 
Capital fell twice in successive weekends. The first game 32-44, the 
second, 28-34. 

The Ohio conference leaders, Muskingum, downed Kent 3 5-22, in a 
home game but the Flashes recuperated to give the Student Princes of 
Heidelberg a 45-24 trouncing in the final game of the season. 






Ulrich, playing liis last 

year with the Kent team, showed 
himself to be a most reliable for- 
ward. He was aggressive and a 
fine shot. 


Figuring prominently in every 
game, big Al Hamrock, in his first 
year of varsity competition, was 
one of the prime factors in the 
Kent offense and defense. 


When it was necessary for Kent 
to have the tipoff it was George 
McCuskey who was called on. Mc- 
Cuskey constitutes promising cen- 
ter material. 


A steady and consistent guard 
Roy Widowski, displayed in every 
game the all-around ability that 
placed him on the All-Ohio hon- 
orable mention. 


In his last season with the Flash 
five, Bill DeWees showed the same 
quality of play that distinguished 
him as being on the top. 


U N I V 


R S I T Y 


An outstanding candidate for 
the center honors was John Scharf. 
In the last game of the season he 
broke into the lineup and showed 
real scoring ability. 


It was opportunity to Bill Keller 
when Harry Lohr was forced out 
of the regular lineup. He made a 
most successful debut at Capital. 


Leading his team in scoring, 
Harry Lohr was the scoring power 
behind almost every victory. Also 
outstanding on the defensive phase 
Lohr made All-Ohio mention. 


Fighting spirit seasoned with ex- 
perience made Fulton Scott the 
outstanding player that he showed 
himself in the 193 5 season. He 
placed third in individual scoring. 


A cool and calculating floor 

man, Howard Dailey was 
pendable, experienced guard. 



In his first year of varsity com- 
petition Paul Boyle showed promise 
of becoming one of the finest de- 
fensive artists to play on the Flash 




Standing: Begala, Coach, Kcgler, Gruskey, 
Rinaldi, Carter, Baumberger, Wolfe. 

Sitting: Scott, Johnson, Taborsky, Eckert, 
Hack, McCort. 

Insert: Littlepage. 

A colorful chapter in the archives of Kent athletic history is 
wrestling. Rising from a mere vision to heights that have made it 
one of the most popular, most successful sports on the campus, wrestling, 
under the guiding hand of Joseph Begala, continued in its quality of 
output and swept through its 193 5 schedule of nine meets undefeated. 

In its first meet of the 193 5 season against Detroit Tech, the Flash 
grapplers showed the power so characteristic of the whole year's work and 
smashed through the eight man team from Michigan with ease winning 
by a score of 38-0. 

Waynesburg was the next victim on the schedule for Kent. Despite 
pessimism expressed as to the outcome of the meet by coach Begala, the 
flash artists rode the W. and J. outfit to a 31-3 defeat. The lone loss of 
the evening being by Bob Johnson in the 118 pound class, losing on a 
short time advantage. 

Akron University's infant wrestling team afforded poor competition 
for Kent. The only questionable bout being in the 13 5 division, where 
"Smoothie" Eckert was hard pressed to gain a short time advantage in an 

There was much excitement and prognostication as to the outcome 
of the session with Michigan State. This was the school that tripped 
Kent's string of wins last spring, but when the smoke had cleared away 
Kent had avenged itself and the score as 17-13. Featured in this meet 



U N 

E R S I T Y 

5 © ? JL 6 

Standing: Dunlavey, Manko, Bradley, 
Snyder, Grogro, Bradlcr. 

Kneeling: Warren, Housman, Soor- 
breough, Dowding, Kneif, Polli. 

Sitting: Graven, Paymer, Brown, Sher- 
man. Stribble. 


was the return of Fred Scott and Ivo Rinaldi, veterans in the 145 and 
heavyweight classes respectivey. 

Two meets in one weekend were next faced by the Flash grapplers. 
Case and California State teachers college were the subject for the Bengala 
genders. Case fell before the Blue and Gold onslaught 23-3, the only loss 
coming through Jay Littlepage, 15 5. California State teachers, in its 
second year of wrestling, proved unequal to the strength of the Kent 
eight and were shut out 3 8-0. 

It was pupil over pupil when Thor Olsen, wrestling coach of Ohio U 
saw his eight star students beaten by the proteges of Joe Begala, his 
former wrestler and understudy. The match was closely contested there 
being no pins. The final score was \d l /2-7 l /z . 

Washington and Jefferson's band of wrestlemen fell before the power- 
ful drive of the Kent attack with a shut out 30-0. The final match of 
the season was a return meet with Case and resulted in another shut out, 
the score being 28-0. 

Taking a full team to the interstate tournaments at Washington and 
Jefferson University, Begala repeated last year's performance and turned 
the meet into a Kent affair copping team honors and individual honors. 
Taborsky, Scott and Rinaldi successfully defended their titles and new 
champions were "Smoothie" Eckert and John Gruszecki in the 13 5 and 
175 classes respectively. Unable to defend his 155 title was Jay "Texas" 
Littlepage who was on the injured list. The five Kent champions went 
to the nationals at Lehigh University but were unable to place. 





Fred Scott, 145 pound inter- 
state champion for two years, has 
shown the Kent fans the scientific, 
driving style ot wrestling so char- 
acteristic of Begala proteges. 


It was only illness that kept 
John Gruszecki off the mats dur- 
ing several meets and he showed 
his ability by winning the inter- 
state 175 pound title. 


There has never been a more 
colorful, clowning wrestler than 
the powerful George Hach, who 
w -led heavyweight and 175 
p classes with equal success 

an^. oility. Hach was undefeated. 


Little Joe Taborsky has always 
been a favorite of the students both 
on and off the mats. He success- 
fully defended his inter-state 126 
pound title. 


The Texas cowboy, Jay Little- 
page, figured prominently in all of 
the Kent wins. Because of in- 
juries obtained in the Ohio U. 
meet he was unable to defend his 
155 pound Tri-state crown. 


A most reliable 135 pounder was 
Ed Keglcr. Substituting twice for 
"Smoothie" Eckert, regular, he won 
both matches. Kegler also won the 
several exhibitions in which he par- 


U N I V E 

S I T Y 


Tlic return of Rinaldi to school 
the second semester relieved Ik-gala 
of his worry of the destiny of the 
heavyweight class. "Bing" success- 
fully staved off opposition from his 
inter-state throne. 


New to varsity competition this 
year, Norvin Carter in the 165 
pound class, won nine straight 
matches, and took third place at 
the inter-state tournament. 


Versatile is "Red" McCort. Last 
year he wrestled well in the 13 5 
pound class. This year he filled 
the 145 pound until the return of 
Fred Scott. He won second place 
in the 155 pound inter-state meet. 


"Smoothie" Eckert was Kent's 
undefeated 13 5 pounder. His style 
was always aggressive and it led 
him to the inter-state 135 pound 


The flyweight position was ably 
filled by Bob Johnson. He went 
to the inter-state tournament and 
helped Kent win team honors by 
copping second place. 

r 133 1 




Standing left to right: 

G. Altamann, coach, J. Kerka, C. Ar- 
nold, R. Burns, W. Bradley. 

Sitting left to right: 

E. Kegler, G. Holmes, R. Johnston, 
R. Neal. 

Gyrni Team 

Two victories and three defeats was the record made by the golden 
flash gym team this year. The tumblers under the able tutelage of coach 
George Altmann opened the season at Cleveland where they meet their 
first loss of the season at the hands of the Germania Turners. Old dame 
fortune seemed to have taken a vacation as they dropped their second en- 
counter to the Akron Turners, but again joined the squad on the return 
meet. A few weeks later Kent won their second victory from the Akron 
Y. M. C. A. Ohio State's classy tumblers had little trouble in overcom- 
ing the flashes in their last contest. 

Those who participated in the meets and made their letters were: 
Robert Burns, George Holmes, George Neal and William Kegler. The 
whole team is expected back next year. 

k.s.c. lag 

132.75 *_'! Cleveland Fur 

5 57.5 1 1 Akron Tur f 

550 ^rVKron Turners 

544 Akron Y.M.C.A. 

454 Ohio State 

T 134] 

U N 


V E 

I T 


Standing left to right: 

J. Taborsky, Shoffner, A. Nye, W. Cel- 
estino, G. Peterka, coach, O. Ott, P. Nepo- 
dal, Gilluca, S. Lennin, mgr. 

Kneeling left to right: 

Harrah, C. Straub, L. Widowski, D. 
Clay, P. Cipicuo, A. Young. 

Baseball 1934 

With coach Gus Peterka at the helm, the flashes took four of the 
six games scheduled although the 1934 college nine lacked an adequate 
field on which to show its best brand of baseball. 

Kent lost to Ashland in the opener 8 to 7. The game was Kent's 
until the last inning. Meeting the Wooster Scots in the second game, 
Kent upset the dope bucket and won 8 to 5 when Joe Taborsky cinched 
the game with a home run. On home coming day the Kent Staters blew 
up the Toledo rockets 6 to 2. Clay and C. Harrah performed brilliantly. 
"Doc" Straube's tight pitching in the next two games gave the flashes 
verdicts over Findlay and Fenn. The Woosterites gained their revenge 
in the last game, giving Kent a 1 3 to setback. 

18 Findlay \ 

12 Fenn 






Left to right: 

Bill Gressard, Donald Ulrich, Mr. 
Begala, coach, Sam Rufo, Bill Langell. 

With the aid of Coach Joe Belaga the undefeated 1934 golf team 
brought to Kent State College its first Ohio Conference championship. 

Meeting Wooster at Wooster country club, Kent easily overcame the 
Scot golfers 12 to 4. Mount Union was the next victim of our niblic 
swingers being overpowered by the score of 11 to 5. On a return match 
with the Woosterites Ulrich led the golden flashes to a 16 to win. 
Bill Gressard was the shining light in the next victory over Mount Union. 

Playing Akron at Loyal Oaks, one of the most hazardous courses in 
this vicinity, Kent again came out on top. Kent won the return match 
on a forfeit, and with it the championship of the Ohio Conference. 


U N 


V E 

S 1 T 


Left to right: 

Standing: Mr. Begala, Jack Mauer, 
George Wolfe, Bryne DeWeese, Paul Strahl, 
W. Anderson, Harold Vaughn. 

Seated: Forest Hawk, Bill DeWeese. 


Although Coach Joe Begala had three veterans as a nucleus on which 
to build a strong combination, the 1934 tennis team did not fare as well 
as pre-season predictions, winning only three out of the eight matches. 

Muskingum administered the flash racketeers their first taste of de- 
feat in the season's opener, winning by a score of 4 to 2. However, the 
gold flashes counteracted by outplaying Mount Union in a spectacular 
contest. Hiram and Baldwin-Wallace, boasting strong court teams and 
little trouble in subduing the flash netters. On the return match Mount 
Union again felt the pangs of defeat. The Kent team suffered two more 
defeats at the hands of Muskingum and Hiram, but managed to win from 
Baldwin-Wallace in their last ?ame, 


E N T 


Fall Intra*murals 

HORSESHOES— Delta Phi Sigma 

Left to right: 

Williamson, Strahl, Dunlavy. 
Left to right: 

Eschenberg, Manko, Graven, Hastings. 

VOLLEYBALL— Alpha Phi Beta 

Left to right: 

Front Row: Miller, Sherman, Wardell, 
Cover, Dornbush. 

Standing: Neal, Raymer, Maxwell, Polli. 

Winter letra^mtiiuirals 

HANDBALL— Delta Phi Sigma 

Left to right: 

Taborsky, Strahl, Anderson, Doan. 

BASKETBALL— Delta Phi Sigma 

Left to right: 

Front Row: Cobb, Gorham, Duff, Pinyoun, Doan. 
Back: Kalkas, Taborsky, Anderson. 

Left to right: 

Young, Godfrey, Ranney. 
Left to right: 

Maffet, Faust, Wardell, Scott, Manko, Horton. 
Left to right: 

Korb, Kalkas, Ulrich, Burns, Kerka, Gilcrest, Dunlavy. 

Spring letra^eierals 

1934 BASEBALL — Delta Phi Sigma 

Left to right: , 

Front: Taborsky, Jordan, Andrews, Lohr, Ulrich.. 
Back: Bolich, Gorham, Kalkas, Carter, Duff. 

1934 TRACK— Delta Phi Sigma 

Left to right: 

Front: Carter, Duff, Dunlavy. 
Eack: Kalkas, Strahl. 

ffi ft 



Coach George J 9 Altmann 

Trophy Awarded to 
Delta Phi Sigma Fraternity 

[139 1 




Its strength based on membership open to all women of the college, 
the Women's Athletic Association has grown steadily since its foundation. 
The Kent chapter of the National Women's Athletic Association was 
brought to this campus in May, 192 8, with its aims "Play for Play's Sake" 
and intra-mural competition for women. 

Previous to this, two organizations, the Buccaneers and Musketeers, 
conducted athletics for women. In 1926 they went beyond sports to all 
women's activities, honors, health, and studies. 

The larger organization is divided into numerous sub-groups of team 
sports, individual sports, and dance groups. Each group elects its man- 
agers seasonally. 

men's A t h 



The activities are divided into three seasons — fall, winter, and 
spring terms, putting the activities in their proper times for interest and 
adaptability to conditions. 

This year the Women's Athletic Association has begun a new plan 
of entertainment based on plans of all larger colleges — the mixed play 
night. Monthly meetings are sponsored by men and women of physical 
education organizations for all men and women of the college to enjoy 
lesser competitive sports. Kent's Women's Athletic Association has 
found these play nights successful in bringing about a closer understanding 
and companionship between the men and women in the field of sport. 


[ HI ] 


Beautiful Women 

Omtsitsiedieg Mem 

Queens, Crowned and Ueeroweed 

Proms and Prominent People 




Miss "Billie" Streine, 
a sophomore and the 
Alpha Sigma Tau can- 
didate was elected by 
the student body to pre- 
side at the annual Fall 
Home-Goming game 
and dance. 

Left to right: J. 
Miller, B. Streine, H. 




Miss Dorothy Fitz- 
gerald, a sophomore and 
representative of Alpha 
Sigma Alpha sorority 
was chosen by Mr. 
Lanny Ross, radio and 
screen star from eight 
other Kent beauties in 
the Cleveland Public 
Auditorium before a 
crowd of over twenty 
thousand. This was 
the largest group that 
ever witnessed any Kent 

Miss Fitzgerald re- 
ceived two other honors 
this past year when she 
was chosen Kent's first 
May Queen last May 
and then during most 
popular man and 
woman contest she won 
the distinction of the 
title "Most popular 
woman at Kent". 

Left to right: 
Dorothy Fitzgerald, 
Esther Laird, Roberta 
Lichti, Edith Monte- 
calvo, Betty Man- 
chester, Mr. Lanny 
Ross, Alphoretta 

Kirk, Mary Eizabeth 
Elgin, Helen Madden, 
Welcome Plough. 

Mr. Lanny Ross, 
Dorothy Fitzgerald. 

Miss Josephine Cotman, caused an upset in faction plans whom the 
entire varsity voted for her to represent them as Pigskin Prom Queen. 
She is a Junior and member of Theta Sigma Upsilon sorority. 

Pigskin Prooi Queen 

[146 1 

The Chestnut Burr held "College Night" at the Kent Theatre and 
ten girls competed for cup and prize which was awarded to Miss Mildred 
Bowers who was judged the unanimous winner receiving the most ap- 
plause. She is a sophomore and a representative of Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Model Sophomore 


In a surprise election Marion "Bill" DeWeese, senior and member of 
Sigma Tau Gamma, was elected by a huge majority as most popular 
man at Kent State University. 

Most Popular Mae 

[148 1 

Miss Jane McSorley won the annual "Smile Queen" contest spon- 
sored by the Kent Stater. She is a member of Delta Sigma Epsilon 


Smile Queen 



Miss Irene Sheiber, Alpha Sigma Alpha, presided as Sophomore Hop 
Queen at the biegest college dance of the year, held in the gym and called 
the "Battle of Music" since for the first time there were two bands — 
Bobby Hildebrand and Gill Crest. 

Sophomore Hop Qeeen 

r 150 1 

The 1934 Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Akron City Men's 
Club and was the first dance in the history of the college to be taken 
off the campus. Miss Louaine Schram, a junior and member of Alpha 
Sigma Alpha was queen. 

JunioivSenior Prom Queen 

l 151] 



Acker, P.iul J., 28 Summit St., Norwalk, O. 

Ackeret, Geraldine, 3 14 3rd St. N.E., Massillon, 108, 119 

Adams, Grace, Canal Fulton, O. 

Adelman, Helen, 918 Cherry St. N.E., Canton, O. 

Adlard, Katherine, 208 W. Main St., Madison, O. 

Adavasio, Rose Mary, 503 W. Dewey St., Youngstown, O.— .90 

Agne, Evelyn, 160 Christian Ave., Hubbard, O 78, 79, 118 

Agnone, Madeline, Youngstown, O. 

Ahl, Jane, 3022 Dearborn St., Grand Rapids, Mich _ 82, 83, 107 

Alden, Clayton, 226 E. Williams St., Kent. O. 

Alexander, Kenneth, Glenmont, Novelty, O. 

Allen, Arthur, 607 W. Are Ave., Sebring, O. _. . 24, 104 

Alvarez, Evaline, 2320 8th St. N.E., Canton, O. 

Amstuts, Grace, Box 113, Dalton, O 26 

Anderson, James, 1703 Oberlin Circuit, Canton, O. 

Anderson, Louise, Rootstown, O 44, 117, 118, 119 

Anderson, Mary, 906 N. 3rd St., Toronto, O. 
Anderson, William, 223 Whittier St., Kent, O. 

71, 98, 99, 100, 101, 137, 138, 139 
Andre, Lucille, Route 2, East Rochester, O. 
Andreas, Howard, Route 2, Box 288, Wheeling, W. Va. 

34, 35, 94, 103 
Andregg, Harold, 476 Wolcott St., Kent, O. 
Andreson, Robert, 1708 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Andrews, Glenn, 733 N. Grant St., Wooster, O 70, 71 

Angelo, Phillip, 611 8th St. S.E., Canton, O. 

Appelhans, Iris, 243 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 44 

Araynas, Grace, 1853 East 31st St., Lorain, O. 
Armstrong, Mabel, 115 Marshall St., Conneaut, O. 
Armstrong, Verdeen, R. F. D. 5, Carrollton, O. 
Arnett, Raymond, 519 E. Highland St., Ravenna, O. 

34, 35, 119 
Arnold, Carl, 251 W. Arndale St., Stow, O. 
Arnold, Sitha Lucille, 1253 N. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

34, 35, 59, 62, 105 
Arthur, Dorothy, 1005 W. Euclid, Salem, O. ..... .....27 

Ashbrook, Cella, 3 Franklin Apartments, Kent, O. 
Ashman, Mae, New Springfield, O. 
Atchison, Bernice, 3 91 Alice St., East Palestine, O. 
Atkins, Richard, R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Ault, William Doylestown, O ._ ..70, 71, 119, 123 

Austin, Hilda, Ravenna, O 62, 82, 83, 105, 109 

Baab, Ruth, Main St., Baltic, O. 

Bader, Eleanor, 214 Maryland St., Youngstown, O. 

25, 86, 87, 114 
Baker, Margery, Freedom Station, O. 

Baker, Phyllis, 685 Parkside, Buffalo, N. Y 17, 86, 87, 108 

Baldwin, Dorothy, 719 Vine Ave. N.E., Warren, O. 44 

Baldwin, Frances, R. F. D. 3, Cortland, O 88, 89, 116, 117 

Bambaci, Philip, 221 Holstead Ave., Harrison, N. Y .24 

Bamberger, Alvin, 123 Freemont St., Harrison, N. Y. 

36, 37, 68, 103 
Bancroft, Alta, Raccoon Rd., Canfield, O. 

30, 31, 76, 77, 104, 106 

Bancroft, Norman, Raccoon Rd., Canfield, O 54, 72 

Banye, Betty, 3459 West Boulevard, Cleveland, O. 
Barber, Clarice, 123 9 Grant St. S.E., Warren, O. 

Barkalow, George, R. F. D., Perry, O. ...68 

Barker, Frank, Mantua, O 44 

Barlow, Donald, Hudson, O ____ 68 

Barlow, Franklin, Hudson, 44, 68 

Basel, Ruth, 403 Summit St., Kent, O. 

Bates, Bruce, Minerva, O. _ , 73 

Baumberger, Bernice, 311 E. Summit St., Kent, O 86, 87 

Baumberger, Martha, R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Baumberger, Wayne, 3 1 1 E. Summit St., Kent, O. 44, 72 

Baumbgardner, Robert, 14822 Hilliard Rd., Lakewood, O. 

34, 35, 72, 73, 97, 98 
Beard, Alta, Canfield, O. 

Beatty, Arlene, Farmdale, O 107 

Beck, Anna, R. F. D. 4, Cadiz, O. 

Beck, Jeanette, 23 07 Winfield Way, Canton, O. 

Beckley, Jessadene, 99 N. 7th St., Barberton, O. 82, 83 

Bediant, Doris, Park Rd., Perry, O. 

Beebout, Margaret, 1000 3rd St. S.W., Canton, 0..._ 76, 77 

Begala, Mrs. Julia, 114 Normal St., Kent, O 100, 101 

Beiter, Ruth, 1004 24th St. N.E., Canton, O. 
Bell, Charlotte, Peninsula, O. 

Bender, G. Willard, 203 W. Walnut St., Sugar Creek, O 5 5 

Benedict, Ruth, No. 6 Donegal Mansions, Calgary, Alberta, Can. 

30, 31, 88, 89, 106 

Benfer, John, 7355 Harrison Ave., Dover, O 68 

Benson, Nelson, 1141 Cary Ave., Akron, O. 24, 71 

Bergert, Gladys, 1413 14th Ave. N.E., Canton, O. 

Betteridge, Virginia, 3 07 Park Ave., Elyria, O 44, 86, 87 

Bcukeman, Robert, 6004 Whittier Ave., Cleveland, O 110 

Bianchi, Anne, 595 Delaware St., Akron, O 34, 35, 80, 81 

Biasella, Aurora, 310 Maxwell St., Steubenville, O 25, 86 

Bingham, Mary, Mineral Ridge, O. 

Bittner, Hilda, 2917 Cleveland Ave. N. W., Canton, O. 

Bittner, Hyel, R. F. D. 4, Box 211, Akron, O. 

Blair, Charles, Cortland, O. 

Blair, Dorothy Jean, R. F. D. 5, Warren, O. 

Blair, Mrs. Mary, R. F. D. 2, New Waterford, O. 

Blazak, Anna, 105 Grant St., Berea, O 27, 118, 119 

Bliss, Ethel, Nutwood, O. 

Blockinger, Robert, 412 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 72 

Blue, Margaret, Continental, O. 84, 85 

Bly, Alton, 1258 N. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Bcrd, Hazel, 612 9th St. S.W., Canton, O 116, 118 

Boesger, Mary, 23 000 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted, O. 

Bolich, Donald, 2450 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 70, 71 


Boiich, Richard, Wadsworth, O __....3 6, 37, 139 

Boncilia, Victoria, 1125 Park View, Youngstown, O. 
Boniphant, Thomas, 1411 Crescent Rd. S.W., Canton, O. 

Borlet, Chester, Box 64, Gates Mills, O.— . 44, 5 8, 68 

Bostwick, Barbara, 234 E. State St., Alliance, O 27, 86 

Bovard, Elizabeth, Utica, O 27, 80, 81 

Bowen, Jack, 1008 13th St. N.E., Canton, O. 
Bowers, Mildred, 3 06 Woodard Ave., Kent, O. 

23, 25, 82, 83, 107, 147 

Bowers, Dorothy, 3 06 Woodard Ave., Kent, O. 

43, 44, 59, 82, 97, 106 

Bowman, Dale, Mantua, O 44, 113 

Bowman, Thelma, R. F. D. 7, Medina, O. 

Boyich, Paul, 131 N. Case St., Akron, O. 

Boyle, Paul, 5116 Haverford Dr., South Euclid, O. 

24, 70, 71, 122 

Braden, Clark, Kinsman, O 45, 112, 113 

Bradler, Charles, Kingsville, O. 

Bradley, William, Dundee, O 68, 116, 123 

Brake, Paul, 121 DePeyster St., Massillon, O 117 

Bramley, Sara, Sharon Center, O. 

Brannon, Mary, R. F. D. 2, Alliance, O. 

Breitenstein, Sam, 581 Dorchester Rd., Akron, O. 

Breymaier, Marjorie, 528 Lincoln Way, E. Massillon, O — 30, 31 

Briola, Harold, 1002 Melrose Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

24, 70, 71, 100, 101, 116, 117, 118, 119 
Broad, Margaret, Masury, O. 

Brobst, William, High Ave., Cortland, O -26 

Brockhaven, Mildred, 12505 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood, O. 

Brogan, Betty, 740 W. Grant St., Aliance, O 27, 91, 111 

Brooker, Jean, 2578 Canterbury St., Cleveland Hts., O 112 

Brooks, Grace, Solon, O. 

Browder, Eugenia, Kent, O 27 

Btown, Caleb, 24 W. Oak St., Kent, O 40, 41 

Brown, Doloris, 251 Dodge St., Struthers, O. 

Brown, Dorothy, Como Ave., Orwell, O 45, 64, 76 

Brown, Frank, 411 Kirn Ave., Akron, O. 

Brown, Hugh, Diamond, O. 68 

Brown, Loil, Millersburg, O. 

Brown, Madalyn, 26 Como Ave., Struthers, O. ._. 26 

Brown, Ruth, N. 15th St., Sebring, O. 
Buchanan, John, 16 Church St., Newton Falls, O. 
Bucher, Millicent, 15 82 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Buck, Jane, 2206 Woodward St., Lakewood, O. 

17, 102, 108, 114 

Buckmaster, Jane, 52 8 Storer Ave., Akron, O. 84 

Budd, Adaline, 56 N. Balch St., Akron, O 86, 87 

Buell, Charlene, 1022 8th St., Lorain, O. 76, 77 

Bumphrey, Elizabeth, 23 5 Park, Kent, O. 

Bundy, Frederic, Kent, O 45, 58, 62, 70, 97, 105, 118 

Burchard, Marion, 86 Woodland Ave., Niles, O. 76 

Burford, Lillian, Farmdale, O. 77 

Burge, Lucille, R. F. D. 2, Wellington, O. 
Burke, Roy, 218 Sherman St., Kent, O. 

Burns, Robert, 5275 Water St., Kent, O 70, 71, 138 

Burton, Ethel, 345 Broad St., Wadsworth, O 119 

Burton, Marjorie, 2 W. Church St., Newton Falls, O. 
Bush, Chester, Aurora, O. 

Bush, Frances, Aurora, O. 107 

Butler, Leota, 118 Linden Rd., Kent, O.... .3 6, 37, 116, 117, 118 

Caldwell, Charles, R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, O 116, 117 

Caldwell, Harriette, R. F. D., Beloit, O. 

Calahan, Paul, R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O .....45 

Canfield, Dorothy, 145 Ayers St., Youngstown, O. 
Caniglia, Arthur, 250 Hazen St., Ravenna, O. 

Cannon, Shirley, 118 Brady St., Kent, O 107 

Capel, LaVerda, 1052 N. Ellsworth Ave., Salem, O 25, 93 

Caris, Margaret, 406 Madison St., Ravenna, O. 

Carpenter, Bernice, 2945 Lee Rd., Shaker Hts., O 82, 83 

Carter, Norvin, 707 N. State St., Painesville, O. 

24, 70, 71, 122, 139 
Carver, Glen, Freeport 26 

Cary, Alta, Burton, O.. — -119 

Gary, Alton, Burton, O. 

Case, Carlotta, 1734 11th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. -36, 37, 112 

Casper, Doris, 1261 Oxford St., Canton, O. 26 

Gassier, Donald, Hills and Dales Rd., Canton, O 40, 41 

Catlin, Madeline, 147 N. Sycamore St., Ravenna, O 25 

Celestino, William, Mamaroneck, N. Y. _45, 68 

Chaddock, Ned, 8 50 Danner St., Massillon, O. 
Chamberlain, Vera, 199 Chestnut St., Leetonia, O. 

45, 59, 82, 83, 100, 101, 104 

Chambers, Albert, Canfield, O. 73 

Chapman, Evelyn, R. F. D. 5, Youngstown, O 116, 117 

Chapman, Helen, 1240 W. 47th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Chappelear, Paul, 222 Myrtle St., Freedom, O 116, 117 

Chesrown, Paulyne, 1264 Manchester Rd., Akron, O 27, 88 

Chrispell, Eleanor, R. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Church, Jeanne, 1295 Edanola Ave., Lakewood, O 95, 110 

Ciancio, Sundae, 474 S. Meridian, Ravenna, O. 

Cipra, Virginia Marie, 10104 Kinsman, Cleveland, O 25, 64 

Clair, Mary Jeanne, 449 Robbons Ave., Niles, O. 

Clapp, Kennerd, Farmdale 45, 68 

Clark, Barbara Laura, 2164 Stone St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Clark, Elizabeth Esta, 440 Rockwell, Kent, O. 
Clark, Russell T., 2510 Front, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Clay, Dowen Nelson, 

618 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O 55 

Click, Virginia Catherine, 2416 Clyde Pi. S.W., Canton, O. 
Close, James Franklin, 164 Ohio Ave., Wadsworth, O. 
Closser, Joseph, Third St., Yorkville, O. 
Cobb, Charles, 122 Maple, Stow, O. 

Cobb, George, 122 Maple, Stow, O 45, 68, 13 8 

Cochran, Thelma, 985 Vienna Ave., Niles, O. 27 

Coggins, Marjorie, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 26 

Colby, Mary, 23 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, O. 

25, 86, 87, 93 

Cole, Elaine, R. D. 3, Elyria, O 108, 119 

Cole, Jefferson, 412 Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 

Cole, Wilson, 110 E. Day St., Kent, O 123 

Conkle, Helen, 215 N. 6th St., Cambridge, O. 

Conn, Miriam, 1211 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, 76, 77 

Conrath, Florence, 136 Milton Ave., Youngstown, O 27, 80 

Cooper, Betty, 24 Overlook Blvd., Struthers, O..— 26, 80, 81, 149 

Cooper, Genevieve, Jefferson, O 116, 117, 119 

Coopersmith, Helen, 3 5 E. Judson St., Youngstown, O 90 

Corbett, James 123 

Cotman, Josephine, 8202 Clark Ave., Cleveland, O. 

36, 37, 59, 62, 80, 81, 104, 105, 121, 146 


Courtright, Charlotte, 523 Tuscarawas St., Dover, O. 
Cover, William, 1117 13th St. N. W., Canton, O. 

118, 119, 138 
Cowan, Glenn, R. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Cox, Aldeen, 33 8 Portage Trail E., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

45, 76, 116, 117, 11 
Cox, Alvon, 33 8 Portage Trail E., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Craig, James, 21306 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood, O. 

72, 73, 97, 
Cramer, Thalia, Raccoon, Rd., Canfield, O. 
Creese, Earl, 127 Cedar Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Critz, Paul, Wadsworth, O 24, 11 

Cross, John, 325 Wardell St., Urichsville, O. 
Crummel, Virginia, Benton, O. 

Curtis, Walter, 545 E. Hghland St., Ravenna, O. 
Cutting, Harry, 348 Pennsylvania Ave., MacDonald, O 

8, 119 

24, 70 

16, 11! 



Dailey, Howard, 287 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth, O. 

45, 58, 60, 70, 112 

Damann, Kenneth, Randolph, Minn 24, 94, 95 

Damkov, Pete, 875 Edge St., Akron, O. 72 

Danforth, Helen, 1376 Sorin Rd., Akron, O. 

25, 61, 92, 93, 112, 149 
Danko, Elizabeth, R. D. 1, Box 2 5 A, Niles, O. 
Daskovich, Elizabeth, R. D. 3, Pataskala, O. 
Daugherty, Daryl, R. F. D. 3, Box 3 83, Plymouth, O. 
Daugherty, Lola, 41 N. College St., Hudson, O. 
Davidson, Eloise, R. F. D. 2, Oberlin, O. 

Davis, Anna Mae, 10702 Kinsman Rd., Cleveland, O 110 

Davis, Doris Mae, R. D. 2, Box 134, Poland, O. 
Davis, Mae, Beaverton, Mich. 

Davis, Jean, 551 E. Summit St., Kent, O 116 

Dawson, Vernell, Ravenna St., Hudson, O 30, 31, 82, 83 

Day, Frances, Bedford, O _ ____30, 31, 76, 77 

Dean, Ralph, Holloway 123 

Deem, Madeline, 443 Washington Ave., Girard, O. 

Deetz, Kitty M., Sugar Creek, O 93, 119 

De Eulis, Julio, 3 34 Central Ave., Ravenna, O. 

24, 72, 73, 98, 99, 122 

Deevers, Paul, 41 Blaine St., Bedford, O 116, 117, 119 

De Fasio, Virginia, 800 West Ave., Elyria, O. 

DeLeone, Julia, R. D. 3, West Main St., Kent, O 26, 119 

Deming, Gertrude, Rootstown, O. 

Dennis, Carl, R. D. 1, New Springfield, O. — ... 123 

Dennis, Elizabeth, 73 5 Stow St., Kent, O. 46 

Deremigio, Dominic, 934 Lane St., Akron, O. 

DeSimio, Isabelle, 108 Vine St., Ravenna, O 25, 78, 79 

DeSimio, Lena, 108 Vine St., Ravenna, O. 

Devore, Annretta, Mt. Vernon, O 80, 81 

De Weese, Marion, 515 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

43, 46, 58, 72, 103, 122, 137 
Diday, Hilda, R. D. 1, Mingo Junction, O. 

Diday, Nellie, R. D. 1, Mingo Junction, O 27, 93 

Dike, George, R. D. 8, Stow, O 24, 68, 72, 119 

Diller, Ray, 510 S. Main St., Orrville, O 46, 94, 95, 110 

Diller, Robert, 803 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 68, 123 

Diver, Edwin, Deerfield, O. 

Doan, Charles, Ravenna, O - 70, 71, 138 

Dobkin, Oscar, 243 Euclid Ave., Akron, O. ...3 6, 37, 117 

Donald, Jean, R. D. 5, Warren, O 106 

Donaldson, Charles, 2461 Front St., Windham, O. 
Donaldson, William, 2461 Front St., Windham, O. 

Dornbush, Chester, R. D. 2, Steubenville, O— 55, 119, 138 

Dorsey, Grace, 2215 Lozon Ave., Youngstown, O. 
Dowalter, Margaret Ann, 913 Woodward PI., Canton, O. 

27, 119 

Dowding, Richard, 724 22nd St. N.W., Canton, O ... 94 

Dowler, Verna Mae, Atwater, O. 

Drage, Raymond, Ohio St., Navarre, O .94 

Dubetz, Mildred, Unionport, O. 27, 93 

Duckworth, Nina, 1757 Oakdalc Ave., Lorain, O. .. 26, 92, 93 
Duff, Irwin, 154 Mont Blvd., New Concord, O. 

30, 31, 70, 71, 122, 138 
Dunlavy, Chester, R. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Dunlavy, Elmer, R. D. 2, Ravenna, O. ...46, 70, 110, 138, 139 
Dunn, Mary Louise, 1130 Lakewood St., Youngstown, O. 
Dunning, Lura, Killbourne, O. 
Dye, Harry, R. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dykins, Gwendolyn, 501 Thomas Circuit, Youngstown, O — 26 
Dyke, Ralph, Norquist Blvd., R. D. 5, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 


Ebel, Mary Jane, 3291 W. 115th St., Cleveland, O... 76, 77, 108 
Ebie, Beulah, Hartville, O. 26 

Eckert, Clarence, North Ridge Rd., N. Perry, O.....68, 69, 122 
Edie, John, R. D. 3, New Philadelphia, O. 

Eddy, Laura, Graham Rd., Silver Lake, O. 25 

Edmiston, William, 1517 Home Ave., Akron, O. 46, 70 

Eggleston, Robert, 2506 Wyandotte St., Akron, O. 

Eickleberry, Richard, R. D. 8, Tallmadge, O 72 

Eisel, Robert, 510 Schiller Ave., Akron, O. 112, 122 

Elgin, Mary Elizabeth, 217 N. De Peyster St., Kent, O. 

17, 76, 77 
Ellett, Clayton, R. F. D. 2, Box 8, Hudson, O. 
Ellinwood, Alice, 43 8 Cedar St., Wauseon, O. 
Elliott, Bernita, 1532 Kensington Ave., Youngstown, O. 

25, 61, 84, 85, 112 
Elliott, Mary Jane, 1847 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. .. 84, 85 
Ellsworth, Richard, 663 E. 107th St., Cleveland, O. 

116, 117, 119 
Elwonger, Lucy, R. F. D. 1, East Palestine, O. 
Endlich, Inez, 2108 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. -27, 78, 79 

Engleman, Philip, 529 W. Main St., Kent, O —.72 

Ensminger, George, Suffield, O. 

Erb, Avanell, 3 3 24 South Ave., Youngstown, O 80, 81, 119 

Ervin, John, 246 W. Oak St., Kent, O 95 

Eschenberg, Louis, 815 Spruce St., Wooster, 0—.72, 108, 138 

Evans, Jean, 226 S. Chestnut St., Kent, O 86, 87 

Evans, Wayne, R. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 68 

Ewell, Laura, Suffield, O 116, 117 

Ewald, Ruth, 130 Mustill St., Akron, O ...Ill, 107 


Faloon, Eleanor, 1623 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, O 25 

Faloon, Virginia, 518 E. Market St., Alliance, O. 

Fann, Maud, 528 4th St., Fairport Harbor, O. 17 

Farrington, Glenn, Garrettsville, O. 

Faulkner, Doris, R. D. 3, Shelby, O 3 6, 37 


Fear, Seymour, R. D. 5, Youngstown, O. 72 

Feeney, James, 112 Sherman, Munhall, Pa 55 

Ferrari, Eileen, Piney Fork, O ...119 

Fiedler, Lillian, R. D. 2, Hubbard, O. 26 

Fields, Leafie, 29 N. Maple St., New London, O. 

Filson, Russll, 132 Sherman St., Kent, 46, 71 

Fink, Sherley, 191 Ellwood Ave., Akron, O. 70, 116, 117 

Finn, Dorothy, Cuyahoga Falls, O .__ 86, 87, 

Finnicum, Mary, New Rumley, O. 86, 87 

Fischer, Herman, Box 332, Tallmadge, 0.....32, 33, 36, 37, 122 

Fiser, Lena, McClure, O. 

Fisher, Dorothy, Canfield, O. 

Fitzgerald, Dorothy, 615 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

25, 82, 83, 145, 149 
Flanagan, John, 5083 Oakmont Dr., Lyndhurst, O. 

Flanders, Robert, 538 Hagle PL, Akron, O. _ 122 

Fogg, Sam, 211 Brady St., Kent, O. 68, 97 

Foley, Marguerite, 425 N. Main St., Hubbard O. 26, 93 

Follin, Iris, Kent, O 86, 87 

Fontana, Celeste, Lafferty, O 26, 116, 117 

Force, Leon, R. F. D. 20, Diamond, O. 26, 94 

Forner, Betty, U. S. Coast Guard, Lorain, O. 

61, 84, 85, 94, 97, 100, 101, 112 
Forney, Evelyn, 93 E. Main St., Madison, O. 

Tortier, Martha, Hiram, O. 1 1 9 

Foss, Robert, 3 66 Jefferson Ave., Ravenna, O. 
Foss, Thelma, R. D., Bunky Rd., Youngstown, O. 

Touser, Franklin, R. D. 2, Kent, O. 24, 105 

Foust, Eugene, R. D. 1, New Mil ford, O. 

Foust, Willard, 849 Stow St., Kent, O. 70, 122, 138 

Franklin, Harriet, 158 Wetmore St., Stow, O. 46, 82 

Frayer, Helen, R. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Frederick, Reita, Copley, O. 

Freeman, Catherine, General Delivery, Uniontown, Pa. 

Freshley, Wilson, R. F. D., Homeworth, O. 119 

Fricke, Doris, 139 N. Chestnut St., Kent, O. 
Freyett, Paney, 1017 Chestnut St., East Liverpool, O. 
Fuller, Edward, 43 6 E. Summit St., Harrison, N. Y. 

46, 60, 68, 113 

Fulmer, Ralph, R. D. 1, Elyria, O. 108 

Funk, Helen, 167 W. Grant St., Lowellville, O. 

Furney, Charles, 1414 16th St. N.W., Canton, O. . 26, 94, 110 

Furney, Lester, Waynesburg, O. 30, 31, 72, 105 

Fynes, Olive, Washingtonville, O 54 

Fynn, Dorothy, 1858 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 86 


Gains, Mildred, 127 Brady, Bristolville, O. ...5 5 

Gallati, Francis, 952 Hammel, Akron, O. 

Galehouse, Robert, 1827 Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 68 

Gallagher, Helen, 1207 N. Chapel, Louisville, O. 
Gallaway, Ruth, 741 Laird Ave., Warren, O. 

Gamauf, William, Copley, O 94 

Ganas, Marie, 215 E. 3rd St., E. Liverpool, O. 
Gardiner, Stanley, 817 Fess Ave., Akron, O. 
Gardner, Hubert, 718 Lucille Ave., Akron, O. 
Gardner, Maion Edmaund, 2324 Main Ave. W., Beason City O. 

94, 95 
Gareri, Frank, 922 N. Mantua, Kent, O. 

Garland, Betty, 665 Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, O. 

Garner, Marvin, Louisville, O. 123 

Garrison, Edward, Franklin Apts., Kent, O. 

34, 35, 70, 71, 100, 101 
Gartshore, Varnis, 23 3 Lake St., Youngstown, O. 

Garvin, Katherine, 124 Woodland Dr., Niles, O. 46 

Gary, Helen, 344 Warren Ave., Ashtabula, O. 
Gates, Rebecca, R. F. D. 2, Mesopotamia, O. 

Gates, Robert, Wadsworth, O. 116 

Gaylord, Mary, Cuyahoga Falls, O 107 

Geer, Jane, 531 E. Main St., Kent, O — 27 

Geer, Janice, 531 E. Main St., Kent, O. 
Gciger, Lois, 877 S. Vine, Orrville, O. 

Geletka, Anna, 28 Oxford Ave., Campbell, O. .27, 93 

George, Martha, 434 Earle Ave., Kent, O. 

Gerig, Robert, 504 Bealle Ave., Wooster, O 70, 71 

Gettrust, Mary, Kent, O. ...66, 82, 83 

Ghent, James, Market St., Jefferson, O. 47, 68 

Giannetto, Rose, 1821 4th St., Canton, O. 
Gialluca, Ernest, 351 Columbus St., Canton, O. 
Gibson, Dale White, 429 College Ave., Kent, O. 

55, 64, 68, 116, 117 

Gidley, John, 456 Prospect, Ravenna, O. 47 

Gifford, Herbert, 249 S. Freedom, Ravenna, O. 

24, 116, 117, 119 
Gilcrest, Harry, 1001 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

30, 31, 60, 70, 112, 122, 138 
Gilcrest, Robert, R. D. 1, Hartville, O. 
Gill, Herbert, Bedford Rd., Twinsburg, O. 
Gillett, Ruth, 426 Pratt, Ravenna, O. 

Gilly, Victor, R. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 122 

Gilmore, Edith, Apt. 603, Commodore Hotel, Ford Dr. at 

Euclid, Cleveland, O. 
Gingery, Stanley, R. D. 1, Copley, O. 
Girard, Arlene, Main St., Washingtonville, O. 

Godfrey, A., 461 W. Grant, Kent, O. 70, 71, 138 

Goggin, Angela, 1417 E. 87th St., Cleveland, O. 
Goldwood, Laila, 414 James Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gorham, Lewis, LeRoy, O. 70, 71, 13 8, 139 

Gosche, Isabelle, 1752 13th St., Kent, O. 27 

Goss, Ruth W., Main Rd., Conneaut, O 86, 87 

Gottschalt, Lillian, 10018 Burton Ave., Cleveland, O 26, 78 

Grabenstetter, Mabel, Valley City, O 47, 66, 80, 81 

Grabenstetter, Rose Erhart, O. 

Graven, Buell, 49 Bachtel Ave., Akron, O 24, 68, 112, 13 8 

Gray, Helen, 417 Myrtle, Ravenna, O. 118, 119 

Green, Elizabeth, 627 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Green, Elizabeth S., 37 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 47 

Green, Janice, 1480 Waterbury Rd., Lakewood, O. 

100, 101, 108 

Greeneisen, Lucille, Box 87, Garfield, O 26, 88, 111 

Grieme, Priscilla, Cuyahoga Falls, O. ...82, 83, 108 

Griffin, Donald, 2489 Mogadore Rd., Akron, O. 24 

Griffin, Richard, 2489 Mogadore Rd., Akron, O. 24 

Grizinski, John, 190 Reed Ave., Campbell, O. 47 

Grobowski, Zigmund, 2406 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Grogee, Aurthur, R. D. 4, Fresno, O. 

Grosjean, Mildred, Fredericksburg, O. 27 

Grosvenor, Richard, 2605 Northland, Cuyahoga Falls, O. ...71 
Grotzinger, John, 223 5 20th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 


Gruen, Miriam, 1511 St. Clair Ave, East Liverpool, O. 

78, 79, 104 

Gruszecki, John James, Jr., Hammonds ville, O 122 

Guise, Newton, Box 58, Munroe Falls, O. 
Guttner, Frieda, Burton Tray Rd., Burton, O. 
Guttridge, Betty, J 50 \C'. Judson, Youngstown, O. 


Hach, George, Twinsburg, O - - - 30, 31 

Hafley, Ruth, R. D. 1, Girard, O. 

Hageman, Carl, Tallmadge, O. — — 64, 72 

Harden, Doris, Beloit, O. --84 

Hahn, Genevieve, 1556 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Haines, Mae, 280 W. Wayne St., Alliance, O. 27, 86, 87 

Halase, Betty, 42 Regent St., Campbell, O. 

Hall, Ashton, Brookfield, O. 

Hall, Carl, Brookfield, O. 

Hall, Doris, 1203 Morris Rd., Kent, O. 

Hamilton, Rosalie, 3 674 Avalon Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Hammer, William, 405 5 Buxton Rd., South Euclid, O. 

Hamrock, Aloysius, R. F. D. 1, Box 56, Youngstown, O. ... 24 

Hanley, Laurel, 824 N. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Hanna, Harvey, Oviatt St., Hudson, O. 

Hardy, Harold, R. D. 1, Kent, O 116, 117 

Harlan, Ethel, 711 N. Main St., Orrville, O. .—-27 

Harrah, Clarence, Cadiz, O. 

Harrington, Myron, 117 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O 68 

Harrington, William, 226 N. Lincoln St., Kent, O. .. .--68 

Harris, Ruby, 105 W. Glendale St., Bedford, O. 

Harrison, Adeline, 141 2nd St., Brewster, O. —27, 93 

Harrison, June, R. F. D., Elyria, O 43, 47, 59, 66, 80, 97 

Harrison, William, R. D. 3, Wooster, O. 26 

Harsh, Dwight, Community Bldg., North Canton, O. 47 

Hart, Kenneth, R. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 116, 117 

Hastings, Helen, 416 Lake St., Kent, O. 30, 31, 88, 89 

Hastings, John, Kent, O. 138 

Hastings, Margaret J., 2429 Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

25, 76, 77, 106 
Hausermann, Laurabelle, 1587 Sheby St., Youngstown, O. 

Hausmann, George, 1212 Maple St., Mentor, O. 68 

Hawk, Edith, 219 South Ave., Dover, O. 80, 81 

Hawk, Vivian, Route 1, Strasburg, O. 

Hawkins, Beatrice, 3215 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, O. 

25, 86, 87 

Heard, Myrtle, 319 East Ave., Kent, O. 

Heber, Paynella, 43 6 Ravenna St., Newton Falls, O. 

Hedeman, Lincoln, 471 W. Market St., Akron, O. 68 

Heeley, Marian, 743 Parkview St., Lorain, O. 90 

Heineman, Harold, 2741 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

116, 117 
Heineman, Mildred, 2741 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

36, 37, 116, 117, 119 
Heintzelman, Madge, 93 9 North Boulevard Way, New Phila- 
delphia, O. — 108, 112 

Helm, Grace, 19812 Gardenview, Maple Hts., O. 90 

Helmboldt, William, 449 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

24, 70, 71, 116, 117, 118, 119 
Helmreich, Audrey, 1108 Dover Ave., Dover, O. 
Heminger, Dorothy, 4544 Broadale Rd., Cleveland, O. — 80, 81 
Hendee, Pauline, 420 Medina St., Lodi, O 116, 117 

Henderson, Mabel, R. D. 2, Quaker City, O. 
Henry, Wanetta, Kinsman, O. 

Herley, Miriam, 1212 4th St., Canton, 27, 86, 87, 109 

Herr, William, 897, Berwyn St., Akron, O 72, 73 

Herrington, Delia, R. D. 2, Chardon, O. 
Hershey, Evelyn, Hartsville, O. 

Hess, Marian, 10520 Wade Park, Cleveland, O —36, 37, 86 

Heuser, Bernard, 1853 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 94, 104 

Hilton, Laura Jane, Route 5, Salem, O. 

Hinds, Jessie, 602 W. Main St., Kent, O.- —47, 64, 65, 88 

Hinkle, Clarence, 146 1st St., Barberton, O. 95, 68 

Hinman, David, Ravenna, O. 

Hinton, Florence, 155 W. Indiana St., Sebring, O. —93 

Hixenbaugh, Eleanor, 673 N. Lincoln Ave., Salem, O. 

Hobach, George, 855 Work Dr., Akron, O. -47 

Hodgson, John, 612 Noah Ave., Akron, O. 

Hoffman, Betty, Brookfield, O. .86, 87 

Hoffman, Mildred, Windham, O 27, 118, 119 

Hoffman, Ruth, Elyria, O. 86 

Hoiles, Robert, 25 58 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Holbrook, Martha, 1227 Huron Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

47, 86, 97, 106 

Hollander, Jeanne, Brady Lake, O. 3 6, 37, 82, 83 

Hollander, Maryellen, Avonleigh Cottage, Brady Lake, O. 

26, 82, 83, 149 

Hollister, Gerald, 222 Lowell Dr., Kent, O. 73, 95 

Hollister, Nancy, 222 Lowell Dr., Kent, O 76, 77, 116, 117 

Holmes, George, Box 325, Route 3, Kent, O. —24, 112 

Holt, Janet, 12005 Osceala Ave., Cleveland, O. 

48, 64, 65, 76, 102, 112, 114 

Homer, Ddmar, 2451 3rd St. S.E., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 68 

Hommon, Dorcas, 140 22nd St. N.W., Canton, O. 107 

Horlak, Michael, Cleveland, O. — 73, 122 

Horn, Jean, Vorderman Ave., Northfteld, O. 25, 76, 77 

Horning, Robert, Kent, O. 73 

Horst, Esther, Columbiana, O. 27 

Horton, Paul, Rootstown, O. 94, 108, 117 

Horton, Robert, Rootstown, O. .24, 95, 104, 138 

Hosea, Virginia, 312 W. Oak St., Kent. O. 

Hoskin, Donald, Akron, O. 71, 123 

Hosmer, Stella, Elm St., Middlefield, O. 78, 79 

House, Elizabeth, Uniontown, O. 

Housel, Mildred, Akron, O. 86, 87 

Houser, Catherine, 1457 Cleveland St. N.W., Canton, 25 

Houston, Helene, Route 8, Medina, O. 

Howard, Claud, Chagrin Falls, O. 24, 116, 117 

Howard, Marian, Sandusky, O. 88 

Hoy, Ross, Bristolville, O. 

Hranko, Anne, W. 48th and Monroe St., Shadyside, O. 

Huber, Lawrence, Route 8, Box 31, Akron, O. 

Huber, Ruth, 2573 Berk St., Cuyahoga Falls, O .86, 87, 108 

Hubley, Mrs. Bessie, 603 Cherry St., Galion, O 26 

Huff, Clara, 126 South St., Chardon, O. —.48, 95 

Huge, Karl, 11720 Angelus St., Garfield Hts., O. 

70, 71, 113 
Huge, La Verne, 23 81 W. 41st St., Cleveland, O. 

Hughes, Imogene, 73 W. Burns Ave., Akron, O 86, 87 

Hukill, Clara, Brilliant, O. 

Hum, Sarah, 199 Garfield Ave., East Palestine, O— 25, 62, 105 

Humphrey, Esther, 530 W. 44th St., Ashtabula, O. 116 

Huston, Fred, 723 Fenn St., Akron, O 54, 72 



Imbrie, Inez, 452 Alice St., East Palestine, O. 

Indoe, Esther, R. 7, Medina, O ...102, 109 

Ingalls, Eileen, 134 E. Mildred Ave., Akron, O. 
Ink, Zella, Solon Rd., Twinsburg, O. 
Irving, Annie, R. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Jackson, Edith, 3 87 W. Evergreen Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Jackson, Homer, Holloway, O. ..123 

Jackson, Nellie, LaGrange, O 80, 81 

Jacobs, Ruth, R. D. 4, New London, O —119 

Jacobson, Kenneth, 146 E. Delason Ave., Youngstown, 0.-72,73 

Jacolenne, Adelina, 1220 Maple Ave., Zanesville, O. 

26, 92, 93, 121 

James, Elizabeth, 46 Court St., Lancaster, O — 61, 84, 85, 112 

James, Harold, 743 Oak St., Warren, O. 

Jameson, George, 222 W. State St., Akron, O. 48, 95 

Jamieson, James, 2113 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 72 

Janda, Wilbur, 134 North St., Bedford, O. 

Janson, Esther, East Sparta, O. _ 88, 89 

Jenior, Edna, Box 115, Randolph, O. 

Jenkins, John, Broofield, O. - 116, 117 

John, Don, 487 Wolcott Ave., Kent, O. 

John, Lorena, 221 Woodard Ave., Kent, O. 

Johns, Lois, 113 S. 3rd St., Martins Ferry, O. 108 

Johnson, Elsie, Smithfield, O. 34, 35 

Johnson, Josephine, 668 N. Palmer St., Wooster, O. 26 

Johnson, Robert, R. D. 3, Box 252, Kent, O. 48, 68 

Jones, Ardis, Wayland, O. 

Jones, Dorothy, 128 N. 15th St., Sebring, O. — 149 

Jones, Edith, R. F. D. 2, Scio, O. 26, 93 

Jones, Ethel, 187 E. Judson St., Youngstown, O. 23, 25, 84, 85 

Jones, Herman, N. Miles Rd., Bedford, O. 70, 71 

Jones, James, 880 Spruce St., Ravenna, O. 36, 37, 72 

Jones, Ruth, Diamond, O. 

Jones, William, 418 S. Wooster Ave., Strasburg, O. 68 

Jordan, Eleanor, 181 25th St., N.W., Barberton, O 119 

Jordan, Glenn, 32 Wilson Ave., Willoughby, O. 

60, 70, 71, 110, 113, 116, 139 

Josefus, John, 3807 Harvard St., Cleveland, O. 119, 123 

Judy, Elma, 1011 E. Front St., Dover, O. 

Juringus, Alice, 1703 Holyoke St., East Cleveland, O. 

Juszli, Magadalene, R. F. D. 4, Barberton, O. 40, 41 


Kaczar, Stanley, 3203 W. 121st St., Cleveland, O. 
Kading, Roberta, Mantua, O. 

Kaiser, Janet, 541 E. Boston St., Youngstown, O 88, 89, 108 

Kalafus, Rosalie, Berlin Center, O. -27, 93 

Kalkas, John, 434 N. Market St., Wooster, O.....70, 71, 13 8, 139 

Kane, Hugh, Avon Lake, O. _.. ......103, 110 

Kang, Han Mo., Hamhoung, Korea. 

Kasha, Joseph, 3 50 Main St., Akron, O. —117 

Kasper, Winona, S.O.M. Center Rd., South Euclid, O 26 

Katzenmeyer, Robert, 321 Park Ave., Kent, 0—3 0, 31, 70, 71 
Kauffman, Velma, 1517 East Boulevard, Cleveland, O. 

26, 82, 83, 95, 110 
Kay, Edna, Dillonvale, O. 

Kegler, Edward, Alden, N. Y - .....24, 68, 122 

Keller, William, 1922 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Kellogg, Ruth, 712 Roslyn Ave. S.W., Canton, O. - 26 

Kelly, Marian, 217 N. Pleasant St., Oberlin, O 48, 78, 107 

Kemp, Bernice, 2128 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 119 

Kendall, Mary, Tallmadge, O. 

Kennedy, Dexter, Solon, O. — 17, 123 

Kennedy, Helen, Peninsula, O -26, 93 

Kennedy, Martha, Akron, O. 86, 87 

Kenty, Dorothy, Atwater, O 48, 88 

Keppler, Marjorie, 130 W. 6th St., Dover, O... 86, 87 

Kerka, Joseph, 3 046 Sackett Ave., Cleveland, O. 24, 70, 71, 138 
Kiefaber, Joseph, R. F. D. 1, East Sparta, O. 

Kienzle, Esther, 616 Ingram Ave., Canton, O _ — 116 

Killian, Ralph, 1670 Woods Rd., Akron, O. ._.'_ —68 

Kimes, Helen, R. D. 1, Streetsborough, O. 
King, June, Tallmadge, O. 

Kirchner, Mary, 615 E. Main St., Kent, O. 48 

Kirk, Alphoretta, 166 N. Cleveland St., Mogadore, O. 

59, 88, 102 

Kirk, Harry, 166 N. Cleveland St., Mogadore, O 48, 100, 101 

Kirkbride, Margaret, 518 East 5th St., Salem, O. 
Kishton, Stella, 374 Randolph St., Youngstown, O. 

Kisseberth, Dean, Burgeon, O .._ 30, 31, 72, 73 

Klein, Ruth, 648 W. Main St., Ravenna, O 64, 82, 83 

Klein, Shirley, 648 W. Main St., Ravenna, O.— .82, 83, 104, 119 
Kline, James, 3 1 1 S. Water St., Kent, O. 

Kling, George, 453 Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 43, 54, 68, 122, 181 
Klingensmith, Virginia, 23 S. Chestnut Ave., Niles, O. 

Knapp, Harry, Chestnut St., Jefferson, O. 68, 69 

Knipe, Clyde, Diamond, O. - 68 

Knott, Janet, Twin Lakes, O. 29, 30, 31, 86, 109 

Knouss, Muriel, 5319 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

88, 89, 108 

Knox, Dorothy, Sterling, O. ._...— 34, 3 5 

Knutsen, Virginia, R. F. D. 1, Martins Ferry, O. 

Koba, John, 1146 W. 20th St., Lorain, O. 

Koeppe, Eloise, Hudson Rd., Aurora, O. 93, 102 

Kohl, Mary E., 334 N. Prospect Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Korb, Gene, 1676 Green Rd., South Euclid, O. 

70, 71, 95, 100, 101, 110, 138 

Kovalik, Martin, 53 97 Marion St., Maple Hts., O. 72, 73 

Kramer, Bernadette, 110 N. Asborne Ave., Youngstown, O. 

27, 86, 87 

Krantz, Arlene, R. F. D. 4, Dover, O. 

Krebs, Mary L., 640 Blaine Ave., Akron, O. 

Kroeck, Margaret, 115 W. Grant St., Lowellville, O. 

Kuhlins, Helen, 2 543 Cleveland, Ave., Canton, O. 

Kumlin, Irma, 1020 W. 43rd St., Ashtabula, O. 

Kunert, Betty, R. D. 2, Kent, O. 25, 76, 77 

Kurtz, Catherine, 1131 5th St., Lorain, O..... -88, 89 

Kyle, Grace, Beach City 88, 89 

Lacy, Bernice, 15017 Hilliard Rd., Lakewood, O. 112 

Ladrach, Arlene, 553 High Ave. N.W., New Philadelphia, O. 
Laird, Esther, 2033 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, O.... 84, 85, 107 
Landis, Roy, 2225 Oakwood Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 48, 122 

Lang, Walter, Randolph, O. 116 

Lang, Wilhelmina, 694 Kinmore Blvd., Akron, O. 49 






La Rocca, Charles, 974 Ida St., Cleveland, O. 

Larocco, Marie, 2 5 Third St., Campbell, O. 

Lave, Elsie, R. F. D. 1, Burton, O. 93 

Law, Mabel, Kent, O. 49, 76 

Lawrence, John, Bowdil, O. 

Leggett, Kathryn, 1920 Cleveland Ave., Canton, O. 

23, 26, 88, 89 

Leighton, Jewel, 602 6th Court, Lorain, O. 
Leitner, Floria, R. 2, Dalton, O. 

Lemmon, Harry, 2716 Lincoln N. E., Massillon, O 70, 119 

Levinson, Harold, 3 08 W. Portage Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lewis, Isabel, 1272 Woodland Ave., N. W., Canton, O 

Lichti, Roberta, 1871 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Liebner, Bettie, 12811 Woodside, Cleveland, O. 

Likens, Eleanor, 886 W. Main St., Ravenna, O. 

Lilie, Jean, 3201 W. 94th St., Cleveland, O. ..„. 27, 

Line, Smith, 414 Crane Ave., Kent, O. 
Linerode, Ethel, R. D. 2, Alliance, O. 

Lipscomb, Willis, 3 15 Pleasant Ave., Kent, O 

Littlepage, J. T., 824 Malta, Ft. Worth, Texas ....49, 68, 
Lohmann, Wilhelmina, 135 Poplar Ave., New Philadelphia, 

Lohr, Harry, R. D. 2, Hubbard, O. 30, 31, 70, 

Longcoy, Mabelle, 503 Park Ave., Kent, O. 

Loomis, Kenneth, 310 Dorman Rd., Conneaut, O. 68 

Lothrop, Frances, 1834 Grasmere Ave., E. Cleveland, O. 
Lowry, Jane, 300 W. North Ave., E. Palestine, O. ..76, 77, 106 
Loyer, Vera, Farmdale, O. 

Ludt, Silas, Simon Rd., Youngstown, O -.119 

Luikart, Dorothy, R. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Luke, Blanche, 3933 Hi-hland Ave., Shadyside, O. 26, 88, 89 

Lukens, Betty, Sunny Dell, Kent, O. 

Lundeen, Helen, 3273 Arnold Rd., Cleveland Hts., O. 30, 31, 86 

Lupica, Sebastian, 473 S. Meridian, Ravenna, O. 

Lutz, Leo, 609 Park Ave., Kent, O. 3 J, 31, 68, 69 

Lyman, Cora, Chesterland. 


McAlister, Wilbur, R. D. 2, Louisville, O. 24, 94, 119, 12 3 

McBane, Wallace, R. F. D., E. Liverpool, O. 
McGamenett, Glen, North St., Utica, O. 

McCartney, Ellen, Clinton St., Doylestown, O. 107 

McCloskey, Anna Jean, R. 3, Grafton, O. 

McConnell, Florence, Kent, O. 80 

McConnell, Dorothy, R. D. 2, Carrolton, O 26, 93 

McConnell, Mary Anna, R. 2, Steubenville, O. 26 

McCormick, Edgar, R. 2, Kent, O 30, 31, 94, 104 

McCort, John, 2631 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 68 
McCue, Ignatius, 172 Chestnut St., Leetonia, O. 

McCuskey, George, Box 43, Hudson, O. 3 0, 31 

McDaniel, Dorothy, 2160 N. Main St., Decatur, 111. 
McDernott, Glendall, 444 Cuyahoga St., Kent, O. 
McDowell, Lois, 121 7th St., Brewster, O. 

McElfish, Myra, 414 Dale Ave., Willard, O 102 

McGinnis, Benjamin, 2227 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, O. 

72, 73, 97, 12< 
McGowan, Inez, 3 13 S. Willow, Kent, O. 

McGuigan, Helen, 321 S. Willow, Kent, O. 36, 37, 82, 83 

McGuigan, Jewel, 321 S. Willow, Kent, O. 

McKay, John, 478 Inman St., Akron, O .54, 60, 113 

McKay, Julie, 2218 W. Tuscarawas, Canton, O. 

McKinlcy, James, 2109 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 68, 69, 123 
McLaughlin, Mary Jane, Mantua, O. 

25, 80, 81, 102, 111, 116, 117, 149 
McMahon, William, 7133 Greenwood Ave., Akron, O. 70, 94, 123 
McSorlcy, Jane, 1474 Lincoln Ave., Lakewood, O. 

25, 84, 85, 149 

Mack, Richard, 46 Atlas, Akron, O -70, 71 

Madden, Helen, 18925 Neff Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Maddock, Ethel, R. D. 1, Elyria, 3 6, 37, 91 

Maddock, Marian 30, 3 1, 82, 83 

Maffett, Dohrmann, R. D. 2, Carrolton, O 94, 138 

Magee, Earl, R. D., Carrolton, O. 72, 73 

Majick, Louis, Spokane, O. 
Mallott, Comfort, Macedonia, O. 

Malpass, Edith, 207 Breaden, Youngstown, O. 25, 78 

Maluke, John, 1055 Tonawanda Ave., Akron, O. 

Manchester, Elizabeth, 208 N. Lincoln, Kent, O. ...86, 87 

Mancovitz, Abe, 800 Aberdeen, Akron, O. 

Manko, Thomas, 33 5 E. School, Kent, O 70, 138 

Mansfield, Richard, 296 Baber Ct., Akron, O - 68 

Marcellette, Lucy, 11610 Williard Ave., Garfield Hts., O. ....110 

Markley, Edward, 4429 Warner, Cleveland, O 68, 123 

Markley, Treva, Atwater, O. 27, 93, 116, 117 

Maro, Ann, 23 6 Robinson Rd., Campbell, O. 
Marshall, Julia, 258 Fairgreen, Youngstown, O. 

Mason, Elizabud, 4323 Daisy, Cleveland, O ....49, 61 

Matelskey, M. J., Youngstown, O. 82, 83 

Matthews, Earl, 602 Washington, McDonald, O 72 

Mathews, James, 309 Elen, Ravenna, O. —.40, 41 

Maxwell, Doyle, R. 5, Millersburg, O 23, 138 

Meacham, Dorothea, 509 W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, — 119 
Megert, Jane, 220 W. 11th St., Dover, O. 

Meier, Mary, 3 26 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 3 8, 3 9, 107 

Melin, Gullan, 263 Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, O. .... 84, 85 

Mellert, George, 96 Gould, Bedford, O. 116, 117, 119 

Mellinger, Edward, 325 Horton Ave., Akron, O 72, 116, 117 

Mendiola, John, 210 Harris Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Merrick, Ruth, 525 E. Main St., Kent, O. 25, 86, 87 

Mersy, Ruth, Mentor, O. 26 

Merril, Harvey E., Cleveland, O. 73 

Merton, Dorothy, Copley, O. 

Messerly, Susan, 2020 Glenwood, Youngstown, O 78, 79 

Messersmith, Lillabelle, Masury, O 26 

Meyer, Ellen, 220 N. Lincoln, Kent, O 107 

Middleton, Grace, 115 Vincent, Alliance, O 108 

Miklus, Helen, Box 34, Stratton, O 49, 61 

Miller, Arnold, Gilmer Rd., Leavittsburg, O. 
Miller, Bernice, 3111 Daisy, Cleveland, O. 
Miller, Doris, Pottery Rd., Steubenville, O. 

Miller, Irma, R. D. 4, Ravenna, O. 117 

Miller, Jay, 195 Norton Ave., Barberton, O. 

36, 37, 58, 70, 71, 103, 109, 144 

Miller, Jessie Lee, 568 Oak Knoll, Warren, O. 86, 87 

Miller, Lois, Creston, O. .93, 117 

Miller, Lyle, Scienceville, O. 123 

Miller, Margaret, R. D. 3, Cortland, O. 

Miller, Mildred, 114 West School St., Kent, O. 

Miller, Robert, 31 Marshall, Norwalk, 0-24, 116, 117, 118, 13 8 

Minercheck, Henry, 121 Hall St., Kent, O. 

Mirto, Carmen, North Main St., Waynesburg, O. 

Mitten, Wallace, 1589 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 24, 119 


Mizor, Verna, Stonecreek, O. 

Mohr, Robert, Winesburg, O. 

Montalto, Grace, 1720 Oakdale St., Lorain, O. 

Montecalvo, Carmella, 45 5 Sycamore, Ravenna, O 49 

Montecalvo, Edith, 455 Sycamore, Ravenna, O 66, 80, 106 

Moomaw, Margaret, R. D. 2, Greenfield, O. 
Moon, Mary, 133 Williamson Rd., Stow, O. 
Moore, Donald, 232 Lake St., Kent, O. 

Moore, Frances, 17216 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O 116, 117 

Moore, LaVerne, 63 8 Vine St., Kent, O 25, 91 

Moran, Raymond, 40 North Balch, Akron, O 24, 68, 69 

Morgan, Adeline, 1719 East 86th St., Cleveland, O 90, 110 

Morrell, Ruth, 11504 East Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

61, 84, 85, 95, 110 

Morse, Guyanetta, 208 Hyde St., New London, O ...27 

Mosher, Francis, Box 129, R. D. 1, Kent, O 116, 117 

Mosley, Eleanor, 3 6th St., N.W., Rd., No. 2, Canton, O. 

27, 80, 102 
Moyer, Jean, 283 North Market, East Palestine, O. 

25, 64, 76, 77, 97, 98, 99 

Mross, Eva, 3 5 Edwin Ave., Massillon, O 27, 78, 79 

Muir, Mary, 333 Genesse, Warren, O 84, 85, 102 

Munger, Dorothy, Satin Ave., Jefferson, O. 

Munzenmayer, Wilmer, 319 North Willow, Kent, 0-..72, 73 

Murphy, Ruth, Negly, O. 

Murray, Grace, 808 School Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Myers, Bruce, 449 Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 

Myers, Dorothy, Dorset, O. 

Myers, Everett, 53 8 East Summit, Kent, O 24, 119 

Myers, Faye, Andover, O. 

Myers, Laura, Greentown, O. 116, 117, 119 


Neal, Richard, North Kingsville, O -.24, 116, 13 8 

Nedel, Anna, Fairchild Rd., Kent, O 86, 87 

Nees, Josephine, 808 Chestnut St., Cuyahoga Falls, O.-. 118, 119 
Nelson, Harry, Mantua, O. 

Nesbit, Raymond, 122 South Lincoln, Kent, 0.....55, 58, 95, 122 
Newell, Inza, 745 N.W. 3 0, Miami, Fla. 

Nickerson, Roger, 176 Hudson Rd., Stow, O 49, 95 

Nighman, Helen, 1011 Hudson Rd., Kent, O. 119 

Nims, Ruth, Orwell, O. 
Norton, Crystal, Suffield, O. 

Novasad, Helen, 9624 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, O 26 

Nusum, Isabelle, Kilbuck, 

Nye, Albert, Leavittsburg, O 49 


Ochsendorf, Edith, 519 South 4th St., Steubenville, O. 

Ogg, Annetta, Dundee. O.— - 49 

O'Hara, Jack, 887 W. 23rd St., Lorain, O 116, 117, 119 

Olds, Jeanne, 110 N. Walnut, Ravenna, O 25 

Olinger, Justin, R. F. D. 1, Fresno, O. 
Opalic, Daisy, 108 Main St., Yorkville, O. 
Osborne, Lucille, 211 S. Seneca St., Alliance, O. 
Osborne, Marjorie, 63 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Ott, Orson, Box 16, Rootstown, O 49 

Overholt, Irene, R. F. D. 3, Kent, O 50 

Oviatt, Ruth, 211 Sherman St., Kent, O 25, 76, 77 

Oyer, Edna, R. D. 4, Canton, O. 

Pacinch (Page) Joe. A., 3049 E. 65th St., Cleveland, O. 
Paden, Edith, 3 15 Slack St., Steubenville, O. 

Page, John, 109 N. Willow, Kent, O 24, 55, 68, 103 

Palfi, Margaret, 131 Sherman St., Kent, O -2 5, 76, 77 

Palmer, Catherine, 116 2nd St., N.W., New Philadelphia, O. 

26, 78, 79 
Palmer, Winifred, 222 E. Summit, Kent, 0.....23, 25, 64, 76, 77 
Pamer, Frank, 3467 E. 149th St., Cleveland, O. 
Parker, Paul, 53 6 Park Ave., Kent, O. 
Parkinson, Laurel, 336 High St., Kent. O. 
Parrish, Betty, 106 N. McKinley, Batt>? Creek, Mich. 

86, 98, 99 

Patterson, Helen, R. R. 1, Salineville, O. ... 26, 91 

Paul Werner, Mogadore, O. ._ 50, 116, 117, 118, 119, 

Payne, Mrs. Bernice, 325 E. Summit St., Kent, O. 
Pearson, David, Aurora, O. 
Pearson, Philip, Aurora, O. 

Peck, Donald, R. D. 3, Kent, O ...50 

Peebles, Marjorie, 2344 2nd St., Cuyahoga Fail;. O 50, 61 

Peebles, Robert, 2344 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O... ......68, 105 

Peet, Jane, 1208 Marlowe St., Lakewood, O 25, 84, 85 

Perkins, Albert, Madison Hill, Wooster, O 117, 119 

Peters, Clara, 313 Scott St., Niles, O 17 

Petty, Virginia, 2059 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 112, 119 

Pfeil, Edwin, 502 E. Highland, Ravenna, O. ... 50, 66, 107, 113 
Pfeil, Janet Ann, 370 Laura St., Youngstown, O 76, 77 

Pfingsgraff, Mary, 529 Andrews St., Youngstown, O 118, 119 

Philius, Betty, 712 Warren St., Youngstown, O.....108, 116, 117 

Philius, Charles, 712 Warren St., Youngstown, O. 117 

Pinyoun, Ray, 1706 Strathmore St., East Cleveland 

70, 71, 110, 138 

Plough, Welcome, 116 Sterling St., Creston, O. 93, 119 

Poetter, Ruth, Marshallville, O. 

Polli, Michael, 1594 Fruitland Ave., Mayfield Heights, O. 

116, 118, 119, 138 

Pope, Anna, 3 56 E. Indiana, St. Sebring, O. 

Pottorf, Rena, 230 S. Main St., North Canton, O. 55 

Porter, Elizabeth, 725 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

50, 61, 95, 114 

Porter, Helen, 725 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Pottorf, Rena, 230 S. Main St., North Canton, O 55 

Powell, Berdine, R. D. 2, Alliance, O , 26 

Powell, Glen, R. D. 1, Lakewood, O. 

Prezak, Esther, R. D. 1, Burton, O. 

Price, Rosemary, 9601 Kempton Ave., Cleveland, O. 

50, 59, 63, 82, 100 

Puffer, Irene, 23 84 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 55 

Puffer, Ruth, 23 84 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 50 

Pugh, George, 43 Drexel St., Akron, O. 

Pulsford, Florence, Bainbridge Rd., Chagrin Falls, O 93 

Queale, Heather, Kinsman, O. 

Quimby, Geraldine, 231 E. 5th St., New Philadelphia, O. 

50, 80, 116, 118, 119 
Quirk, Elizabeth, McMarken Rd., Madison, O. 
Quirk, Gertrude, North Madison, O 43, 50, 88, 114 


Racine, Dorothy, 1286 Cove Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Raff, Daniel, Atwater, O - — - -117 

Randels, Malvern, 3034 13th St., N.W., Canton, O...... 51 

Randies, Lee, 1856 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Ranney, Don, 2600 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

70, 71, 97, 122, 138 

Ratzenberger, Margaret, Unionport, O 107 

Raupple, Jean, 234 Laura St., Youngstown, O 84, 85 

Raymer, Karl, R. D. 1, Conneaut, O.—. -138 

Razel, John, State St., Wadsworth, O. .... .....72, 73 

Read, Gerald, 5 5 1 N. Main, Akron, O. 68, 69, 122 

Ream, Doris, R. D. 4, Canton, O. 

Redinger, Grant, 45 5 Canton Rd., E., Ellet, O. 

Redinger, James, 455 Canton Rd., E., Ellet, O. 

Reed, Robert, Suffield, O. 

Renner, Max, R. D. 1, Dover, O - 68 

Repasky, Joseph, 23 8 Hazeltone Ave., Campbell, O 51 

Reynolds, Enola, R. D. 2, Chardon, O. 
Reynolds, Kenneth, North Fairfield, O. 

Reynolds, Miriam, 416 N. Henry, Crestline, O. 93, 117 

Reynolds, Paula, Grand view Ave., Titonville, O 118 

Reynolds, Royal, R. D. 3, Ravenna, O 88, 117, 118, 119 

Richard, Ina, 412 Ravenna Rd., Newton Falls, O. 51 

Richardson, Betty, 37th St., R. D. 2, Canton, 27, 80 

Richey, Thelma, 1124 Oak St., East Liverpool, O. 

Richmond, Evelyn, 468 Pratte St., Ravenna, O. 119 

Riesterer, Oscar, 69 Norman St., Akron, O. 72, 119 

Riley, Emmett, R. D. 2, Dover, O —122 

Rimer, Anne, Dillonvale, O 108, 118 

Rinaldi, Joseph, 627 Franklin Apts., Kent, O. 

Ripley, Donald 68, 69 

Ritchie, Frank, 446 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, O 70 

Ritter, Mary, Route 2, Ashtabula, O. 116, 117 

Ritter, Ruth, 206 Cleveland Ave., Ashtabula, O. 

Robenstine, Kenneth, Mogadore, O 30, 31, 68, 72, 73 

Roberta, Filomena, 934 W. 39th St., New Milford, O. 
Roberts, Christine, 1716 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

80, 81, 100, 101 

Roberts, Ella, 13 50 S. Freedom St., Alliance, O. 78, 79 

Robinsteen, George, 344 Summer St., Akron, O. 72 

Rodgers, Leona, Main St., Bergholz, O. 
Rodich, Dorothy, 402 S. Third St., Steubenville, O. 
Roe, Robert, 605 N. Mautua St., Kent, O. 
Roeble, Clare, 6837 Indiana St., Cleveland, O. 

Rogers, Douglas, Battles Rd., Gates Mills, O 68, 69 

Rogers, Vivian, R. D. 3, Toronto, O 25, 84, 85 

Rogers, Mrs. Zella, 121 Normal Ave., Kent, O. 
Romito, Stella, 684 Washington St., Bedford, O. 

Romp, Marjorie, Olmsted Falls, O 88 

Room, Eunice, 1945 E. 3 2nd St., Lorain, O 27 

Root, Harold, Hotel Touraine, Buffalo, N. Y 54 

Ross, Ledo, 80 6th St., Campbell, O. 

Rosetti, Herman, 1014 7th St., N.E., Canton, O. 

Roth, Grace, 1619 Hammond St., Canton, O. 

Round, Marion, 467 East 120th St., Cleveland, O 88, 89 

Rowe, Irene, 718 7th St., S.W., Canton, O 27 

Ruble, Alve, Glenmont, O 72 

Ruby, Michael, 3 57 N. Howard St., Akron, O. 

Ruddy, Margaret, 130 Grant St., Lowellville, O. 108 

Rudolph, Anabellc, Mineral City, 

Rueth, Zita, 9701 Ramona Blvd., Cleveland, O. 25 

Rufo, Sam, Ravenna 16, 122, 136 

Runk, Dorothy, 2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 108 

Runk, Riley, 2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 70, 71 

Russell, Janet, Hammondsville, O. 
Ryerson, Doris, R. D. 2, Havana, O. 
Ryerson, Margaret, R. D. 2, Havana, O. 

S;'bin, Dorothy, R. D. 2, Atwater, O — 51, 88, 119 

Sackett, Esther, R. D. 3, Kent, O. 
Sacksteder, Aloys, 1512 Barker, Sandusky, O. 

St. John, Asthore, 19151 E. 83rd, Cleveland, O 25 

Saker, Edna, 541 Fourth St., Warren, O. 26 

Salathe, Edward, Macedonia, O. 34, 3 5 

Sanner, James, 544 Myrtle, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 68 

Sarchet, Thomas, 116 Rose Blvd., Akron, O. 
Sauerbrey, Paul, Route 4, Fresno, O. 

Savory, William, 433 Rockwell, O 116, 117, 119 

Scanlon, Dorothy, 3 30 Bradley Lane, Youngstown, O. 
Scarnecchia, Elizabeth, 338 Lincoln Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Scarnecchia, Irene, 617 Robbins, Niles, O. 108 

Schaeffer, Helen, 403 Somer, Leetonia, O. 80, 81, 100, 101 

Schaeffer, Jack, 820 Oak St., Youngstown, O. 

Schaffter, Helen Marjorie, Mt. Eaton, O. 

Schamp, Harold, 2911 Rosewood, N.W., Canton, O. 

30, 31, 72, 73, 119 
Scharf, John, 13 E. Boston Post Rd., Harrison, N. Y. 68, 69, 122 

Scheck, Robert, 816 Carby St., Akron, O 68, 69, 121 

Shepherd, Wilda, Akron, 92, 93 

Scherman, Howard, R. D. 1, Ashtabula, O. 

Schieber, Irene, 859 Chalker, Akron, O 82, 83, 150 

Schmaltz, Rosalb, 3 664 Lindholm Rd., Cleveland, O. 51, 8 8, 106 

Schmidt, Helen, 727 Brady Ave., Steubenville, O 91, 102 

Schmidt, Kenneth, 1 5 1 W. Main, Winesburg, O. 
Schnable, Dale, 609 Portage Trail, E., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Schneider, Edward, 141 Vine, Ravenna, O 105 

Schnurrenberger, Jean, Washingtonville, O 8 8, 8 9 

Schoffman, Lincoln, 424 Butler Ave., Akron, O 68 

Schofield, Lillian, 127 Superior, Youngstown, O. 

Schott, Eleanor, 122 Wabash, Brewster, O 27, 93 

Schram, Louaine, 707 Park, Kent, O. 

51, 66, 72, 82, 100, 101, 102 

Schram, Winifrede, 707 Park, Kent, O 51, 59, 66, 82 

Schroyer, Doris, R. D. 2, Warren, O. 

Schroyer, Irene, R. D. 2, Warren, O. .'. 119 

Scobie, James, Peninsula, O. 

Scott, Betty, 3 55 N. Chestnut, Ravenna, O 107, 108 

Scott, Fred, R. D. 1, Ravenna, O 68, 69 

Scott, Elone, 40 Morgan St., Oberlin, O 77 

Scott, Evelyn, Kent 76 

Scott, Hubert, 166 E. York, Akron, O. 

Scott, Fulton, R. D. 1, Ravenna, O ..68, 122 

Scott, Kenneth, Bellview Ave., Dover, O. 51, 58 

Scott, William, Bellview Ave., Dover, O 51 

Seager, Jane, 631 Willis Ave., Youngstown, O 63, 98 

Searl, Alonzo, 601 Talmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, O 68 

Season, Hester, 2044 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O - 86 

Secrest, Edith, 54 N. Illiad, Rittman, O. 


See, Al, Mcadville, Pa 29, 

Seeds, Lynette, R. D. 1, Hastings Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Scidel, Dorothy, R. D. 4, Ravenna, O 

Seiter, Ona, 763 6 Wooster Rd., Barberton, O. 

Seleski, Martha, Cadiz, O. 

Sells, Leta, 2710 Zollinger Rd., Columbus, O. ... 26, 88, 89, 

Senerchia, Marie, 428 Myrtle, Ravenna, O. 

Serene, Michael, 3 1 9 E. Main, Kent, O 95, 

Seymour, Jean, 144 N. Meridian Rd., Ravenna, O. 

84, 85, 116, 

Shaddock, Ned _. 

Shaffer, Ernestine, 321 N. Market, VanWert, O.. 86, 87, 108, 

Shambarger, Albert, 1524 Sheffield, Cleveland, O .. 

Shanaberger, Wallace, 441 Stinoff St., Kent, O. 
Shank, Eugene, 1984 High, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 
Shaylor, Ida, 173 E. 45th, Ashtabula, O. 

Shearer, Elmer, 97 Fenton, Mogadore, O 

Sheehe, Carl, 501 Olney Ave., Marion, O. 
Shepherd, Wilda, Box 465, R. D. 3, Akron, O. 

Sherer, Annabelle, R. D. 1, Bucyrus, O 

Sherrill, Verda, 303 Main, Poland, O. 

Shipman, William, Farmdale, O. 54, 

Shoff, Virginia, Akron, O. 

Shook, Howard, 3 00 May Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Shotwell, Jean, 2 504 Berk, Cuyahoga Falls, O 82, 

Shuman, Lenore, Orchard Hts. Dr., Mayfield Heights, O. 82, 

Shuman, Louise, 445 Hudson, Stow, O. 82, 

Sicuro, Josephine, 160 Vine St., Ravenna, O. 

Siddall, Don, 264 Grant, Ravenna, O. 

Siegfried, Verna, 126 S. Wood, Loudonville, O 86, 

Siegrist, Louis, Orchard Ave., Geauga Lake, O. 72, 73, 108, 

Siemon, Anamary, 17822 Windword, Cleveland, O. ... 36, 37, 

Simcox, Dorothy, 83 Wilson St., Struthers, O. 

Simons, Bertha, R. F. D. 2, Conneaut, O. 

Simpkins, Edward, Suffield, O. 

Simpson, Bruce, 1864 Wymore, East Cleveland, O. 68, 

Simpson, Elspeth, R. D. 1, Box 168, E. Akron, O. 

Simpson, John, 127 S. Prospect, Kent, O 36, 37, 68, 116, 

Singer, Lillian, Adona, O. ._ 

Sixt, Helen, 3731 W. Park Rd., Cleveland, O 27, 86, 

Skillicorn, Earl, 42 Avalon Ave., Bedford, O. 52, 

Slack, Doris, 679 Northfield Rd., Bedford, O. 
Slemmons, Donald, Market St., Navarre, O. 

Slutz, Russell, R. D. 2, Navarre, O 94, 

Smathers, Laura, 13 28 Sixth St., Lorain, O. 

Smetts, Margaret, 162 Buchtel Ave.. Akron, O. 

Smith, Claud, 2787 Northland Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 3 6, 

Smith, Ethel, 381 Church, Hudson, O. 

Smith, Grace, Box 96, Wayland, O 116, 117, 

Smith, James, 9812 Hilgert Rd., Cleveland, O. — 118, 

Simth, Jane, 164 N. Prospect, Kent, O 36, 37, 82, 83, 

Smith, Josephine, 118 Fifth St., N.E., New Philadelphia, 
Smith, Lois, 505 S. McKinley, Alliance, O. 

Smith, Marie, Box 30, Canal Fulton, O. 25, 88, 

Smith, Martha, 1316 Logan, N.W., Canton, O. 

Smith, Marvin, R. D. 2, Ravenna, O 

Smith, William, R. D. 3, Box 3, Kent, O 24, 62, 73, 

Smolen, Victoria, 5121 Dolloff Rd., Cleveland, O 52, 

Snyder, Georgianna, 646 Northwestern Ave., Wooster, O. 
Synder, Mildred, Creston, O 25, 








8 3 

















Snyder, Roscoe, R. D. 1, Ravenna, O... 68, 123 

Sofranec, Anna, 118 Williamson, Youngstown, O. 52, 80 

Sokoloski, Chester, 1486 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

24, 68, 122 
Sotherland, Fae, 175 Sturges Ave., Mansfield, O. 
Souders, Delbert, 967 Sawyer Ave., Akron, O. 

Spelman, Marian, 501 W. Main St., Kent, O.... 82, 83, 107 

Spencer, Arthur, 139 E. College, Kent, O. 

Spencer, Jack, 13 9 E. College, Kent, O. 52 

Spencer, Margot, Hiram, O. 

Spencer, Mary, 803 Park Ave., S.W., Canton, O 119 

Spillman, Lorraine, Dellroy, O. 

Spitz, Alice, 1914 W. 71st, Cleveland, O— 25, 80, 107, 110 

Sprague, Flora, R. D. 1, Kent, O 29, 36, 37, 59, 62, 105 

Spratt, George, 97 Jewett, Akron, O. 
Spratt, James, 97 Jewett, Akron, O. 

Staley, Williard, R. D. 2, Atwater, O. 119 

Stallsmith, Marie, 3 04 Parsons Ave., Lowellville, O. 26, 84, 85 

Stambaugh, Marie, N. Canton, O 82, 83 

Stanley, Dorothy, R. F. D. 2, Beloit, O. 
Stapel, Ruth, Chardon, O. 

Starkey, Mildred, R. F. D. 4, Canton, O- 27, 116, 117 

Starr, Hazel, Mantua, O _._ 104 

Steckel, Harold, 765 N. Main, Akron, O. 

Stein, Lawrence, 1553 Addison Rd., Cleveland, O. 24 

Stein, Kenneth, Mogadore, O. 
Steiner, Esther, R. F. D. 1, Orrville, O. 
Steiner, Florence, Marshallville, O. 
Stetler, Herman, Akron, O. 

Stewart, Anita, Reynoldsburg, O 66 

Stewart, Hugh, 402 S. Willow, Kent, O 72, 73 

Stewart, Mary Jane, 1712 Lamond Blvd., Shaker Heights, O. 

23, 25, 64, 84, 85, 102 

St. John, Asthore „ 91 

Stockdale, David, 3 64 S. Walnut, Ravenna, O. 

Stoner, Margaret, 137 E. Kent Rd., Stow, O 30, 31, 107 

Stopher, Margaret, 132 Linden Rd., Kent, O. 

25, 64, 76, 77, 100, 101 

Stotter, Roland, 10725 Greenlawn, Cleveland, O. 110 

Strahl, Maxine, 224 Lawrence St., Ravenna, O 118, 119 

Strahl, Paul, 224 Lawrence St., Ravenna, O. 

70, 118, 119, 137, 138, 139 
Straight, Lois, R. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Straus, Bessie, 325 College Ct., Kent, O 52 

Streine, Elizabeth, New Bremen, O —.27, 86, 87, 144 

Stribley, Wendell, 462 Wolcott Ave., Kent, O 116, 117 

Strohl, Dale, 9 N. Franklin, Greensburg, O 116, 117 

Strouse, Helen, Loudonville, O 86, 87 

Stull, Harold, 423 N. Wood, Wooster, O ....94 

Summer, Velma, R. D. 5, Dover, O 90 

Sutliff, William, 135 N. Diamond St., Ravenna, O — 70 

Swan, Ada, 1923 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O 86, 87, 117 

Swan, Elsie, 184 E. Talmadge, Akron, O 25, 119 

Swan, Mae Jeanne, 184 E. Talmadge, Akron, O 80 

Sweany, Dorothy, Delroy, O 93, 106 

Swearingen, Gladys, Delaware, O. 

Swedish, Frank, 333 Harris St., Kent, O. 

Swinehart, Merle, Suffield, O.- 94 


Taborsky, Frank, R. 1). 2, Kent, O. 36, }7, 58, 70, 71, 139 

Taborsky, Joe, R. 1). 2, Kent, O. 52, 112, 122 

Taggart, Ruth, ill 8th St., Wellsville, O. .82, 83 

Taiclet, Louise, R. D. 1, Vienna, O. 

Tallentire, John, 2113 Oakwood St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Taylor, Darold, R. 1). 2, Kent, O. 117 

Teas, Deborah, 116 Streetsboro St., Hudson, O 25, 76, 77 

Teeters, Kenneth, 145 Ramsey St., Alliance, O. 52 

Temasky, Mary, 910 Main St., Toronto, O .....26 

Terrill, Donald, Kingsville 68 

Terry, Charles, 53 9 Vine St., Kent, O...... ....17, 68, 108 

Thayer, Elizabeth, 2203 Glenwood St., Youngstown, O. 

Thomas, Charles, 402 Jefferson St., Ravenna, O 26 

Thomas, Doris, Marshallville, O. 

Thomas Talbott, 173 8 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

72, 73, 118, 149 

Thompson, Charles, R. D. 3, Toronto, O 26, 116, 117 

Thompson, Eloise, R. D. 4, Canton, O. 

Thompson, Louis, 928 Francis Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. . ...68 

Thompson, Martha, Garfield, O. ... 25 

Thompson, Maude, Brecksville, O. 116, 117 

Thompson, Ruth, Farmdale, O. . .107, 116, 118 

Thompson, Sarah, Kinsman, O. 

Timmons, Martha, R. F. D. 2, Chagrin Falls, O 116, 119 

Titterington, Grace, 715 W. Main St., Madison, O 3 4, 3 5 

Thacs, Elizabeth, Box 198, Piney Fork, O. 

Todd, William _ ...123 

Toth, Margaret, Canton, O 26, 76, 77 

Tozer, Randa, 2318 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 86 

Troyer, Louis, Walnut Creek, O— —72, 119 

Trunkey, Mary Louise, Shreve, O. 

Tschappat, James, 202 S. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Tucker, Lucille, R. D. 1, Hova, O. .... -52, 95 

Tullsen, Roxane, 817 Brentwood St., Youngstown, O - 95, 104 

Turk, Gladys, R. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Tuttle, Richard, 208 S. Chestnut St., Kent, O 104, 116 


Ulrich, Donald, 627 Park Ave., Kent, O. 

53, 58, 66, 70, 100, 101, 103, 136, 138, 139 
Ungashick, Jane, 1204 8th St., N.W., Canton, O. 23, 76, 77 

Urban, George, R. D. 2, Kent, O 72, 98, 99, 104 

Uimson, Grace, Fredericksburg, O. 119 


Vagnozzi, Lawrence, 750 Wilson St., Youngstown, O 24 

Van Buskirk, Lois, Stow, O 88 

Van Oster, Wilma, 145 Harvard St., Elyria, O. 

25, 88, 89, 104, 111 
VanWyen, Adrian, Atlantic St., W. Sayville, N. Y. 

68, 69, 118, 119 
Vaughan, Lewis, 314 Ontario St., Akron, O. 

Vaughn, Harold, 450 Alexander St., Akron, O. . 94 

Veltman, Richard, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Venn, Olive, R. F. D. 2, Lockwood, O. ... 116, 117, 118 

Vesy, Hazel, R. F. D. 2, Orwell, O.. ....116 

Votaw, Olive, 83 6 N. 15th St., Sebring, O...... . ....27, 93 

Voth, Roland, 3 274 E. 124th St., Cleveland, O 95, 110 


Wagner, Virginia, Greentown, O. 

Walker, Margaret, Route 1, Bayard, O. ...86, 87 

Wallace, Wayne, 1932 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

3 0, 31, 72, 73, 100 

Wallo, Albert, 5207 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, O. 30, 31 

Walsh, Lucille, 1245 Logan Ave., Youngstown, O. .54 

Wands, Herbert, 413 Eairchild St., Kent, O. 53, 103, 116, 117 

Wansack, Anna, 457 I.oitsville Rd., Campbell, O. 

Ward, Vaol, 908 W. 20th St., Lorain, O. 55 

Ward, Vernon, 908 W. 20th St., Lorain, O... 55 

Wardell, John, 145 8th St., N.E., New Philadelphia, O. 

24, 122, 138 
Warner, Alice, R. F. D. 1, Box 80, Suflield, O. 88, S9 

Warnes, Artlee, Shanes ville, O. 119 

Warren, Lyle, 1242 Highland Ave., Springfield, O. ...123 

Waters, Naudine, 528 W. Main St., Garrettsville, O. 

66, 106, 116, 117 
Watkins, Twila, 2117 2nd St., S.E., Canton, O. .... ....26 

Watkins, Virgil, R. F. D. Doylestown, O. 53, 116, 117, 118 

Watson, Owen, 235 E. Vermont St., Sebring, O. .... . 68, 123 

Wawrin, Peter, R. 1, New Milford, O. 

Weaver, Helen, Sugarcreek, O. 

Weaver, Mary, 23 6 3rd St., N.W., New Philadelphia, O. 

Weaver, Ralph, 118 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Weible, Alice, 505 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, O 27, 119 

Weir, Donald, Aurora St., Hudson, O. .... ...24, 72, 105 

Weir, Ralph, Aurora St., Hudson, O. ...72 

Weisheit, Kermit, 166 Hillur Ave., Akron, O. 

Weiss, Ruby, Shanesville, O.. 93, 119 

Wells, Helen, Main St., Wadsworth, O. 
Wendelken, Harold, 75 5 W. Main, S. Kent, O. 

29, 64, 72, 73, 97, 100, 101, 109, 144 
Wenger, Sylvia, R. 2, New Philadelphia, O. ... .. 27 

Werden, Jane, 2313 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, O. 
Werner, Dolly, 73 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 
Wcscott, Helen, Painesville, O. ..... 98, 99 

Wcyer, Phyllis May, Youngstown Ave., Warren, O. 25, 76, 118 
Wheeler, Helen, R. D. 1, Medina, O. 

Wherley, Paul, Stone Creek, O 70 

White, Halbert, R. 2, Barnesville, O. ... 55 

Whitehead, Eleanor, R. 4, Massillon, O. 

Whitelaw, Marjorie, 93 9 Hereford Dr., Akron, O ...86, 87 

Whiteleather, Martha, Moultrie, O.... 27 

Whiteleather, Ruby, Moultrie, O .....27 

Whitely, Mary, 833 E. 154th St., Cleveland, O 32, 33 

Witherspoon, Justa, Minerva, O 34, 35, 80, 102, 106 

Whitmire, Ansel, Box 255, Kent, O 34, 3 5, 68, 69, 122 

Whittlesey, Catherine, 205 S. Water St., Kent, O..... -.86 

Whittlesey, Ruth Margaret, Atwater, O 86, 111 

Widder, Thelma, Sugarcreek, O. 

Widowski, Leroy, 13 01 Wortan Blvd., Gates Mills, O. 

29, 58, 68, 69, 103, 122 
Wiegand, Dorothy, 710 Oakmont Ave., Steuben ville, O. 
Wiggs, Frances, 92 N. Maple St., New London, O. 
Wilcox, Alice, 426 Jefferson St., Elyria, 0.....59, 63, 76, 77, 119 
Wilcox, Elizabeth, 1465 Cohasset Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Wilenius, Wilfred, Franklin St., Mantua, O. 24 

Wiley, Marjorie, 320 E. College St., Kent, O. 


Wilkins, Frances, Maple Rd., Perry, O. 

Willett, Emily, 225 S. DcPeyster St., Kent, 80, 81 

Williams, Cora B., Bina Ave., Akron, O. 

Williams, Ernest, 129 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, O. 72, 73, 108 

Williams, Ervin, R. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Williams, Franklin, 130 Normal Ave., Kent, O. ... 95, 105 

Williams, Maxwell, 217 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

53, 64, 72, 100, 103, 105, 1 14 
Williams, Lena, N. Bloomfield, O. 
Williams, Maryan, 12612 Maplerow St., Cleveland, O. 

Williams, Ruth, 9339 Gaylord Ave., Cleveland, O. 53, 80, 81 

Williamson, Dorothy, 3443 W. 13 8th St., Cleveland, O. 

36, 37, 61, 86 
Williamson, Harold, 978 W. Main St., Kent, O. ....53, 95, 13S 

Willmot, Dorothea, 817 Federal Ave., Massillon, O. 

Wilson, Louise, 914 S. Water St., Kent, O. ... ..116, 117 

Winemiller, Doris, 63 8 Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 

Winemiller, Frederick, 63 8 Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 71 

Wise, Doris. R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Wise, Elizabeth, R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. ... .117 

Wise, Paul, 509 Stow St., Kent, O. ... ... 30, 31 

Wise, Winifred, Kent, O. 

Wishart, Prudence, Winterset, O. 

Witherspoon, Justa, 127 N. Market St., Minerva, O. .81 

Wolcott, Flenry, 450 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Wolcott, Roger, 450 W. Main St., Kent, O. . 53, 66, 94, 103 

Wolf, Jennie, 285 N. Lyman St., Wad.sworth, O. . 108 

Wolfe, Rosalie, 25 U Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 25, 82, 83 

Wolfe, Walter, 596 Dayton St., Akron, O. _ ... 68, 69, 122 

Wolff, George, Freedom Station, O. 53, 137 

Womsley, Florence, 95 8 West Exchange, Akron, O. 

Wood, Julia, R. D. 7, Canton, O. 66 

Wood, Mary, 43 6 East Summit St., Kent, O. .. 76, 107 

Wcods, Jeanette, 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, O. .... 25, 93 
Woods, Mary J., 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, O. ... 25 

Woods, Virginia, 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, O. 

Work, Clifford, 531 Marguerite St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. . . 123 

Workman, Margaret, Copley, O. 

Wright, Joseph, 2760 Northlandanc St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

24, 70, 71 
Wright, Lucille, Chippewa Rd., Brccksville, O. 


Yarber, Gordan, Mogadore, O. 

Yoder, Elizabeth, R. F. D. 4, Salem, O. 

Yoder, Virgil, Smithville, O. .. ...116, 117 

Young, Alexander, 453 Stiniff St., Kent, O .... 53, 68, 138 

Young, Billy, 3 3 Dwight St., Massillon, O. .... .....68 

Young, Dorothy J., 14801 Woodworth Rd., Cleveland, O. 

91, 100, 101, 102, 105, 111, 118 
Young, James, Box 157, Hartville, O. 

Young, Janet, Congress St., Hartville, O 91 

Young, Louise, Mantua, O. 53, 116 

Young, Lucille, Mantua, O. 54, 116 

Young, Pauline, 202 E. Main St., Kent, O ..—54 

Young, Ruth, Hogley, O. 

Young, Sara, Mantua, O. 116 


Zboray, Steve, 98 Jefferson St., Campbell, O 1, 54 

Zehner, La Verne, 5 57 E. Summit St., Kent, O 27 

Zelle, Anne, 43 8 Franklin Ave., Salem, O .....27, 80 

Zeller, Dorothy, 68 Helen Ave., Niles, O. ....116, 117, 149 

Zerbe, Harriet, R. F. D. 4, Canton, O. ....106 

Ziegler, Harold, 4221 E. 110th St., Cleveland, O 30, 31 

Zimmer, Helen, 403 Linden St., Massillon, O 86 

Zimmerman, Edna, Marshallville, O 27 

Zorger, Jeannette, 314 2nd St., N.E., Massillon, O— 27, 86, 87 

Zupan, John, 493 E. 120th St., Cleveland, O -.23, 72, 75 

Zurcher, Mabel, Wilmot, O 34, 3 5, 66, 106 


Kent State College 

James Ozro Engleman, Ph. D., LL. D. 

College of Education 

John L. Blair, A. M., Ph. D. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Oscar H. Williams, A. M., Ph. D. 

Approved by State Department of Education for teacher training 
in the following fields: 

High School Home Economics Music 

Elementary Physical Education Commerce 

Kindergarten Industrial Arts Art 

Member of the Ohio College Association 

The American Association of Teachers Colleges 

The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 

Low Cost - Beautiful Campus - Good Buildings and 
Equipment - Thoroughly Modern Library - Excellent Faculty 


[165 1 

5 rVrt rt- £3-£j-£}-£$-tJ tHiH^H^RiH^H^Hi^^ 


Exclusive Agents for 

The A. B. Dick Co. 

36 N. Main St. 
Phone JE. 5169 Akron, Ohio 

Drink . . • 






The Bank of Courtesy 
to College Students 

2% and Safety 



of AKRON and Vicinity 



Every Student 

Hart, Schaffner & Marx 

Supplied at 




No. 1 





A Complete Line of 
Men's Furnishings 



Kent. Ohio 





Wish to Extend Oer Best Wishes 
To the Students of Kent State 


"Merchandise From One Cent to One Dollar" 

i . T 


Baseball • Supplies 


Northeastern Headquarters For 


Teams Should Call BL.— 3138 
for Salesmen 

Central Hardware 

Akron, Ohio 


Economy .. 

Is the watchword of , the present 

We handle your PRINTING in 
the most economical way — 
Saving yon the difference. 

Our facilities make for both 
speed and quality. 

Give us a trial and be convinced 

Every Type of Printing Service 
both Business and Social 

Commercial Press 

Ravenna Laundry 
and Dry Cleaners 

"'Your Whitest Friend" 
Phone 7 



We Make Our Own Ice Cream 


1 19 W. Main Phone 4 



Twin Coaches 


Twiii Coaches, manufactured in Kent, continue 
to serve the NATION'S principal centers 
and also serve Kent and adjacent communities. 




Tires and Batteries 
Spark Plugs 
and Radios 






Special Furnishings for Fraternity and 
Sorority Homes, Including — 



Complete Home Furnishers 
Licensed Funeral Drectors 

Corner Main and River Streets 
Telephone 530 




Pardon our Egotism but 

That Priceless Literary Gem, 

That Sparkling Example of Journalism, 

That Accurate Portrayal of Student Life, 


Will Keep Your Dear, Dear, Valuable Contacts 
With the Alma Mater 
3j After You're Out in the Crool, Crool, World 

% For Only One Buck Per Year jj 



. . AND . . \ 


phone 859-j Kent, Ohio } 

This Book Is Bound in a 


The S. K. SMITH Company 

2857 North Western Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 


. . . back in a flash with memories 
refreshed. The annual filled with 
pictures dramatizing school life 
as you lived it has an inestimable 
value to you as the years pass. 
Every school financially able 
should have an annual. Communi- 
cate with us for information con- 
cerning our specialized service for 
all kinds of school publications. 

SxhxnrL ^-uJjJJjocubicrn^ S^ervlce 



Press of 

The Judson Company,